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9 Basic Steps on How to Get Married at Disney World

Weddings are one of the festive and memorable events in one’s life. And in making it the most magical, memorable one possible, many people are considering the happiest place on earth to hold it. So if you’re trying to figure out how to get married at Disney World, read on.

Getting married at Disney World Grand Floridan
Getting married at Disney World Grand Floridan

Your childhood dream of being the princess kissing your prince is now achievable. All thanks to Disney World’s wedding options. The steps on how to get married at Disney World are quite easy and similar to any other wedding planning steps. If you know where to go and what to

  1. Check out the options available

The very first step a couple needs to do for their wedding at Disney Orlando is to view their options. Disney World Orlando offers a lot of venues, packages and other necessary things for a wedding. These options come in different prices, volumes, and features. The best way to check these options is through visiting Disney World Weddings’ official website. They have a particular page dedicated to wedding venues, themes and other matters related to the occasion. Here, you will find the available wedding locations and deals that might interest you.

You can also check some reviews online made by those who have held their weddings at Disney World. This will help you decide which package to take for your special occasion. And also to prepare yourselves for anything that might come in your way. You can ask people through many online communities about the experiences they had. Or any question you might have for your Disney Fairytale Wedding.

Packages which you can choose from including the following:

a. The Memories Collection at Walt Disney World

The Memories Collection is highly-recommended for those wanting an intimate gathering. Particularly for their wedding with very few guests. This collection offers you a location from which you can have a view of the most wonderful and remarkable place in the park… which is Cinderella’s castle. The three location included in the package guarantees to be full of magic making a fairy tale come true.

b. The Escape Collection at Walt Disney World

With this collection… you’ll start your wedding ceremony with magical moments and end with even more magical ones. With this package, you will arrive at any of the locations they offer with Cinderella’s coach. At the end of the vows, you are also given the opportunity for a luxurious champagne toast. And of course an expert-designed and perfectly-baked decadent cake. If you want to accommodate a few more guests and are willing to spend a little more, then this package is for you.

c. The Wish Collection at Walt Disney World

Upon opting for The Wish Collection. it entitles celebrants to the grandest and dreamy fairytale-like wedding. You can hold your wedding ceremony at the Magic Kingdom and later on your reception at Epcot. You can have every detail of the occasion customized with the help of the wedding team.

Disney Honeymoon Packages are also available upon the request of the couple. Payments and other charges are also applicable upon availing these packages. Aside from the amusement park privileges and packages offered… the management also offers hotel packages for the marrying couple. Depending on the ones available during the day of the wedding… couples may arrange a honeymoon for themselves—still at Disney World.

  1. Plan on the date of the wedding

This step and the previous one are interchangeable. You can scan the options first then plan a date or plan a date then scan the options. Yet, always keep in mind that the date of your wedding affects the price that you will have to pay for reservations. For example, upon setting the date of your wedding at Disney World on peak seasons (such as Christmas season, spring break, or summer vacation)… it will cost you a bigger amount of payment.

How to get married at Disney World also requires the couple to be mindful of the fact that they have to prepare other dates. Since Disney World is a coveted location for wedding ceremonies and receptions… it is no longer a surprise that many days are already filled.

It will be best for the couple to have as many options for the date as they can… to avoid inconveniences in the preparation process.

  1. Determine the number of guests

Like any other weddings, the number of guests during the ceremony also matter. Aside from the fact that this determines the payment for the food and beverages… it also determines the location where you’ll hold the ceremony. Different wedding venues at Disney World have different capacities. Some of these locations can only hold a few, while some can hold huge crowds. You have to be mindful of the number of guests to ensure that everybody gets to enjoy the location. Aside from that, paying for a crowd-holding location when you only want an intimate gathering will only be a waste of your precious money. So, renting a location for an intimate gathering when you have a lot of guests compromises their comfort… and possibly, even yours as a couple.

  1. Make selections for food and venue

Upon seeing the options you have for your dream Disney Fairytale wedding… you can now select options for your catering services, location and things as such. The official website as given earlier on how to get married to Disney World offer couples the freedom to choose packages. You can save them into their particular accounts for further reference. Once you have finalized your selections and saved the details… they can show it to the Disney fairytale wedding coordinator. The said coordinator will help them with inquiries. They can help them plan out and suggest ideas for the couple’s big day. The coordinator will scan the wedding plan made. Aside from that, they will also check the availability of the date and give them an estimate of the expenses.

  1. Save it for later

As mentioned earlier, the saved data of the couple’s choices are the basis of the wedding planner to hold the event. All parties involved in the preparation should have access to the data containing the details of the package. Every change made in the process should be known to them for a smooth preparation and execution of the necessary factors in the wedding. These are the keys on how to get married at Disney World without much hassle on either party involved.

