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12 Top Delray Beach Florida Attractions

When you hear about the “Best beaches in the world” a lot of names come across through your mind. And this is certainly one of them, Delray Beach Florida.

Delray Beach is one of Florida’s many beaches that have gotten tourists coming back. Talking about it for many weeks to come. Sharing the same prestige and fame as other beach cities like Naples Beach Florida… which is actually two hours away from Delray. Delray Beach Florida as known by many from all over the world as a very vibrant town. But with the intimacy and sophistication that you would expect in any big city. There’s pretty much a lot here… from its many shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, and nighttime activities. And of course, the beauty of Delray Beach is a sight to behold. If you’re ever up for some gorgeous Florida Beaches with a lot of fun things to do on the side… there’s no better city than Delray Beach Florida.

So many things to do in such a single city

Whether you’re here to soak in some rays or you’re here as part of a planned Disney Cruise… there’s never a shortage of activities in Delray Beach Florida. There’s always something to do!!! Always something to explore, whether you’re a tourist, an artist, a food lover, or a thrill seeker. Delray always has the options. So, what can you do here? Well, read on to find out, as we explore the 12 things you can do in Delray Beach Florida.

1.) The Wakodahatchee Wetlands

If you love nature and seeing the different local wildlife, then why not book a trip to a local wildlife park? And so here in Delray Beach, you can get up close with the local wildlife at the Wakodahatchee Wetlands park. Considered by many to be the very first of its kind… a park for the wetlands region in Florida. It’s a popular place for campers, bird watchers, and photographers.

What else can you do here? The park’s main activity for tourists is hiking. Which is an easy stroll down along an elevated boardwalk… through the wetlands reclamation area. It is actually used by the Palm Beach County to filter treated wastewater. Through it all, you’ll see successive stages of marshlands. From bulrush in the shallows to deeper water with alligator flag. And the best part of the Wakodahatchee Wetlands is you get to see birds! You’ll encounter purple gallinules that will hop right up on the railings as you walk by them. Also, if you’re up to keeping some memories from this park, don’t forget to bring your camera and your best smile!

2.) Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

A Japanese Museum that shows visitors the century-old connection between Florida and Japan. A community that is born when Japanese farmers moved to Florida… where they revolutionized the agriculture industry. And since opening in 1977, the Morikami Museum became the center of Japanese culture and arts in Delray Beach Florida. Here, you’ll find different art exhibitions. From tea ceremonies performed each month… educational outreach programs… and Japanese cultural festivals for tourists and the local residents.

The museum has two divisions – the museum itself and the gardens. The museum is the original building. It is also known as the Yamato-Kan and modeled after a Japanese villa. The museum features three exhibition rooms where artists can put up galleries. This is where they show off their art – an open-air courtyard. Guests can enjoy the fresh air while admiring the Japanese-style gardens. There is a 225-seat theater where visitors can gather to watch some Japanese entertainment. And the tea house – a library where one can do research, classrooms, lakeside terraces, and even a Cornell Cafe where you can have a drink and a snack. Meanwhile, the Gardens is a 16-acre area that surrounds the museum buildings. It features strolling paths, resting areas, their famous bonsai collection… and lakes filled with koi fish and other marine life.

3.) Atlantic Avenue

The main street of downtown Delray Beach, the business and entertainment center… and where you’ll find the most venues. Here, you can explore several different businesses, art galleries, boutiques during the day. But when night time comes, Atlantic Avenue becomes even more alive. With even more options for night dining, clubbing, and other forms of entertainment. Whether you dine at the many award-winning restaurants and cafes… or having fun at their many entertainment venues. Atlantic Avenue always has something for everyone!

There are so many alfresco dining options along Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach. Visitors can enjoy sitting along the sidewalk while dining… and people-watching is the best part of the whole experience. If you feel tired and exhausted from all the strolling and shopping at downtown Delray Beach in Atlantic Avenue, here are some of the best places to eat:

  • Tryst
  • 32 East
  • Rocco’s Tacos
  • The Office
  • Caffe Martier
  • Lemongrass Asian Bistro
  • Cut 432
  • Mussel Beach
  • J&J Seafood Bar & Grill

4.) Delray Municipal Beach

Delray’s beaches are the main feature of Delray Beach. With hundreds of people walking through here on a daily basis… people of all ages and of different backgrounds. It may look like there’s not much, but it’s white sands and temperate blue water more than makes up for it. This is the ideal beach to kick back and relax under the sun. Here, you can also find a great moment to spend the day with your family and friends. Swimming in the ocean or even walking your beloved pet around. There are many things to do here.

Conveniently located at the far eastern side of Atlantic Avenue, it is considered as one of the “Top Public Beaches” in the SE United States. This beach caters some of the city’s top-rated dining venues. An annual beach parking permit is also available with an all year round parking along A1A. There are two public restrooms accessible by visitors. One restroom is at the Atlantic near A1A behind the BurgerFi restaurant. The other restroom is within Anchor Park toward the southern end of the beach. There are playground equipment which is across A1A from the beach and is also located at Anchor Park.

