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9 Little Secrets on How to Get Excited for Disney World

Here are 9 Little Secrets on How to Get Excited for Disney World. Planning your first trip to Disney World can be both fun and mind-boggling at the same time. Fortunately, there are a lot of reasons to get excited for Disney World without much of the stress.

Young girl big ice cream and smile
Young girl big ice cream and smile

Planning first trip to Disney World

In a city-huge park such as Disney Orlando, excitement is lurking around the corner. However, with the many rides to try and sights to see… you might find yourself overwhelmed rather than excitement. To prevent this from happening and keep the excitement alive… listed below are the ways on how to get excited for Disney World.

  1. Plan ahead of time 

Plan. Plan. Plan and then plan some more! The fact that Walt Disney World Orlando has a lot of fun things to try, planning is extremely necessary. You wouldn’t want to spoil the fun and stress yourself out on how much money you have left. Or maybe feeling terrible for things you have not tried, right?

Gather every source you have and every person you can ask for useful tips and information. You also have to be mindful of the seasons. Like the weather Orlando Florida, and other things that can affect the trip.

Ask yourself whether how much you’d like to allot for the trip, the number of days you plan to stay, and many others. This will prevent any miscalculations later on in your trip. And then stress you out instead of enjoying it.

Fulfilling this is the first stage on how to get excited about Disney World.

  1. Conduct thorough research

Luckily, for tourists planning to visit Disney World… the internet makes details a lot more accessible. Research on the different theme parks and the rides and sites in it. Searching for the fees that you have to pay for each attraction and park as well. Surf for photographs of the places that are popular amongst tourists who have been there. At this point, you can add more excitement if you ask for help from your traveling companions. (Yes, and that includes the little kids).

At this part of the planning, you’re on your way to discovering how to get excited about Disney World.

  1. Watch walk-through videos on YouTube

How to get excited for Disney World does not end with knowing what the places look like through photos. We recommended that you try watch walk-through videos on YouTube or any other site. This will give you are more connectable and realistic view of the place that you intend to visit. You’ll get to see the details of the place as it is and help you in deciding whether to go for the attraction or not.

Also, with the help of videos as such… you can access comments and descriptions from the perspective of a traveler.

We love Tim Tracker and PCDev especially.

  1. Find guidance in planning your trip

With the advent of technology and the internet, this process is an easy-peasy one. From Online Disney Planning Guide to online forums… you are sure to have a lot of guidance when planning your trip. These sites are so easy to access you can Google them and find whatever data you need.

Also, social media makes it possible for you to find guidance in planning. You can ask for help from friends and even stranger (be cautious, though) in planning. This is as reliable as the official website’s data. Since it gives you observations from travelers themselves. This will also offer your perspective on what to expect on your trip. And how to deal with different emergencies that may arise. Online forums will also provide you with forewarning on the inconveniences or difficulties you might face in particular places.

This should also be an answer on how to get excited for Disney World. As it gives you real-time previews on what to expect in the trip.

  1. Prepare the budget

Of course, you could not just plan without propping your bills up first. You need to know how much does it cost to go to Disney World. By doing the earlier-given suggestions, this will also inevitably follow. Once you get to know the different rides and sights available… there will be blogs and other sources to tell you how these would cost.

If you’re on a tight budget, as early as the planning stage… you can already think of alternatives for the expensive things. For example, if you want to wear a cute pair of Mickey’s ears but can’t buy those, you can already explore how to make your own. Disney World is not very particular with those.

Also, decide and set up rules on spending during the stay. You can implement this for yourself alone or with the group, if possible. If you plan to implement this to a group, clear up everything that you will spend on and those that you won’t. This will be helpful. Particularly those who are traveling with impulsive buyers (keep the kids in mind).

But don’t be a cheapskate on the necessary things to spend during the trip.

This includes food and lodging. If a higher bill must be paid to avail high-quality items or services, then don’t feel bad spending. After all, the goal here is to have fun and you can never achieve fun if you don’t get the best possible quality.

This is one of the main things that should be well-considered upon planning. Considering this data will be useful as it will prepare yourself and your wallet for the expenses to come.

This might not sound like a good answer to how to get excited for Disney World following the stress it gives. Yet, there are a lot of ways on how this can be fun and exciting.

If you are traveling with others who are already earning… then you could have fun on a fund-raising activity for your planned trip. You can prepare things old things to sell to add up to your trip funds or sell any goods you can make. This can still be done, even if you are the lone funder of the trip.

