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Why Caribbean Beach Resort Florida the Best Place to Stay in Disney World Orlando?

Ah, the Caribbean Beach Resort Florida… a very familiar name to those who have experienced its very tropical island atmosphere… on top of the five-star rooms and services it is very close to the parks. If you want to enhance any vacation experience at Disney World… what better way to experience an island adventure and tropical relaxation?

Anyone wants a Disney-style tropical getaway within the vicinity of several theme parks? Look no further than Caribbean Beach Resort Florida. When you’re having a vacation at Disney Orlando, you’ll be very happy to book a room in Caribbean Beach Resort. Every day would make you feel more and more at home at Disney’s very own Caribbean-themed resort.

Disney World Florida – Home of fun, rides, and hotels

For many years, Walt Disney World Orlando is famous for many things. It is very popular for their rides and attractions, or for the colorful cast of characters. It is well-known for its variety of things that you can do. And at the end of the day, your experience will leave you looking forward to your next visit. But for people who want to book a resort for the opportunity to relax under the sun, Disney has it covered for you!

Many of a Disney Planning Guide has shown you several resorts and hotels that are available to you. But out of many, there’s one that guests would feel is perfect for vacations. Tropical vacations are the favorite of most tourist and traveler. But not everyone has the luxury and the time to afford a plane or a boat ticket. And others are so eager to visit a famous theme park, but couldn’t find a nearby hotel or a resort to stay in.

But when Disney began offering guests the opportunity to stay at their own hotels… many accepted. Over the years, more and more hotels and resorts opened… each with their own theme and amenities. Disney Orlando has a variety of resorts for guests to book their vacations in. And with a growing company like Disney, they would continue on that path of growth with each passing year. But out of numbers of hotels are available for booking… why should you book a room at the Caribbean Beach Resort Florida?

Why Caribbean Beach Resort Florida of all places?

Caribbean Beach Resort Florida is among the few resorts in Disney World Florida that provides a genuine feel of staying at a tropical resort. And at the same time, it does so while you have the luxury of being a walking distance to the best theme park in the world.

With thousands of guests arriving and booking a room each year… what are the many things that make it stand out above other resorts in Walt Disney World Orlando? Sure, a Caribbean-themed resort isn’t for everyone. But that doesn’t take away the fact that more visitors would rather book reservations each year more than any other resort.

What does Carribean Beach Resort Florida have?

In totality, the resort has 2019 rooms, on 2 floors in 5 villages. Each of the Disney Caribbean Beach Resort rooms has their own air-conditioning. It has their own TV, coffee maker, refrigerator, hairdryer, iron and board… and of course a safety deposit box to keep all your important belongings in. The standard rooms come with 2 queen-sized beds. It can carry up two 4 adults, a great room for a standard package.

Of course, you can opt to upgrade when you are booking a room. The first upgrade, the Waterview Rooms, have beds that each hold up two 4 adults. Another room is the Pirate Rooms with a sleeping capacity of 4 adults plus 1 child under 3 years old. It can also accommodate 4 adults and a child under 9 years old on a pull-down bed. And last but not the least, the Preferred Rooms. This room is good for 4 adults plus 1 child under 3 years old. Or 4 adults plus 1 child under 9 years old on a pull-down bed and 1 child under 3 years old.

The resort has a very strategic location. You can find it around Barefoot Bay, which is 45-acres or 180,000 square meters large. The resort is divided into six smaller “villages” that circle the bay… Martinique, Barbados, Jamaica, Aruba, Trinidad North, and Trinidad South. Traveling to each village is either by foot or on the bus. Each village has their own swimming pool and even have their own playgrounds. Their Caribbean Beach Resort pools would hold hundreds of people at once.

If you’re looking for the resort’s facilities, you can find them at the Old Port Royale Centertown. Here, you can find restaurants, food courts, arcade, and a couple of gift shops.

Resort Amenities

  • Private beaches. Ever wanted some real peace and quiet, a real “island” experience? Wanted to see for yourself what it’s like to have your very own beach? Caribbean Beach Resort Florida will provide guests the opportunity of a lifetime… to make their dreams of experience of a private beach come true.
  • Bar and lounge. Thirsty for some drinks after returning to your hotel after a day at Disney Orlando? Or perhaps you’re up for that little something to complement your tropical vacation? Whether you want something to quench your thirst… or liven up your day with a tropical cocktail… the Caribbean Beach Resort Florida’s bar and lounge have got you covered. Complementing it further is the lounge. Guests can sit back, relax, and enjoy the drinks and atmosphere with some music.
  • Breakfast dining. Nothing starts the day more than a hearty breakfast. The Caribbean Beach Resort will whip up a delicious breakfast for the guests every morning.
  • Gift shops and newsstand. Caribbean Beach Resort Florida also provides guests some places where one can either buy a souvenir to take home or a gift. Newsstands are also available for a more convenient place to buy newspapers.
  • Shopping on site. Eager shoppers can find a lot of great stores that are on or near the resort. One such shopping hub nearby is the Disney Boardwalk, where you can find hundreds of stores open 24/7.
  • Poolside bar. Fancy a little game of pool by the pool? Grab some friends or play by yourself.
  • Restaurants. There are a lot of restaurants that are open to you, offering different styles of cuisine and menu items.
  • Coffee shop or café. Well, if you’re up for a little snack like tea or coffee, you’ll know where to find them.

