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10 Must-See Attractions in St. Pete Beach Florida

A land filled with sunshine, St. Pete Beach Florida had long known for various activities you can do in a place. On top of that, they also have the most breath-taking views to behold… from those found on land to those found in the waters. Its a special place for sure. Here we look at 10 must see attractions in St Pete Beach Florida.

Girl on a beach
Girl on a beach

Home to many attractions where you can both have fun and learn, St. Pete Beach Florida has it all for its visitors. This Florida resort city offers a lot of activities to suit anybody’s interest and needs. It is located on the barrier island in the west of St. Petersburg.

St. Pete Beach Florida Attractions

Listed below are the sites you should not miss… once you get the opportunity to set foot on the lands and seas. The following are not limited to St. Pete Beach things to do but will definitely include white-sand beaches. It can also accommodate different activities aside from swimming. Here, you can visit some reserve parks also known as animal sanctuaries. This park shelter animals native to the area. Historical places are also present here. Those who would like to learn new things while in the midst of having their leisure or bonding time with family or friends will enjoy for sure.

  1. Fort de Soto Park

This is one of the top places you should not miss on your visit to the St. Pete Beach Florida. Fort de Soto Park provides facilities and equipment to help you enjoy activities on land… and a majestic and rich view of nature in its pristine beauty. Coming in with their rich and diverse wildlife of birds, plants, sea creatures, and many others. Nature-lovers are sure to find refuge in this place.

This park is the largest one situated within the Pinella parks system. Not only are the nature lovers the ones who are going to enjoy the place. This is also for those who want to conduct recreational activities… like fishing, kayaking and camping.

What makes this an amazing and convenient place to visit is that it shelters the five islands, noted as “keys”. They are all interconnected and will lead you to a different group of natural views. That would include mangroves, hardwoods, wetlands and many more.

For those interested in camping, guests should first make a reservation. You can schedule a date with the help of their website and contact details.

  1. Shell Key Preserve

The Shell Key preserve is one of St. Pete Beach Florida’s most visited spots. You can see this place on the barrier island in the west of St. Petersburg. Being both a sanctuary for sea animals and sea birds, the place had attracted many tourists. They live up to its purpose… taking care, breeding and reproducing animals living within the area. Spanning a total land area of 1828 acres, it is no wonder how and why so many activities can be done there… and animals can indeed find shelter in this preserved land. In this land area, you can also find the 195-acre barrier island, known as Shell Key.

It shelters and monitors animals, particularly migrant seabirds. This is to maintain their well-being and existence in this world. Aside from being a sanctuary, they also offer other activities tourists may enjoy. And that includes fishing and boating on the list.

Upon visiting this place, keep in mind that this is an underdeveloped area with no facilities. It is also advised for those who want to pull up their boats to notify themselves of the tides. And also the time before conducting the said activity itself.

  1. Boca Ciega Bay

This is home to many submerged habitats and sandy beaches. St. Pete Beach Florida’s Boca Ciega Bay offers wonderful sights to see… and many things to learn about the natural riches found here. Over the course of time, many changes have taken place. From dredging to renourishment and others. Despite these changes, they still maintained the most natural look of this place. It aims to protect some of the natural riches within its area. By which the place provide sights for the tourists to love.

  1. Gulf Beaches Historical Museum

If a time travel of the past is what you want for a trip, then Gulf Beaches Historical Museum has it all for you. Memorabilia and other items displayed in this museum reflect the lifestyle of the early settlers. The collection aims to show its visitors what was once existent in the earlier times. Gulf Beaches Historical Museum continues to share its colorful heritage. It provides historical data to both visitors and locals for almost a hundred years. Not only through pictures and memorabilia but also through tales and stories… passed on through generations.

Groups interested to visit this place may opt for a reservation. Either through a phone call or an email way ahead of time. This is to assure that guests maximized their experience… and the place will be well-prepared for their arrival.

  1. Beach Yoga-Pinellas Treasure Island

Yoga, being one of the country’s most common ways of relaxation, is the main highlight of this place. It accommodates yoga with its silent environment. This gives the yoga participants fresh air to breathe in… and a calming aura needed for the best yoga experience. They offer classes both in the morning around sunrise and around sunset. With the aim to start and conclude your day in the most relaxing way possible.

  1. Upham Beach Park

If a public beach is what you are looking for, Upham Beach Park is one good spot for you. This is one of the must-try Florida beaches to visit. Aside from the breath-taking views that it gives, it is also not a crowded public beach park, unlike others. It is open for everybody and anytime because of the beautiful St. Pete Beach Florida weather. A few things you should note in coming to this place though. Do everything in your ability and responsibility to keep yourself from drowning. There are no stationed lifeguards within the vicinity.

