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A complete list of how many Disney Parks are there in the world

It’s the happiest place on earth—found in every part of the globe. Consider how many Disney parks are there in the world — where guests can enjoy different rides and attractions… which whatever they are, you are sure to enjoy them.

Firework over Cinderella Castle
Firework over Cinderella Castle

How many Disney Parks are there in the world?

Disneyland opens itself to the world establishing at least one to each of the three continents. Two are located in North America, one in Europe and three in Asia. Despite the differences in their parks and attractions, the management assures that each of them is at par with the global standard. Aside from answering the question “How many Disney Parks are there in the world?” — the list below aims to give you the different attractions you can find in each park.

These differences are being tweaked in each continent according to the culture of the location of the park. This is evident with the type of food served in each Disneyworld all over the globe. Nevertheless, each park guaranteed to provide the best of leisure and entertainment for people from all walks of life.

In finding out how many Disney Parks are there in the world, this list organizes each of the existing Disneyland. Based according to the continents where they belong and in different Disneyland countries.

North America

In this continent, we find the first and oldest Disney Park that count on the list of how many Disney Parks are the in the world. Currently, there are two Disney parks in this continent. Both located in the same country, big enough to accommodate large volumes of people.

Anaheim, California

Being the first, the original and the oldest among the existing Disney parks… Disney World Anaheim is the biggest. Generally open to the public on July 17, 1955, the park fulfills the aim of Walt Disney to provide a place where kids and kids at heart can immerse and enjoy themselves in a rich, story-telling world and much more.

This Disneyworld, planned by Walt Disney to be a “source of joy and happiness” — spans 500 acres. It can accommodate a total of 750 million guests. Considering how big the multi-faceted and world-class family resort is… there are also many people who make this place as accommodating and functional as possible. All with the help of a total of 29,00 cast members.

With a large area such as this, Disney World Anaheim shelters two theme parks. This includes Disneyland Park and Disney’s California Adventure. Aside from these theme parks, this Disneyworld also features three resort hotels. The park is too big to be completely visited for a day.

In the query of how many Disney Parks are there in the World, the Disneyworld Anaheim would always be among those which are widely-known all over the world. We cannot deny this fact, considering that this is the first, one of the biggest that there is. As mentioned earlier, there are two parks within the Anaheim Disney World. 

Disneyland Park

The area spans 85 acres. It was also considered as one of the 20th century’s Greatest Entertainment Achievement

  1. Main Street, U.S.A.
  2. Adventureland
  3. New Orleans Square
  4. Critter Country
  5. Frontierland
  6. Fantasyland
  7. Mickey’s Toontown
  8. Tomorrowland

Disney California Adventure Park

It measures 57 acres which opened to the public last February 8, 2001.

  1. Buena Vista Street
  2. Hollywood Land
  3. A Bug’s Land
  4. Cars Land
  5. Pacific Wharf
  6. Paradise Pier
  7. Grizzly Peak

Aside from these attractions you can visit and feast your eyes upon… there are also Disneyland Resort Hotels which can accommodate guests after their leisure time. There are three resort hotels found in this Disneyworld in Anaheim. The Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa, the Disneyland Hotel and the Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel. Each of these hotels (offering a total of 2,400 hotel rooms) guarantees to have visitor-friendly staff. It has a unique theme to enjoy and of course, world-class accommodations.

Orlando, Florida

One of the probable Disney Worlds that you can think of once the question “How many Disney Parks are there in the world?” is asked is Disney Orlando. It probably also answers your questions on how many Disney parks are there in Orlando.

4 Theme Parks

  1. Magic Kingdom
  2. Epcot
  3. Hollywood Studios
  4. Animal Kingdom

2 Water Parks

  1. Typhoon Lagoon
  2. Blizzard Beach

Disney World Orlando is also one of the biggest Disney worlds you can find… and the one containing assorted theme parks for everyone.


As for Europe, there is only one Disney Park that contributes to how many Disney Parks are there in the world. Even up to the recent days, this Disney Park in Paris where this Disney world is located remains to be the top European tourist destination and the number of guests continues to grow.

Paris, France

One of the Disney parks that should be in your count on how many Disney Parks are there in the World is the Disney World Paris. It was first opened to the public in April 1992. It had since then welcomed by 320 million guests. Thus, gaining the title as the Number One Tourist Destination in Europe.

Disneyland Paris — located in Marne-la-Vallee— is now composed of two world-class theme parks. It has seven themed Disney Hotels and a 27-hole golf course. There is also an entertainment center and the largest integrated corporate events venue. And with a park as large and frequented as Disney Land Paris… the workforce peaks up to more than 15,000 cast members to accommodate and provide entertainment for guests. Disneyland Paris has two main theme parks. They are Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios Park.

Disneyland Park

The park shares some of the parks as the ones that are present in its sister park in California.

  1. Main Street, U.S.A.
  2. Frontierland
  3. Adventureland
  4. Fantasyland
  5. Discoveryland

Walt Disney Studios Park

This 62-acre wide park opened to the public last March 16, 2002. It gives the guest a preview of what and how things work to give life to the Walt Disney Studios. Here, guests will get to see a series of attractions and entertainment. It anchors on characters and plotlines from Disney movies. Among the parks to visit here are:

  1. Ratatouille: L’Adventure Totalement Toquee de Remy
  2. CineMagique
  3. Crush’s Coaster
  4. Moteurs, Action! Stunt Show Spectacular
  5. Toy Story Playland
  6. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

As for the hotels, guests have a wide array of choices to choose from… with the seven themed Disney Hotels within the vicinity. All these offer a kind of storytelling that sets each one apart from one another. Newport Bay Club hotel had recently earned its fourth star, along with the new 1,000 rooms. Meanwhile, renovations continue at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne with more than 860 rooms. This is to provide more comfort for the guests and for the hotel’s efficiency.


