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Discovery Cove Orlando – A Post Card Scene Beauty with a Dash of Tropical Paradise

Living in the UK, it may have its share of sights and sounds with its many beaches, but like me and many others, we all want something new and different. If you’ve never heard of Discovery Cove Orlando, then you’re definitely missing out on something great, and possibly one of the best resorts you’ll find.

Discovery Cove is a resort located in Orlando, Florida, a US state that is popularly known for its beaches. While the UK has its own beautiful beaches, Florida’s are a whole different one altogether thanks to its social and nightlife scenes, but let’s talk about Discovery Cove Orlando. When you look at it from foreigner’s view, you would think to yourself, “How is it any different from the other resort?”

Discovery Cove Orlando offers what you would expect – high-quality rooms, great food, and some activities to maximize your enjoyment during your stay. But for all you animal lovers out there or the animal watcher in you, Discovery Cove gives visitors the opportunity to interact with the animals. Yup, that’s right. If Sea World only lets you look at the animals, Discovery Cove takes it a step further by giving you the chance to get close and even interact with the dolphins, or get to feed the birds, or even go snorkeling with the otters!

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But if the animals aren’t what you want when you go to a resort, then you’ll be surprised that Discovery Cove has a lot more to offer. Discovery Cove is a beautiful paradise that features the likes of lagoons surrounded by a beautifully lush landscape, swimming through its tropical reefs, boating on winding rivers, or just simply kick back and relax in a resort-style pool, complete with waterfalls, and take a leisurely walk on its pristine white-sand beaches.

So you think that’s all there is? Well, there is a LOT more, in fact!

Dolphin Lagoon – here is where you can go to meet up and interact with the dolphins for 30 minutes at a time.

SeaVenture – if scuba diving through the reef ain’t for you, how about a walk through it? That’s right, this is a new and innovative way to experience the underwater reef. With a diving helmet on, you can take a trip underwater as if you were taking a walk through the park.

Shark Swim – feeling a little more adventurous of the risky kind? Don’t like dolphins but you like sharks? Then you’ll get the experience of a lifetime by swimming with sharks. Complete with training from Discovery Cove’s aquatic experts.

Ray Feeding – ever wanted to get close to manta rays? Join Discovery Cove’s experts in feeding these stingrays of the Cownose and Southern Variety. Visitors will also get the opportunity to feed thousands of other fish, as well, before led to a private tour of The Grand Reef.

The above packages can be bundled together for an all-in-one experience for the whole family!

But if you’re a fan of birds, then the Explorer’s Aviary has bird lovers and bird watchers need. Filled with birds of various species and colors that fly around.

And lastly, the Freshwater Oasis. Do you ever want to get close to otters? Here, you can! The wading pools are filled with these little guys, and it’s a thrill to see them swimming around.

But what’s a five-star resort without the sights? I’ve taken a look around, and these places really make Discovery Cove Orlando great! And let’s start with basically the main star of the whole resort – Serenity Bay. If there’s one word to describe Serenity Bay, it’s massive. Looking around, you can almost feel like it’s just one big beach.

Not far from Serenity Bay is Discovery Cove’s other star – The Grand Reef. With stunning habitats for various species of fish. There are also bridges and paths that take you to different parts of the reef’s islands.

If you’re ever planning on a trip from the UK to Florida, Discovery Cove is an all-inclusive experience where your family can unwind in its luxury hotels and beaches, explore the nearby exotic locations, learn all about the local wildlife, and just create memories that will last a lifetime. Believe me, Discovery Cove is not just a tourist location, it’s an experience of a lifetime!

Discovery Cove Orlando pre-travel tour tips

Book your tour weeks away from your intended date. This will ensure that you will have the appropriate services from the guides during your entire tour. You will have the best leisure and learning time once you have secured a guide to orient you about the animals you will see, will help you in your encounters with the animals and many other services that only trained and professional personnel can give you. Also, by doing this you are sure to have a hint of whether your intended date of the tour will be a crowded day in the park. This will save you all the hassle of having to deal with crowds in your intended tour date.

On tour tips

If you found the whole day tiring or not enough for you to enjoy all of the facilities, you can opt to stay at the nearby hotel—where you can be assured that the accommodation and services in this lodging place are of the same off-the-charts quality as the ones in the park itself. You can take your entire family or the entire squad to stay in for a night then leave or continue touring around the Discovery Island Cove the following morning. The same is advised for those who are interested to keep their luggage here or to stay in this nearby hotel for a night—reserve early so that you can be assured that there will be rooms for you and to help you estimate the crowds for the day of your intended visit.

To be better secured of your trips to the Discovery Cove or if you have a few questions about the tour itself, feel free to contact their office during office hours through the contact details which you can find on their official website.

As expected, Discovery Cove is definitely a memorable experience for us who rarely see and enjoy the beauty of nature back home. And perhaps even those who see the beauty of nature in action more often would still love to have this trip for themselves, as we (including the kids) took delight in this tour. With all the learnings adults and kids can acquire from their trip here, partnered with stunning sights to see, the long trip to the Discovery Cove Orlando is surely worth the price, the time—and of course, worth leaving home for the holiday.


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