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Amazing things to try in Apopka, Florida

Amazing things to try in Apopka, Florida

Apopka is located in central Florida’s Orange County, within the Orlando metropolitan region, and is roughly halfway between Jacksonville and the Palm Beaches.

It is perfectly positioned in the state’s most congested east-west corridor. Along with easy access to state highways and interstates, it’s an ideal location for visiting the state’s numerous attractions.

It’s a short trip to some of Florida’s most popular amusement parks, and unsurprisingly, the town and surrounding environs are very family-friendly.

The following are the must-do activities in and around Apopka.

State Park Wekiwa Springs

Wekiwa Springs State Park, located just off Interstate 4, approximately a half-hour from Orlando, is an easy trip from Apopka and is an ideal option for visitors looking to escape the area’s hectic amusement parks.

The park is located at the Wekiva River’s headwaters and provides visitors with a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities, including hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing, and nature and wildlife photography.

For those who would rather leave the details to a guide, a number of tours are available, ranging from the strenuous and action-packed to the relaxed and leisurely.

Apopka Lake

When it comes to major lakes, Florida has a few; the third-largest being Lake Apopka.

Though the lake is primarily in Orange County, it does extend into neighboring Lake County, and the water level of the lake is maintained by rain and storm runoff, as well as natural springs.

The lake has experienced an incredible metamorphosis during the previous quarter-century. What was once overfished and poorly managed has been transformed into a relatively pristine recreation destination filled with breathtaking views, various landscapes, and a vast assortment of indigenous fauna.

Access points, travel instructions, and activity suggestions can all be found online.

Golf Club de Wekiva

Wekiva Golf Club has been a local favorite since 1972. Its popularity is mostly due to the course’s architecture, inexpensive greens fees, and immaculately maintained fairways, traps, and greens.

The 18-hole course is quite open and suitable for players of all ages and abilities.

It is located on Wekiva Club Court in adjacent Longwood and measures a little over 6,600 yards with a par of 72.

The course has a range of tees, allowing each member of a mixed foursome to play from their preferred tee, regardless of whether they want to test themselves or simply enjoy the landscape.

National Forest of Ocala

Ocala National Forest, at over 400,000 acres, is the biggest protected forest in the southeastern United States. It is primarily composed of pine scrub woods that are interspersed with various unique habitats, making it a haven for a diverse array of plant and animal species.

Although it gets oppressively hot in the summer, the rest of the year in Florida is pleasant. Camping and canoeing are only a few of the activities available in the national forest, as are hiking, mountain biking, and animal photography.

Due to the size of the area, the number of entry points, and the variety of rules and restrictions, it’s prudent to conduct research prior to making a special trip.

Orlando’s Universal Studios

Certain attractions in Florida are self-explanatory, and Universal Studios Orlando is one of them.

One of the most well-known and popular theme parks in the country, it is actually a collection of unique resorts housed under one roof.

The park spans over 500 acres and is only second in size to Disney World. With so many housing, food, and activity options, it’s an unmatched family vacation location.

As expected, many families choose to spend the majority of their vacation time on-site. Coupons and discount offers can be scrounged up in travel periodicals and brochures, as well as online.

Zoo And Botanical Gardens Of Central Florida

With ample sunshine and rainfall, as well as a warm and humid subtropical climate, it’s unsurprising that Florida is home to so many botanical gardens.

Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens are located along Interstate 4 near the city of Sanford. It is home to a range of native and non-native plant and animal species from across the world.

One-day entrance tickets allow guests to exit and re-enter the park as long as they retain their receipt and do so within the same day, making them a perfect alternative for families looking to have a midday meal or coffee break before returning for a few more hours of exploration.


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