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13 Ways to Enjoy Madeira Beach Florida

Florida’s beach is a sight to behold because of their distinct white sands and gorgeous blue waters. There are a lot of cities in Florida that any tourist love to visit, and Madeira Beach is one of those. For those not in the know, Madeira Beach Florida, or Mad Beach as known by the locals, is a city in Pinellas County, bordered on the west by the Gulf of Mexico. And while there’s a lot of vacation destinations all over Florida, Madeira Beach is one of the more noteworthy locations that you can go to regardless of the time of year.

Madeira Beach Florida, a city with great beaches and nightlife

Many locals have called Madeira Beach a lot of things but two names have stuck – the Grouper Capital of the World and Mad Beach.  This place is one of the more popular destinations for individuals who just want some fun under the sun. Madeira Beach Florida may not be one of the most well-known destinations, but for many Florida residents, it’s a great destination to go to. Mad Beach has all the things you would love in a Florida beach city – the white sands, the blue waters, people swimming, and when the sun comes down, the real party begins.

However, there’s always be that person who doesn’t know what Madeira Beach Florida is and what they can find there, but that’s okay. There’s always a first time for everyone, whether you’re a tourist or a local who is planning your Disney World trip and wants to have a side trip to the other side of Florida. Many blog posts have been written to guide tourists to better understand the sights and sounds of Madeira Beach Florida. And so when you’re someone who’s unfamiliar with the city, worry no more! Below, you will discover 13, yes 13, ways to have fun in Madeira Beach Florida! Now, there are some that won’t be covered or included, but these are the basic activities that anyone can take part in.

How to make the best of your visit in Madeira Beach Florida?

Madeira Beach Florida is a fairly big city, but that doesn’t mean that there’s a limited number of things to do. Like any other city, it has its share of tourist attractions and business and entertainment venues that would definitely catch anyone’s eye. Each year as the city grows, so do a number of things you can do for entertainment. And so here are 13 different ways that you can have fun in Madeira Beach Florida.

1.) Hotels – Now, the first thing anyone should do when vacationing in a new city is to find a good hotel to stay in for a number of days. Madeira Beach Florida has a lot you can choose from, all provide great views of the gorgeous Florida beaches and the gentle sea breeze it brings, from sprawling hotels to small motels, to seaside huts, to even condos. However, reservations for these hotels get booked pretty fast, so it’s highly suggested that you book a room several months in advance prior to your trip. Believe me, you’ll be more than happy that you managed to snag that room you wanted before anyone else could.

2.) Go on a food trip – Now once you have all settled in at your hotel room, the next thing you can do is to explore the many different restaurants that are dotted all over Madeira Beach Florida. Another neat thing you can do in Mad Beach is that once you’ve plotted out all the restaurants you wanted, you can essentially go on a big food trip, going to different restaurants to try out their menus. With restaurants that offer some of your favorites and more like seafood, pizza, Italian, Mexican, Thai, cafe, barbecue, and Japanese sushi, you’ll be dying to try them all.

3.) Go parasailing and paragliding – Once you’ve had your fill of Madeira Beach Florida’s finest cuisine they can offer, it’s no Florida beach setting without some parasailing and paragliding into the mix. These two activities are one of the most thrilling adventures you can do at a beach, which is also great because you can also get a great view of the city from parasailing and paragliding. Also, there’s a number of places where you can book a parasailing/paragliding session. These are Gators Parasail, Eagle Parasail, Fly-N-High Waverunners and Parasail, High Time Parasail, and Florida FunBoat. These will help get you set up on a thrill of a lifetime.

3.) Visit The Alligator Attraction – Alligators and crocodiles have always been the symbolic animal of Florida, with many different parks and small businesses that involve these large scary reptiles. And one of these is The Alligator Attraction. As famously seen on Animal Planet, this place is famous for Rudolph, the 100 pound Spur Thigh Tortoise, as well as its over 50 live alligators that were rescued over the years. This is also a family-friendly business, meaning you and your family can go visit the alligators at a right price of $15 for up to five people. You can get some great memories to bring home especially when you share your memories to friends about you managed to actually get near alligators.

4.) Go fishing or go on a charter tour – Being surrounded by so much ocean, it’s no surprise that fishing is definitely a thriving business and tourist attraction. Fishing charters give people the opportunity to land that big catch of a lifetime. But if you’re not interested in fishing, you can opt to go with the fishing tours, where you can get to see Madeira Beach Florida’s fishes up close. One of the more popular spots for these charter fishes and tours is the Got One Sportfishing which offers both. On the other hand, you can find great services in Hubbard’s Marina, Fantastic Fishing Charters, and Ben Charters Fishing.

