Hollywood Studios
Hollywood Studios opened to a fanfare in 1989. The park is dedicated to a ‘Hollywood that never was but always will be” basically it’s about movies! "Hollywood studios is small and smart and no it's not a half day park!" Now let's start by saying that since I first went in 2015 the park is significantly smaller than it was. Entire...
Walt Disney World Orlando
Visiting and roaming around Walt Disney World Orlando is indeed exciting. However, once you see and realize how big the place is, things can get a bit messed up in your heads. With so many options to choose from and several themes to enjoy, it can be overwhelming. Well, worry no more as here comes your ultimate guide to the...
Welcome to our Walt Disney World Overview. If you've decided you want to experience this wonderful place but aren't really sure where to start, you've come to the right place. This whole website has lots of help and guidance on all aspects of Disney, Orlando and Beyond. From saving up to where to stay and how to get the best...

Epcot Advice

Epcot is different so this advice might just help you to decide if it's right for you. If you go expecting a theme park you'll be shocked. Epcot stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow! Built after Magic Kingdom, and at almost twice the size, Epcot is a strange old place indeed. It's all really cool! "Part theme park, part all...
How to get Magic Bands for Disney World can be availed in many ways and also from many sources.
With the privileges that the Magic Bands offer, many are wondering how to get Magic Bands for Disney World. Good news for these inquirers!!!! Availing this item is as easy as pie, coming with perks and privileges. And guests will definitely find it more convenient during their stay at the resorts. What is a MagicBand? In the query on how to...
Having the latest live-action adaptation (starring Emma Watson)... the popularity of Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast is quite undeniable. With the sensation still lingering, how to be Belle at Disney World offers a nice world to take a peek on. Belle’s relevance Since her first appearance in the Disney Movie Beauty and the Beast in 1991... Princess Belle had...
Disney Quick Service Dining Plan
Upon setting foot on any Disney-owned-and-operated hotel, lots of surprises await its guest not just in terms of how awesome their service is, but also for the convenience that they are offered in terms of the dining experience. In line with this, these hotels, along with Disney Vacation Clubs, offer the Disney Quick Service Dining Plan for its guests...
Discover 9 ways ways on how to get excited for Disney World.
Planning your first trip to Disney World can be both fun and mind-boggling at the same time. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways on how to get excited for Disney World without much of the stress. Planning first trip to Disney World In a city-huge park such as Disney Orlando, excitement is lurking around the corner. However, with the many...
Disney FastPasses are a great addition to any visitor who loves to take a trip around Disney World at any time. What it does is that it allows the holder to bypass the waiting line. Aside from that, it can also gain extra benefits when boarding a certain number of rides throughout the park. Each year, thousands of FastPass users...
Blizzard Beach
 A trip to Florida is not known to be a relaxing, chilled out holiday! But a trip to one of the amazing water parks can be what everyone needs after a few busy days in the parks. Try Blizzard Beach in Disney World Orlando for a frosty fun adventure for the whole family. When planning our Orlando itinerary we always...




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