As for Asians, they have three Disney Parks to list on how many Disney Parks are there in the World. All concentrated in the Eastern region of Asia. It is also here in Asia where you will find the smallest Disneyland. One of these Asian Disney Parks has a unique way of attracting guests. Through giving a personal cultural touch to the theme parks, attractions, and activities.

Tokyo, Japan

Another Disney Park that you should list in your count on how many Disney Parks are there in the world… is the Tokyo Disneyland. Being the first Disney World to open outside the US on April 15, 1983… Tokyo Disneyland gained the title as Japan’s most popular family destination.

Later in September 2001, the newest and currently-frequented theme park opened — the DisneySea. With these two Disney theme parks, four Disney Resort Hotels and the Iksipiari shopping mall… it is no question on why this place is the top Japanese family tourist destination.

Tokyo Disneyland

It is known as the Kingdom of Dreams and Magic in Japan. It is the first international Disney park in the country. Here, you can enjoy many Disney-themed attractions, rides, and activities. Some of which have a touch of the Japanese culture (which are seasonal). Among the themed lands are the:

  1. World Bazaar
  2. Adventureland
  3. Westernland
  4. Critter Country
  5. Fantasyland
  6. Tomorrowland
  7. Toontown

Guests can try Japanese-themed activities as follows:

  1. Disney’s Easter (available from April to June)
  2. Disney Tanabata Days (Star Festival)
  3. Disney’s Natsu Matsuri (available from July to August)
  4. Disney’s Halloween (available from September to October)
  5. Disney Fantasy (open from November to December)

Please take note that these activities are only available according to season adherent to the Japanese culture.

Tokyo DisneySea

Another theme park you can enjoy is the Tokyo DisneySea. Here, you will see all the mythological and legendary creatures of the sea. At the same time, it offers fine dining and a unique shopping option and experience. Disney Sea is home to seven themed ports:

  1. Mediterranean Harbor
  2. American Waterfront
  3. Port Discovery
  4. Lost River Delta
  5. Arabian Coast
  6. Mermaid Lagoon
  7. Mysterious Island

Hotels at Tokyo Disneyland

As for the hotels, Tokyo Disneyland never fails to be at par with the world-class quality that other Disney parks in the world offer. Guests can choose to stay at any of the four hotels within the Tokyo Disneyland vicinity:

  1. Disney Ambassador Hotel
  2. Tokyo DisneySea Hotel Miracosta
  3. Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
  4. Disney Celebration Hotel

On top of these hotels and attractions, Tokyo Disneyland offers the Iksipiari shopping mall. The 29-acre wide Ikspiari serves as a gateway to the Disney Hotels. (Through its adjacency to the JR Maihama train station). It consists of more than 140 shops for you to visit and buy souvenirs from. Aside from the variety it offers, guests may also enjoy the dining facilities as well as the cinema.


First opened to the general public on September 12, 2005, in Lantau Island… Hong Kong Disneyland remains to be one of the well-known in the list of how many Disney Parks are there in the World. With a land area measuring 310 acres… Hong Kong Disneyland consists of one theme park and three resort hotels.

There are approximately 7,300 cast members who keep the magic alive in the park. Over 64 million guests flocked Hong Kong Disneyland since its opening. Visitors are coming not only from the local area but also guests from Mainland China and Southeast Asia.

What makes this Disney park a standout among the rest is that… it has entertainment and guest offerings that are specially-designed for international guests. Here, you would not have to worry if you do not speak the native language—all thanks to the multilingual cast hired.
This Asian Disneyland centralizes the Sleeping Beauty Castle… which is one of the most picture-perfect places in Disneyland Park. This Disneyland Park, the lone Hong Kong Disney theme park is not as empty as it seems. 

7 Themed Lands

  1. Main Street, U.S.A.
  2. Adventureland
  3. Tomorrowland
  4. Fantasyland
  5. Toy Storyland
  6. Grizzly Glitch
  7. Mystic Park

Offering a total number of 1,750 hotel rooms through four world-class hotels… Disney Resort Hotels guarantee a warm, comfortable and enjoyable stay for their guests. Among these hotels are:

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Disney’s Hollywood Hotel
  3. Disney Explorers Lodge
  4. Inspirational Lake Recreation Centre

Shanghai, China

Last but not the least… among the contributors on the list of how many Disney Parks are there in the world is Shanghai Disneyland. This park holds the title as the newest Disney Parks and Resorts. With its establishment on June 16, 2016, in Pudong New District, Shanghai. Shanghai Disneyland has six theme lands and two resort hotels.

6 Themed Lands

  1. Tomorrowland
  2. Mickey Avenue
  3. Treasure Cove
  4. Fantasyland
  5. The Centerpiece—the Enchanted Storybook Castle

By 2018, Toy Storyland will open its doors to the public.

As for your choice of a Shanghai Disney Resort, you will find comfort with excellent facilities and services from these two hotels: 

  1. Shanghai Disneyland Resort
  2. Toy Story Hotel

In Summary

Regardless of how big is Disney World in each continent where you can find them… you are sure to still experience great entertainment and leisure. Guests will experience a world-class quality and comfort in their hotels as well. With this list of how many Disney Parks are there in the world… you can find the Disney park that, if not nearest to your place, will fit your preferences and taste. To know more about these different Disney parks, you may visit their official website.


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