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11 Steps on How to Plan a Day at Disney World with your Family or Friends

Planners plan, meanderers meander  but here are 11 steps on how to plan a day at Disney world with your family and friends, so you can really enjoy it.

Planning a trip to Disney World Orlando can be overwhelming. Considering how big the place is and how wide the options you have. If you are into planning your first trip to Disney World… the job is a lot of times harder than those who have already been there. Despite this difference, both still have the opportunity to do well on how to plan a day at Disney World.

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How to plan a day at Disney World?

Listed below are collections of tips and hacks from people who have shared their experiences in planning a trip to Disney World on a budgetBest suggestions from the most trusted Disney World Planning websites. With the help of these, you can explore ways on how to plan a day at Disney World.

  1. Plan ahead of time

No matter where your destination is or whatever your plans for a trip are… this is a default but most effective principle. Plan everything ahead of time — from the budget to your planned destinations… meals and even your allotted time or duration of stay in the park. Consider your plans of staying overnight at a nearby hotel as well. If you are traveling with a group of friends or family… it would also be good to consult them as well for any suggestions they have in mind.

Ask them about their availability and the budget they can allot for a trip to Disney Orlando. This will make sure that nobody will have to spend a luxurious day. Then followed by a beggar-like lifestyle a day after. A month or two is the most recommendable time allotment for planning a trip. This will ensure that everything is well-evaluated and will help prevent troubles brought by last minute plans and considerations… such as mode of transportation, attractions to visit, and many others.

Once your budget is well planned, be sure to live within its means. Avoid going for packages that cost way beyond what you and your traveling companions can give.

It is very recommended that as much as possible, your schedule falls on a non-peak season. The hack on how to plan a day at Disney World… one that is enjoyable and with minimal stress is through avoiding the large volume of people. Thus, your best options are not during holidays or vacation.

  1. Consider the hours and the places you plan to visit

Once you have set the budget, it is now time to plan your destinations. Other visitors recommend that every traveling guest provides their own bucket list. These bucket lists contain the places that each member wants to visit. These can help in planning where to go in a place that has a seemingly endless set of rides and theme parks to offer.

In planning, make sure everyone gets to see the options they have. Let them jot down the ones they are more interested with. Once they have seen their choices… let everyone check each suggested or desired target destination. You can put it to a vote—the most number of approval from the majority gets on the list. You can also do it by letting each one give their own suggestion from their list. And then consider the ones everyone agree and let it become a part of the plan.

Yet, be considerate of the age of your traveling companions as well. If there are kids in the group, be sure to let them understand the rides. Explain to them which rides or theme parks are child-friendly and are suitable for them. You should explain more of this scenario at a different point.

  1. Stick to your budget

One of the biggest mistakes on how to plan a day at Disney World is that they spend too much. This point needs much emphasis, as the issue here is a very vital necessity. When misused, this could give you and your travel buddies deep troubles.

Prepare a budget for your entrance and rides. Also, prepare a separate budget for your food, and your souvenirs (if possible) as well. Once all these are all settled, stick to it. Don’t get lured by the food you see or the cute souvenir you will find on the park premises.

Discipline the children! Orient them that a certain budget is only allotted for everything. And that everyone must limit their expenses with it.

Sticking to the budget does not mean depriving yourself of the luxury while in the park. It will only discipline you to spend what is very necessary. Bring extra money but make sure to discipline yourself! And spend only the extra money for emergency cases.

  1. Come early

The best way on how to plan a day at Disney World is to be there right at their opening hour. Coming early will save you the trouble of dealing with large crowds. Given that most of the crowds flock by later in the afternoon, doing this will give you an advantage. You can enjoy roam around the park and try out rides without much crowds and troubles of dealing with them.

  1. Focus on the busiest attractions first.

This tip will only be applicable and enjoyed by those who will arrive early at the park. Before your arrival, do some research and join online forums. Find out which rides are most-flocked and which ones are not.

Once you already have hints on these most-flocked rides, put them first in your Disney Day Planner. This will allow you to enjoy the rides even better since you have lesser crowds to meddle with. This will also be beneficial for those who are coming along with children. Especially the ones who are energetic in the morning but could get bored right away.