Special Service and Facilities

  • Free airport transportation – For those who have arrived via the airport, worry not about the fee. Normally, there is a fee for the transportation services from the airport to the resort. But if you book at the Caribbean Beach Resort Florida, it’s completely FREE!
  • 24-hour front desk. Have a specific issue that needs an immediate resolution from the hotel staff? Open and available 24/7, the front desk is always open. Whether it’s a specific issue about a hotel service… or requiring extra services, don’t be afraid to approach them.
  • Laundry facilities. Some days, we will need to clean our clothes. But we usually would have to wait until we return home to get the laundry done. No worries! You can get your laundry done anytime with their laundry services. Now whenever you need to have that favorite shirt cleaned ASAP, you know who to turn to.
  • Express check-out. Wanted to check out of the hotel in a hurry? Caribbean Beach Resort Florida will make sure that you will be able to get it done ASAP without much hassle.

Any activities at the resort?

There’s a lot to do in a resort that you would definitely have a fun time with. But if you believe that Caribbean Beach Resort Florida doesn’t have much in the way of recreational activities… then you’re wrong!

Like any other resort, you can find a lot of things to do. Either by yourself or with some companions. Caribbean Beach Resort Florida goes the extra mile by having some activities that are unique to the resort.

Other Activities to Enjoy

Besides the beaches and pools that you would see in a normal resort, you can also find the following:

  • Goombay Games Arcade. If you’re a gamer who’s hungry for some video games to beat, you’ll find it here. This high-tech game room has a variety of video and pinball games to sate your gaming interests. You can find the venue at the Old Port Royale.
  • Caribbean Cay. Located in the middle of Barefoot Bay, guests can get close with some of the tropical birds that are being displayed here. This also serves as a playground, so kids can have a great time here, as well.
  • Playgrounds. Speaking of the playground, there are playgrounds located in the Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad beach areas.
  • Marina – For all thrill seekers who definitely want the action of riding on watercraft. These watercrafts are available for rent. More rentals are also available such as pontoon boats, canopy boats, sailboat, pedal boats, and canoes. You can avail all these at the Barefoot Bay.
  • Jogging Trail. This 1.2-mile trail, located in Barefoot Bay, is the ideal location not only for hiking and for leisure strolls. You can also use this trail as a perfect opportunity for jogging.
  • Volleyball Courts. Up for some volleyball? There are volleyball courts located throughout the villages on the beaches.
  • Bike Rentals. And if you’re up for some biking, bike and surrey rentals are available along the island promenade.

How do I enjoy the resort to the fullest?

There are so many ways on how to plan a day at Disney World and Caribbean Beach Resort Florida. Believe it or not, even when they’re enjoying themselves, a lot can still go wrong during the trip. It could be like wrong bookings, things left behind, and the like. So here are a few tips to make the vacation go as smooth as possible.

1.) Plan everything in advance

Besides booking your hotel rooms, take into consideration on who will be going and (in the case of larger parties) who goes into what room. You’ll never know if a friend, relative, or even a neighbor would decide to want to tag along.

2.) Make sure to bring what you need

While Caribbean Beach Resort Florida and Disney Orlando have a lot of things for you to do… there’s a good chance you either won’t be able to do. Or you want to do it but you don’t have anything with you. For example, you wanted to go swimming, but you’re unable to because you didn’t think you would need to bring swimwear while packing.

3.) Behave yourself!

Only because you’re having fun doesn’t mean that you should just focus on the fun, while ignoring the law. This ain’t a Cancun College party. You’re at a Disney resort, known for its family-friendly atmosphere. Please be mindful that there are children walking around.


At the end of the day, whenever you hear of any Disney Caribbean beach resort reviews, it’s almost certain that it’ll be positive. You’ll be hearing praises from guests new and old. About how the resort was definitely worth the booking price. You’ll be hearing how great the atmosphere is. How great the rooms are, and how delicious the food is.

Their services are also something that definitely deserves praise. From the room services, the staff, to even the in-room birthday services have received praise by families. With each passing year, more and more guests will discover for themselves why Caribbean Beach Resort Florida is one of the top resorts ever put up by Disney.

The next time you book a flight or prepare for a road trip to Disney World Orlando, remember one thing. You may spend as much time in Disney World as much as possible. It is equally important to have a great time when you get back to your hotel. Hotels and resorts would always do their best to entertain and keep guests happy. And the Caribbean Beach Resort Florida is one of the best places to stay!


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