As for your meals, you can drop by the nearby Seaside Grille. This restaurant always had the best of customer reviews when it comes to the food which they serve. They serve meals from 4 AM up until 8 AM.

  1. Sunset Beach

If you want St. Pete beach access, Sunset Beach is one of the best spots to witness majestic sunsets by the beach. Situated on the southern tip of Treasure Island, it was once a separate town which was an annex to Treasure Island way back in 1955. Considered a lover’s community, the beach neighborhood welcomes all lifestyles with open arms. Making it a buzz within the LGBT community.

Aside from the people you’ll come to love in this place, you’ll also find yourself fascinated with uniquely and intricately decorated tiki huts, white sands as well as Bohemian-dominated-and-themed bars by the beachfront. They also offer their showers and pavilions to those who would like to take interest in it.

Sunset beach is home to many hotels and lodging places. These are sure to suit any budget any tourist had allotted and the taste or preference of the tourists. All it takes is a little research over the internet. We recommend taking early reservations whenever you’re planning a trip that will last for more than a day.

  1. Madeira Beach Resort

Within the vicinity of St. Pete Beach Florida, there lies another village of beach resorts… Madeira Beach Resort. In this place, you’ll find the best of white beaches. This resort is approximate to the necessities and places you’ll look for once you’ve set foot on this place.

You can enjoy their services such as express breakfast serving and wifi. The newly renovated rooms can accommodate customers with the tropical vibe to add up to the betterment of their experience during their stay.

Like any other beaches in this area, you are sure to find St. Pete Beach Florida hotels and accommodations that fit your budget and taste as well as your needs.

  1. Treasure Island

This place in St. Pete Florida is one of the earliest and most stunning islands found here. It has a fairytale-like aura due to its beautiful views with the white sand beaches. Though this island does not live up to its name as an island full of treasure… you are still to find treasure in this place. It is the sights you can see and the activities you can try. Guests can enjoy swimming and sunbathing by the beach. You can also try snorkeling, parasailing and play beach or sand volleyball.

Another main attraction that draws tourists into this place is the world’s largest waterfront bar… the Gator’s and Café Saloon. In this waterfront bar, you will also get a glimpse of the breath-taking sunset which is very Instagram-worthy.

  1. Veteran’s Park

War Veteran’s Memorial Park, shortly known as the Veteran’s Park is also another place to visit. Especially for those interested in St. Pete Beach Florida’s colorful and rich history. In this place, as expected, you will see the memorabilia of the war veterans. With the aim to honor the war veterans, this place is the focal point of the park. It has five plaques with the official Armed forces Flags. Aside from the flags, visitors of this place can also behold the equatorial sundial and tank display. You will have lesser problems in accessing this place since it is easily reachable through a public boat… which can load or unload you in a nearby public boat ramp. Interested visitors may opt to have their picnic and shelter reservation through their official e-mail or a phone call which you can find online.

Now, as you plan your Florida holiday, St. Pete Beach Florida in particular, keep in mind a few things that were mentioned in some of the places. Firstly, many of them would require you to reserve a slot ahead of time. Therefore, it would be best to have everything settled in places like this before eventually going to that place or area. Another factor to keep in mind is that there are some places which contain historical memorabilia from years and years ago. Therefore, be a lot more careful and sensitive in visiting these places as a show of respect to the culture, history and the local government.

Lastly, it is important that one is very mindful of the people around them. Though many of these places are quiet, serene and have a few visitors compared to the other places in St. Pete Beach Florida, it is important to stay vigilant as you take your leisure time with your family and/or friends. This is very essential, especially if you are traveling with children or even adults who practically do not know how to swim or who could easily get lost somewhere. Note that some of the places mentioned here do not have stationed lifeguards. Meaning there will be no professional help for you once things get chaotic and one person drowns.

These are the best and must-see sights and places you might want to consider in planning your Florida trip. Whatever your activities interest you, whatever aura of a particular place you prefer in vacation locations, you are sure to find something for you to do in any of these beautiful attractions. From water-related activities to places and sights to see, to animals to see (and have the opportunity to take care of), and even facts and historical data to learn, you are sure to find a place for it. Just follow the requirements of visiting the place (if there are any, prior to coming to the place itself) and of course, as many travelers quote it:

Take nothing but pictures. Kill nothing but time. Leave nothing but footprints.

Be obedient and nonetheless, respectful to the locals that you will encounter in this place to avoid any inconveniences as you travel in their area. So, whenever you plan to take a holiday vacation to Disney Orlando, make sure to include St. Pete Beach Florida in your side trip itinerary.


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