  1. Plan around extra magic hours

If a stay at any Disney World Hotel is in your itinerary, then this one is for you. One of the considerations on how to plan a day at Disney World is through making the most out of everything. Extra magic hours are available in selected attractions in Disney World Orlando.

When a ride offers Extra Magic hours, it means that they are open for extended hours. As compared to the other attractions not offering this privilege. Each attraction has their own, different scheduled Extra Magic Hours. Some are longer, while some are shorter. You can check out details about park rides and attractions’ regular hours through the Printed Times Guide available at the hotel. You may also get these details upon checking their official website’s today’s park hours.

Planning your visit to a particular park attraction’s extra magic hours will give you more hours to enjoy it… all for FREE, without extra charge. And same privilege as those coming early… staying late will save you the trouble of meddling with large crowds.

  1. Save the Kingdom for your last destination

The question of how to plan a day at Disney World also has something do to with this particularly at time management. Many of the people who plan with their Disney World Itinerary planner do not enjoy this attraction due to many reasons.

One of the reasons is that they often find themselves feeling rushed and having minimal time left to explore the park. Partly true as it is! The park is too big to explore in a day. There are still ways to prevent your trips to the Kingdom from being too limited.

If you have followed the earlier-given steps, then this should also be helpful.

  1. Make a few dining decisions

Travels, even if it is only scheduled for an entire day, will always involve snacks. The mystery of how to plan a day at Disney World will always involve something to fill your stomachs. Many previous or frequent visitors of the park recommend that those who are on a tight budget bring their own snacks. This follows the reason that the food sold at the stalls are quite expensive.

Potential visitors have the option to bring packed snacks that they can munch on as they venture out in the park.

  1. Orient everybody, especially the children

If the kids are having contradicting desires on where to go, the group can split. So as long as there is enough number of adults to supervise the children. Also, schedule a particular hour when you have to meet with the entire group before leaving. This will ensure that everybody in the group is being monitored. And that the same number who arrived will be the same number to leave.

One of the most effective ways to answer the question on how to plan a day at Disney World is through involving and informing the kids. Orient everybody of where to meet up once they get separated from the group. Tell the kids not to go far from the groups they belong to. Inform their fellow members about where they are going and ask help from the adults if they do not know a place.

As for the adults, the best way to keep everyone in the group together is through making sure that they have their phones with them. This will enable everyone to be in touch with the group and contact them whenever an emergency comes along.

  1. Prepare extras

One of the essential things to remember on how to plan a day at Disney World is through preparedness. Being well-prepared during a day away in a huge park is through bringing extras with you.

Bring extra stuff such as clothes and underwear. Remember that there are theme parks and attractions that involve water. Bring extra food in case people in the team get hungry. For guests who get exhausted right away and for health purposes as well, always bring extra water.

And most importantly, do not forget to bring extra money. This will ensure you and your traveling companions that no matter what emergency happens… there’s always a backup. You can prepare for emergency situations such as minor accidents. Like getting a wound (you could buy a band-aid) or any other scenarios.

  1. Take photos with the characters

One of the vital steps on how to plan a day at Disney World which you will surely enjoy is to keep a memory of it. For a lot of photo opportunities with Disney’s well-loved and highly-popular characters, always ready your gadgets.

Prepare those smiles and wacky poses for your self-generated memorabilia of your visit in the happiest place on earth. But, one caution to keep in mind is to never overdo it. Keep the picture taking to a reasonable level. Don’t waste your phone’s battery and memory by snapping and vlogging everything you do and go through during your stay in the park.

Keep at least a little pace of your trip away from your camera’s lenses. Prepare them only for completely photo-worthy moments. Also, keep an eye on the children you are watching (if there are any) and your valuables. Do not let the camera take your eyes and mind away from your valuables.

With these tips, hacks, and tricks intended to help you make the most out of your stay in the happiest place on earth. Despite the objective of trying to help, planning is still a case-to-case scenario. Some of them will be applicable you while some will not be.

Despite these differences… there are always tips in this list which you can run to for suggestions to ease your stresses in planning. Learning how to plan a day at Disney World can still be so easy with just a few clicks, phone calls, and communications.

As made evident by each step, all it takes to have an enjoyable trip is discipline and critical thinking. It is true that fun does not necessarily have to come with too much money nor too much stress.


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