  1. Schedule an appointment with Disney World wedding coordinators and planners

While Disney Weddings website offers data saving… they also offer services from their very own wedding coordinators. These people play a vital role in how to get married at Disney World. Upon saving the selections made by the couple… the wedding coordinator sees to it that the intended date is available. And that the packages are well-detailed to the couple.

Once you have completed your selections… Disney will assign a wedding coordinator to the couple. The assigned coordinator will contact the said couple of their available dates. And the couple will have to examine the selections made and make their final decision. Aside from Disney wedding venues, Disney wedding dresses are also included in the topics. The couple and the wedding coordinator will have to discuss further with the plans.

  1. Meet up with the Disney World wedding planners and coordinators

The marrying couple’s personal meet-up with the coordinators and planners is an important step on how to get married at Disney World. Once a schedule has been set… the couple and the wedding coordinators and planners must meet in person. Upon meeting up with the planners and coordinators… the couple can have an ocular inspection of the venues itself. That includes its facilities and other physical elements of the occasion.

This will aid the couple in finalizing their wedding plans.

  1. Make necessary adjustments

Changes are most of the time inevitable, especially in wedding planning. And Disney fairytale weddings are no exception. If upon the suggestion of the planners and coordinators… the couple wants to apply changes to their plans, they may do so. During the personal meet up with the planners and coordinators… these changes must be finalized and thoroughly planned. How to get married at Disney World, through this step, will be a lot easier. Since the couple is fully aware of the details and has been given suggestions they could use.

  1. Be ready with the budget

The marrying couple’s budget is also one vital factor on how to get married at Disney World. Having a wedding fit for a prince and princess also demands a huge amount of money. As much as there are a lot of ways to access Disney World Weddings on a budget… the expenses or the occasion might still be pricey.

Disney World offers wedding packages as well as honeymoon locations and package.. that is fit for any budget the couple might have prepared. Disney World weddings cost varies according to the features, capacity, and other factors. Whatever wedding package you choose, be sure to have your budget prepared for it. As you choose which packages to add or remove from your selections… be sure that you can afford these packages. Do not go beyond it for a one-day luxurious event if you might end up bankrupt the following day.

A few things to learn from Disney World Weddings

Ever since Disney World offered their place for wedding ceremonies and reception… many have already taken the opportunity. Some of the couples who got married at the happiest place on earth shared their tales. These are much helpful to those who want to learn how to get married at Disney World and gain insights on how they can handle theirs.

If you’re planning to choose the Cinderella castle as your wedding location… better prepare a luxurious amount of $75,000. This is the minimum price to hold the event at this particular venue. The front of Cinderella’s Castle, which can accommodate at most 100 people, costs $25,000. The food, beverages and other costs during the ceremony will reach around $50,000—thus summing up to $75,000. Upon paying this price, you are certain that guests enjoy enough amount of food. Plus having comfortable seats during the ceremony. On top of the $75,000 wedding location fee, you will also have to pay another set for the location of the reception.

Other expenses to expect

If your budget will allow you, you can also avail the horse-drawn glass coach. It costs a good amount of $2,950—good for two hours.

While $75,000 seems to be too much of a price to pay for you. There’s still another way in which you can hold your wedding at Disney World. Instead of holding the ceremony in front of Cinderella’s castle… you can go to the Disney Wedding Pavilion. Instead of paying $25,000 for the location alone, you can hold the ceremony at the said place and pay only $4,000. This is highly recommendable for those wanting a Disney wedding on a budget.

Why go for a Fairytale-like wedding?

  • Disneyworld is quite a huge place to hold a wedding

As much as an average couple could hardly afford to close the entire park… the wedding venues offered still palace-huge. Seeing how big is Disney World compared to Disneyland you sure can accommodate a lot of guests and have indeed a memorable place to hold your wedding. This is one of the many reasons why a lot of people wants to know how to get married at Disney World. You can hold as many guests as your budget can allow you to. And at the same time, you need not worry that a guest might be uncomfortable standing… or might not be given a table during the reception.

  • Disney World is a unique place to hold your wedding

Given its popularity, a lot of people can relate to the themes and characters present in the park. The fairytale-likeness of the place also adds up to the sweetness in the atmosphere. Also, thinking about how big is Disney World… you can never run out of option on where exactly in the park you would like to have your wedding held.

  • Planning a Wedding in Disney World is easy

As you have seen in the list above, how to get married at Disney World is as easy as any other wedding planning affairs. It only takes a lot of creativity and coordination with your assigned planner. And have some few considerations about the budget you’re willing to spend.


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