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Animal Kingdom Advice

This might be a long article because Animal Kingdom is my favorite park at Walt Disney World. It’s also the biggest and does an amazing Honey Chicken and Rice dish, so there is plenty to talk about! Man I love the food here!

Animal Kingdom is over 500 acres so there is plenty to see and do. Animal Kingdom calls itself a zoological theme park so a lot of the attractions center on animals.

Animal Kingdom Advice

Now, personally speaking (and this is just my opinion) I’m not massively keen on Zoo’s, I don’t like to see animals trapped in Chester or Blackpool that should be roaming the Serengeti so I didn’t think I’d like Animal Kingdom but I was wrong. All the enclosures are huge and you really get a feeling that they are so well looked after. The best chance to see the animals is via the Kilimanjaro Safaris, this is well worth a fast pass. You can even upgrade further to a Wild Africa Trek, prices for this start from $189 per person.

For most people though, Kilimanjaro Safari will be perfect, take a tour around the Harambe Reserve with your driver/tour guide explaining all the animals you encounter. You can also take a walk through Gorilla Falls Forest Exploration Trail, this is quite frankly amazing. The clue as to what you will see is particularly in the name and how fantastic, beautiful creatures they are. It really feels like you are watching them (or are they watching you!) in their own environment.

The Animal Kingdom is also the home of Expedition Everest which is right up there with the best rides in the whole of Walt Disney World. I won’t spoil it for you other than to say you need to be at least 44 inches to ride. The theming for the ride in the queue (and there will be a queue!) is amazing and the ride itself is a real thrill.

There are two amazing shows at the Animal Kingdom too, they both offer a chance to get out of the sun, stop walking and still down but they are really fun too.

Festival of the Lion King

This is such a cool show. It contains the best songs from the film sang live by some high-level performers. By the end, everyone is laughing and having a great time.

I’ve noticed that I’m saying ‘amazing’ a lot but to be honest I’ve got Disney blues just thinking about how the AMAZING Animal Kingdom is!

Finding Nemo The Musical

This show is……. ok. I’m not as big a fan of it as I am with the Lion King show, however, my daughter totally loves it. I think maybe I’ve seen it too many times. It’s hard to think back to the first time I saw it. Don’t let me put you off though, as I say my wife and daughter would both say it’s AMAZING!!

Animal Kingdom Advice

Ok, you came for advice so here we go…

  1. Get there early. I can stress this enough, if you’re there early you’ll park closer and be able to move through the park freely for the first couple of hours, use this time to hit the rides and experiences that you really want to do.
  2. You can eat in Africa and Asia. I find that the food in Asia is much better. I think the honey chicken might be the nicest food I’ve ever tasted.
  3. They do amazing Ice Creams near the entrance to Expedition Everest. Look for the Indian ice cream van.
  4. Dinoland USA is in the Animal Kingdom and has a ride called Primeval Whirl. It’s like a Waltzer on stilts!
  5. There is a single rider line for Expedition Everest.
  6. It’s Tough to be a Bug is themed to attract small children but it’s a trap! It’s brilliant but quite intense for small children. At least 5 are carried out before then end crying in parents arms.
  7. Kali River Rapids – you will get wet. There is somewhere to hide your valuables but be warned, at least one person will be soaked when they get off!
  8. Look out for the Hippo!

Right! that’s it for today. Better get on with my proper job. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading my article on Animal Kingdom Advice.

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