5.) Buy gifts at a gift and specialty shop – Pictures are great to preserve and share the memories, but sometimes a little something extra to bring with you when you return home will make it even better. After all, why stick with pictures when you can also buy some things that you can either gift to someone or to put on your shelf? Each gift and specialty shops have their own unique items for sale, and thus browsing for that right gift can be pretty exciting at times. Here are some of the most popular shops to buy gifts from.

  • John’s Pass Village and Boardwalk
  • My Sandbox
  • Candy Kitchen
  • Lori’s Soap and Sponge Market
  • Landing Company
  • Laska Bead and Glass

6.) Enjoy some fine wine at The Florida Winery – Ever wanted what it feels like to drink like the high life without even having to live said high life, then head on over to The Florida Winery. This establishment not only offers drinks mixed from different wines, but you can also get some free taste tests on various award-winning wines. And once you’re done with the taste, you can then buy the wine you want. Wine bought from this establishment would make excellent gifts for your family and friends back home. This bar is open all day, so you can take all the time in the world to browse for your favorite wine.

7.) Fulfill your need for speed with jet skiing and waterskiing – Another popular activity for local Floridians and beachgoers, waterskiing and jetskiing gives you the thrill of speeding on the water. These two activities are popular for the thrills they provide, waterskiing for the thrill of being pulled around in the water by a speeding boat, and jet skiing for a fun-filled ride. Currently, only one business, called Woody’s Watersports is available. These become especially popular during the summertime when many people would love to get on one and ride the waves.

8.) Have some fun – If you’re up for a different kind of entertainment, either in between travelling to other destinations or you have some extra time on the side as the day ends, Madeira Beach Florida has two distinct venues for you to make the best use of that time – Smugglers Cove Adventure Golf and Beach Fun and Games. First, Smugglers Cove Adventure Golf is for those who love miniature golf, with its 18 hole courses in which you’ll encounter caves, pirate ships, waterfalls, and even live alligators. You’ll definitely see why Smugglers Cove is Florida’s top mini golf course for five years straight. While Beach Fun and Games feature many exciting arcade games that offer a lot of neat prizes for those who win it.

9.) Enjoy the sights and sounds via a sightseeing tour – Curious to see what else Madeira Beach Florida has in store for you? Here’s a couple of distinct venues – Dolphin Quest and The Pirate Ship Royal Conquest. Dolphin Quest gives people the opportunity to see these dolphins in their natural habitat via a half hour narrated tour. Meanwhile, the Pirate Ship Royal Conquest shows you what makes this Tampa Bay’s finest pirate ship around, letting guests enjoy a day of fun and adventure on the high seas.

10.) Go whale watching – Whales are fascinating creatures, their sheer size and their way they travel as groups still leaving those who see them in a sense of awe, and so many groups have formed whale watching business to capitalize and to spread awareness of these gentle giants in the ocean. Madeira Beach Florida’s whale watching scene is one of the more popular things to do in the city. There are a number of charter tours that focus specifically on a whale watching like Weather Eco and Far Horizon Charters.

11.) Take a walk at the park – Taking a walk through a park is a great way to spend the day by relaxing, as well as a great place to have a picnic. There are a number of parks in Mad Beach, but Madeira Beach Florida’s R.O.C Park, also known as Remember Our Children Park, not only lets you relax but it also lets you celebrate the lives of children as a symbol of great joy to the world. This park also serves as a memorial, a symbol of love for the Madeira Beach Florida community.

12.) Have a relaxing day at a spa – Tired of walking around or feeling a little bit sore one day? How about a trip to the spa to fix that for you? Madeira Beach Florida’s Spa Escape is the perfect place for you to escape the day’s worries thanks to its quiet ambiance. Spa Escape offers a variety of services such as facials, facial enhancements, waxing, massage therapy, makeup artistry, eyelashes, and eyelash extensions. Once you’re out, you’ll be feeling much more refreshed than before!

13.) Visit an art gallery – Art galleries are a great way for you to not only to expose yourself to new things through the world of art but reignite your creative spark if you’re an artist. There are a couple of art galleries in Madeira Beach Florida that definitely stick out, The Twisted Tower and Moonfish Bay Artist Studio and Gallery.

And there you have it, the 13 things you can do in Madeira Beach Florida. While there is definitely a lot more to do than what is initially covered in this list, the 13 things above will at least give you a better idea of things that you can do to enjoy your stay in the city. Madeira Beach Florida is a great city to visit, not just the activities listed above, but also the growing economy that leads to more growth and development.

So the next time you visit Florida, why not take the time to drop by at Madeira Beach Florida?


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