The area has an elevated covered pavilion and a wooden walkway and observation platform that extends out onto the beach. The observation area provides a beautiful view of both the beach and the Atlantic Ocean.

5.) Putt’n Around

Up for a little game of minigolf? Then you’ll find it here at this 36-hole minigolf course. This ain’t your average golf course. Meaning you won’t find any windmills, castles or even clowns. You’ll find interesting sights such as giant fish, seashells, and even a mermaid! And it’s not only the beach-themed courses you’ll find. You’ll even find some courses inspired by the Florida Everglades. Here, you’ll encounter things like statues of birds and alligators. Besides golfing around, you can also spend the day here for some special events. That includes parties, holiday events, and other social gatherings. Indeed, Putt’n Around also caters to the social gatherings.

6.) The Girls Strawberry U-Pick

Even though strawberry season only comes a few times a year, the Girls Strawberry U-Pick will always have something for you to do. Here, you can pick the finest of strawberries in Delray Beach Florida that you can take home with you. Or if picking is not your thing, you can relax here amongst the greenery of the garden. Take a stroll around the grounds. You can go sightseeing for some exotic birds, giant tortoises, or go nature watching. And before you leave, you can go visit the Country Store. Here, visitors can browse through the garden’s picked products.

7.) Arts Garage

Another great little art museum – also known as the Grassroots Gallery. One of the leading institutions in the art world for giving more exposure to new and upcoming artists… by providing them a display space of their very own… where they can show off their works to the public and the art community. This is where many of Delray Beach Florida’s young artists are starting out their career. They always use this as not only as an opportunity to gain more recognition… but also fine patrons and supports that will commission him or her. This would then propel them further as an artist.

8.) Atlantic Dunes Park

The Atlantic Dunes Park is a great place if you want somewhere that’s more quiet and serene. Located in an elevated woodland area on the beach side north of Linton Boulevard, the park offers a calmer and more relaxing place for visitors who want to relax and enjoy the scenery. Here, you can also find a boardwalk and a nature trail, great if you want to explore the place further. Another great place for nature lovers, photographers, campers, and even artists who want a quiet place to relax.

9.) Pineapple Grove Arts District

The location of the district is off the Atlantic Avenue in Downtown Delray Beach. This area features restaurants, cafes, boutiques, art galleries, entertainment venues, and spas. Here, you can even find the New Hyatt Place Hotel. Like the name says, this area’s main focus is all about the art. You can find the unique display of public artworks. Artists both professional and non-professional are walking around throughout the district. If you ever want to continue your journey as an artist, the Pineapple Grove Arts District is the ideal place for your to start… or a good place to begin your artistic journey.

10.) Saltwater Brewery

If you ever want a drink that reminds you of the beauty of the ocean, there’s no better place than the Saltwater Brewery. Because, for many Floridians who enjoy the taste, it’s a way of life and not just about making beer. The owners of this company trace back to a lifestyle that revolves around the ocean. From surfing, or enjoying what the great ocean has to offer. You can also try a sample of their products and even take home a sample or two if you’re interested.

11.) Gulfstream Park

Horse racing fans can and will find a lot of enjoyment here. Ever since opening in 1939, Gulfstream Park has grown into one of the more important entertainment venues in Delray Beach Florida. As some of the best-thoroughbred horses made their appearance right here. You can find this location about two miles off of the I-95, and it is open for seven days a week. The park consists of several venues where other events can be also held. Special events such as meetings, weddings to birthday parties… as well as an international selection of restaurants… art galleries… a bowling alley, outdoor cafes, nightclubs, fashion boutiques, and health and beauty services. Even kids can have a great time here with activities, live music, and in-store classes and workshops.

12.) Lake Ida Dog Park

If you’re planning on bringing a pet with you to Delray Beach Florida, there’s a lot of places that you can take your pet to for a walk to parks or on the sidewalk. But there’s few that can match the beauty of Lake Ida Dog Park. This 209-acre park also has a 2.5-acre fenced area for dogs. First opened in 2000, its construction was funded by George Cornell, a famous philanthropist, and dog lover. You can definitely bring your dog here because they’ll love the large space where they can walk, run, and just simply play with their owners.

And that’s the top 12 attractions that you can discover in Delray Beach Florida. However, there’s still a lot more left out there to discover for yourself… from the many other distinct venues and businesses… from the many different bars and nightclubs, restaurants, shopping malls, game and entertainment centers… and even boat rentals.

Whether you’re a local resident or an international tourist, there’s a lot more you can discover in Delray Beach Florida. Even if you’ve seen them all, especially with it’s constantly changing and evolving economy that sees lots of new businesses each year. Getting to Delray Beach Florida is also a relatively easy task, as it’s near other great beach cities like Palm Beach Florida. Heck, it’s one thing to visit one great city, but when you have two great cities next to each other, the vacation possibilities have just become even greater!

So what’re you waiting for? Delray Beach Florida is always a great place to visit regardless of the time of year. Bring your friends and/or family and enjoy Delray Beach Florida!!! Where you will come in with wonder and leave with the desire to come back for more. And once you return home from Delray Beach Florida, you’ll be bringing home some great memories to share.


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