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15 Proofs That Show How Big is Disney World

Disney World is massive but just how big is it?

Magic Kingdom
Magic Kingdom

What’s in a word? What’s the definition of big? How big is Disney World?

Before we begin, another question we should ask ourselves, what is “big?” When anyone would hear that word, they would immediately think of something that is large… both in mass and in height. And that’s what many would think the first time they saw Disney Orlando. From the day it was first opened, guests and fans of Disney World find it amazing how the park has continued to grow. But when it comes to size, people would either think the total size of the park… the number of guests it has on a daily basis or how much money it makes yearly. But how big is Disney World really? And how big is Disney World compared to other parks in the world?

Welcome to Disney World, where big dreams can happen

Disney World is an enormous place with four theme parks and two water parks. There’s a lot of things that many would believe the Disney name has become bigger than it was when it first started. First, the most obvious proof is the sheer size of the park. It’s already obvious when you learn about the park through photographs and the map of the place. But this is a mere fact that you can’t experience unless you see it for yourself.

For starters, how about the dimensions of the park of 43 square miles? To you, that may sound like a pretty big enough number by itself. But for engineers, that is a HUGE number and one that people should come to see. After all, it’s one thing for a plot of land to be that big. This would only serve as the foundation in which how Disney World came to be.

For instance, Disney World can earn as much as over 2 billion dollars in revenue each year. This staggering number alone is what makes Disney world one the most profitable tourist destinations in the entire world. This is especially helped by the hundreds of thousands of visitors that fill up the park on a daily basis. The sheer amount of people walking around the park would make it feel large for anyone… especially for first-time visitors.

Disney World is one of the many theme parks in America that would continue to grow not only in size. But also with the addition of rides and attractions of a new successful Disney franchise. Today, it’s not about the amount of revenue it makes per year. Or numbers of visitors coming and going every day. Disney World itself has some ride and attractions that has given anyone a feeling of how large the park is. You may not be able to notice at first when you first experience it. But with many entrances, you’ll definitely notice the size of it. And how it shows the hugeness of the park.

And it’s not only a few rides, in fact, there are so many others. While there are many attractions to choose from, below are the 15 proofs that not only show how big Disney World is. But also how it continues to grow not only as a theme park but also as a business.

1.) The whole park itself

As stated above, the total land area is at 43 square miles. For Disney World size in acres, it’s close to 28,000! Unless you’re into math, you won’t be able to understand how big the number compared to the actual “feel” of the size.

For comparison, Disney World size comparison can be that of Manchester or Liverpool in the UK. And if you ever been to either one or these two countries… you’ll immediately get familiar with the sheer size of Disney World. And what’s better is that Disney World will continue to grow and change with each passing year.

2.) Big Rides

When you think of Disney World, you would think of the many rides it has. Disney World has always prided itself in its many different rides and attractions. Sure, there’s always your personal favorite, but we’re not talking about that. What we’re talking about is that one ride that makes you appreciate the sheer scale of Disney World. The kind of attraction that would make you think about how much the park has grown ever since it first began.. as an idea of one Walt Disney.

There’s a lot of rides and attractions, but to name some key rides… let’s first talk about Expedition Mountain. But compared to other Disney world parks, based on Disney World size comparison… Disney World has the most number of rides. Especially exclusive rides that you won’t find anywhere else.

3.) Expedition Everest

When one thinks about the tallest ride in Disney World… many knowledgeable individuals would point towards Expedition Everest as the tallest ride. Many have estimated the height at approximately 200 feet. And with such as great a height, you can see the mountain from all around the park. And while you can’t climb at the very peak of the mountain… the ride itself will let you experience how big the mountain is. You can also see and appreciate the park in its entirety with a gorgeous view.

4.) Space Mountain

Another mountain of a theme park attraction that is now only known for having the distinction of being the very first of the attractions that became operational when the park first opened. Another fact that adds the sheer “size” of how big is Disney World is that… Disney Worlds in Anaheim, Paris, and Tokyo have their very own Space Mountain.

5.) Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

On the topic of mountain rides, Disney’s mountain rides continue to show the scale of it all. This attraction boasts a track that goes up to 197 feet, and the ride can go up to 25 to 30 miles per hour. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad shows that you can have big amounts of speed to classify it as “big.”