  1. Consider the people coming with you and their interests

Many Disney Planning guide sites will tell you to plan your trip with other minds as well. Collaborate with others for the betterment of the plan. Having other minds work on the trip… it will make it more accommodating and considerate to the needs or demands of others coming.

Also, this will put a variety of the choices you will make. For this part, you are going beyond planning on how to get excited for Disney World.

In doing this, it is best to have everyone coming to the trip has to say on the itinerary. Be evaluative in planning as this will be a very crucial part of the trip—an element that will make up the “fun” part. Think of the budget, the variety of the places to visit, conditions of the travelers, and many others.

Parks to Visit

Depending on your budget, you can choose to visit all the different attractions in the different theme parks. Or just focus on one theme park. This follows the idea that different theme parks charge spate fees for the visitors. If you have a luxurious amount of money, then you can go for theme-park hopping. But if budget seems to be tight, then you can still have fun in a single theme park for the meantime.

In case the budget won’t permit you to visit all suggested places, simply put it to a vote. Reduce the list of places you want to visit and put the others on a separate list for the next trip. How to get excited for Disney World should not be stressful one-time big-time hit if it is hard to achieve.

  1. Keep track of time

How to get excited for Disney World involves vigilance, to some extent. Once all these things are settled, keep track of the necessary dates. These dates might include the date allotted for searching or booking flights, trips, or hotel rooms. As well as dates for buying certain things you might need for your stay.

As you keep track of the time, you can also explore thing you can do related to Disney World and its components. For example, you can search for different Disney-related arts and crafts. You can pair them with your get up on your Disney World day.

Ironically, keeping track of time before the planned trip won’t get you bored. It will even motivate you to look forward to the date and keep yourself busy with preparations. As a matter of fact, in some cases, preparing while keeping track of time is fun. Time seems to fly so quickly and unnoticeable. Then you realized you overlooked something days before the trip.

It is highly recommended that one week before Disney World trip kicks off… everything is settled. From the transportation to the itinerary to the budget and many other aspects. Assure that everything you will need will be ready and that you are well-equipped with a Plan B if all else fails.

  1. Watch your favorite Disney movies

Once you have everything set or even before that, you can have a review of the Disney movies you have loved. No—this is not the nerdy kind of review. It is rather the more entertaining aspect of the process—made by watching. If you have the luxury of time, you can also explore new Disney movies or those you have not watched before.

This is one good way on how to get excited for Disney World since it gives you the vibes of the story. These vibes will be more appreciated once you set foot on the grounds of Disney World.

These will also give you a hint or refresher on what to expect in the places which you are about to visit. Watching new movies or re-watching the old ones also helps you get into the Disney feel. This can add up to the enjoyment you might feel as you kill the time.

  1. Play your favorite Disney Songs!

As you watch Disney Movies, you’ll also be able to listen to Disney songs. You might even find yourself singing along to this song which you know by heart. This is also one good way to kill the time before that day and on how to get excited for Disney World. Playing your favorite Disney songs or exploring new ones will also help you in picking up Disney vibes. Like the movies, this will refresh you on the songs that are somewhat forgotten in your case.

As many travelers have put it…

“The fun reaches a whole different level when you are able to sing along to the songs they play at Disney World.”

This is also a recommendable alternative if you’re too busy with other preparations. Or even other matters as you wait for the day of the trip. Instead of watching the movies, you can simply listen to their songs as you travel or even work.

Final Key Points

Evaluating every aspect of the trip is a vital component of a fully-enjoyed trip to Disney World. To achieve this, it is important to do a lot of observation from different sources and from different perspectives. It somewhat backs up the many ways on how to get excited for Disney World. Preparation, like in any other matters, prevents any encounter with stress once the process had begun.

Picking up the vibe is one of the key components on how to get excited for Disney World. This list given makes it evident enough. Many of the “secrets”, if not on the technical aspects, give way to prepare for the enjoyment of the trip. This follows the idea that I order to have fun in a place, you have to be more than familiar with it. Doing the other items on this list… you can gain this vibe and find fun in the place you are about to visit.

These 9 little secrets are the key to the maximized and fully-enjoyed trip to the happiest place on earth. With the ease of the tasks to be done, you are sure to achieve this all. On top of that, you have a driving force—which is your interest towards Disney—to make it more fun for you. How to get excited for Disney World is completely your hands—your and those who are planning with you.


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