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Blizzard Beach, Florida

 A trip to Florida is not known to be a relaxing, chilled out holiday! But a trip to one of the amazing water parks can be what everyone needs after a few busy days in the parks. Try Blizzard Beach in Disney World Orlando for a frosty fun adventure for the whole family. And a HUGE slide for the daredevils.

Blizzard Beach

When planning our Orlando itinerary we always include “rest” days. On our rest days, we plan to stay around the pool relaxing. In reality, we are normally itching to get out of the villa after a few hours. A water-park is a perfect mixture of a relaxing day but still making the most of the fun to have. Blizzard Beach is, as the name suggests, themed around snow and winter.

Blizzard Beach is based on a ski resort which has melted into a water wonderland – of course! It opens at 10 am, closes at 8 pm and parking is free! We always aim to get there for between 9 am and 9:30 am. After bag check, we head around to Tikes Peak (children’s area) to get set up for the day. The park doesn’t open until 10 am so the attractions are roped off until opening. What follows is a bit of a mad rush for the best areas! Tikes Peak is suitable for anyone under 48”, there are a beach area and plenty of sunbeds and chairs. There are also shaded areas for when it gets too hot but these tend to be very popular.

Tikes Peak has approximately 4 slides for the more adventurous little ones. Miniature snow-banked slides, side-by-side downhill slides, a mini inner-tube ride and chutes tunneling through the snow.

There is also snowman-manned igloo fortress for little tots to explore and completely in the shade!

For the bigger kids and adults, there are plenty of thrills to enjoy the rest of the park. From Summit Plummet (my husband’s nemesis!) a 120ft, near vertical drop ski jump! To Teamboat Springs family raft ride which we took our 3-year-old on this and she was fine. There are some amazing experiences to have.

For those who want to unwind there’s Melt-Away Bay. A gentle wave pool and Cross Country Creek a lazy river perfect to float round in a tube and enjoy the sunshine. But beware there may be a few cold surprises along the way.

Every ski resort needs a ski-lift and Blizzard Beach is no exception! Take the ski lift to the top of Mount Gushmore and get a close up on the action at the top of parks craziest waterslides!

There are plenty of options of places to eat and various huts around the waterpark. My favorite thing to eat at Blizzard Beach is from I.C Expeditions. The Strawberry Shortcake Sundae – it is amazing!!

There are, of course, merchandise shops. You can buy beach accessories along with the normal Disney items. We normally buy a bucket and spade!

During summer months you can experience the Frozen Winter Games. Great for pre-teens and teens to get involved in.

Life-jackets are provided for children but there is no issue with your child using their own armbands. There are changing room facilities and showers which are clean but busy. Beach towels and lockers can be rented from Beach Haus. A small locker will cost $10 per day or large for $15 per day. We have always taken minimal important items with us. We often leave our bags by our chairs when we have been exploring and not had any issues.

Depending on what time of year you visit, your experience will always vary on the weather in Orlando, Florida. It’s a sub-tropical climate so during the months of June, July and August there is a high amount of rain and storms. It is common for water-parks to have to close during a storm. The park stays open but some of the rides will close and you may be asked to vacate the water until the storm pass. Thankfully Floridian rain is warm and normally short lived. It can be quite exciting to watch the storm come over, pack up all your stuff and find the nearest dry area!

Best water-park tips!

Keep well hydrated – it’s hot out there and there’s so much fun so you may get distracted.

Keep well protected – suntan lotion, of course, is a must. Being in and out of the water can make it hard to know if you are still covered. Basically, there’s no such thing as too many applications!


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