6.) Mount Gushmore

This 90-foot tall, nine-story mountain features two dozen slides. Each slide having a different chute at varying speeds. And one chute, in particular, the 360-foot chute… can take riders up to eight seconds before they hit the pool below. This one attranction alone shows how big is Disney World,

7.) The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Large mountains aren’t the only thing that Disney is popular for. One of the oldest and most well-known attractions is The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. The large imposing appearance of the building… would make you not only feel rather small for entering such a large and iconic attraction. But also make you feel minuscule. You can feel the sheer amount of mysteries as you go experience the Tower of Terror in all its entirety.

8.) Haunted Mansion

If you feel scared and the intimidated by the large exterior of the building ends at the Tower of Terror… you thought wrong! The Haunted Mansion is another iconic attraction that has existed ever since the early days of Disney World. From the outside, you may think that it as a normal mansion. But once you step inside, you will be amazed on how much bigger it feels inside. And even on your repeat visits… the uniqueness of this attraction would leave you wanting to experience it more.

9.) The number of parks in Disney World is far larger than that of other Disneylands

It’s not only about the number of individual parks, but how many parks there are in both Disney World parks. For example, Disneyland California only has two parks… Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure. And the center and featured attraction are the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Meanwhile, Disney World has four theme parks… Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. And the center of it all is Cinderella’s Castle. That’s how big is Disney World!

10.) It’s no longer the individual rides that would make anyone feel as if Disney World is larger than it is.

You’ll notice that Disney World comprises four individual parks. Each with its own unique theme and attractions. That’s how big is Disney World! And while they have remained the same ever since the early days of the park… additions over time have helped evolve and grow these parks to even greater heights. And the first one is the Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park.

This zoological theme park is hailed as the largest theme park in the entire world. How big is it, you ask? How about a park that covers 580 acres. This park is also dedicated to the natural environment… and the importance of animal conservation. But the main feature of this park is the Tree of Life, which is 145 tall and 50 feet wide. In 2015 alone saw over 10.9 million visitors. Making it not only fourth most-visited park in America… but the seventh most-visited park in the world.

11.) Epcot

Also known as the EPCOT Center, it is the unrealized concept of Walt Disney coming true. This park spans about 300 acres, much larger than the Animal Kingdom Park. While the Animal Kingdom is all about celebrating nature and preserving it… EPCOT is all about human achievement. And how humanity as a species has innovated technology. And if the size of the park isn’t enough to make you feel like it’s large. The amount of effort that went into the design that highlights said human achievements… makes it even more so.

12.) Magic Kingdom Park

One of the first of four theme parks opened in Disney World in Florida. The centerpiece of the whole park is Cinderella’s Castle. Inspired by the famous animated film in the 1950’s. The size of the park is 43 hectares, meaning it can hold up to 20.4 visitors according to a 2016 survey. This makes the Magic Kingdom one of the most visited theme parks in the world for over 10 years. And of course the most visited theme park in North America.

13.) Disney’s Hollywood Studios

While the other three parks focus on their own themes, Hollywood Studios’ focus is all about show business in film, TV, music, theatre, and video games. The size of the park is 135 acres. Like the other parks, the size itself complements the large amounts of business-related matters are happening all around. Another thing that further adds to how big is Disney World is that there are a lot of studios that are currently operational. From the production studios to animation studios. Each year, this park attracts as much as millions of guests. And is the fifth most visited park in North America and the eight in the world.

14.) Activities

If you’re not up for any rides and attractions, there are activities for you to do. But Disney World offers a lot more especially for large groups of visitors. And these can come in the form of two large water parks… courses for golf and mini-golf, areas for joggers, boat rentals, and a lot more. What has this got to do with making Disney World feel larger? It’s the sheer amount of things guests can do at Disney. Especially if they’re not looking to do anything about the rides and attractions.

15.) Large hotels

Disney World has its share of hotels. But there is one hotel in particular that definitely adds the feeling of how big is Disney World. And that is the Disney Port Orleans Resort. This hotel has 3,056 rooms, the most number of rooms any hotel in Disney can have.

So, when planning first trip to Disney World, there’s a lot of things to see and explore. But the above reasons are the ones you should definitely check out in order to see how huge Disney World is. Because you wouldn’t experience fun and happiness at Disney World until you experience these rides and venues.


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