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Disney Careers | How do I get a job at Disney World?

How do I get a job at Disney World? Lets be honest we’ve all thought about it, haven’t we?

Girl in glasses wants to work at Disney
Girl in glasses wants to work at Disney

Jobs in Disney World

Before asking yourself how do I get a job at Disney World… you should know beforehand all the available jobs for you. Given that the park is like the size of a city, a lot of people need to work together to maintain its best state. Also, given the size of the park, there are many aspects which one has to carefully look at and work on to assure quality. In line with this, they have a very meticulous process. Particularly on the criteria for selecting their workers. The magic will only continue to live on with the help of skilled minds and practiced hands among others.

Their jobs are most demanding on certain aspects. For example, a person applying to be a part of the cast may have tougher requirements on the height and the appearance compared with the rest since they will be facing crowds. Also, the dining services might demand experience rather than height and appearance. However, they will be very particular about the experience in cooking and dining and the styles utilized by the master chef.

This is where the sections of Disney Orlando come in. There’s one that focuses on the entertainment aspect, dining aspect, lodging, and many others. Each of these aspects or departments has different focuses. Thus, it has varied qualifications. Depending on the demands and circumstances… one can apply for either part-time for full-time positions.

Job Category

Currently, there are many departments in Disney World. They categorized as follows:

  • Administrative Jobs
  • Resort and Spa Jobs
  • Dining and Lodging Jobs
  • Custodial Jobs
  • Casting and Performing Jobs
  • Finance and Marketing Jobs
  • Education Jobs
  • Engineering Jobs

Keep in mind that these are only the brief and condensed categorization of the jobs you can apply for in Disney World. You can check out the complete list of jobs they offer through their official website. Upon visiting the said website, you are also offered a link to each job. These links will lead you to a brief job category description. You can also find the list of particular jobs offered under it. Upon seeing the list of the particular jobs… you will see the requirements for interested applicants.

The said page will also enable you to filter the jobs you would see according to its type, state, city, business, and brand. If you are very particular or have a lot of considerations for your job, then this feature will come in handy for you.

Considering the variety of jobs offered at Walt Disney World Orlando there is surely a room for practitioners in different fields.

Qualifications for the jobs in Disney World

Answering how do I get a job at Disney World gets more detailed as one move forward in the process. Despite the variety of the jobs in Disney World, there are a couple of things all the departments or job categories look for. One basic requirement asked from applicants across job categories—is passion. Though it may sound too superficial, this is one of the common demands from applicants you can find. Setting aside the skills and age limit.

Another common denominator in the requirements of all fields is the age of the applicant. Complying with the labor code of the state, they only allow people aged 18 years above to apply.

Some of the jobs require the applicant to have some work experience while some do not. Whichever field that interests an applicant to apply for… be sure to check out each job description thoroughly.

How do I get a job at Disney World?

A huge bearing of the answer on how do I get a job at Disney World lies in this process. After looking at the qualifications and seeing that you have those qualities yourself… it’s time to move forward. With the advent of technology, job applications and evaluation is now possible without having to go to the office. This is one of technology’s wonders that Disney World Orlando utilizes for such processes.

Step 1:

Go to Disney World’s Official website. Once you have reached the site, you will notice a blue-violet header and the search bars and filters. Input the data necessary and the specifications you wish you have after seeing those. Click search.

Step 2:

After clicking search, you will be directed to the list of jobs that fit the keywords and criteria that you have entered in. The list of jobs contains links to them as well. These links will direct you to the requirements list for the job. Example, skills, age, work experience, other specifications, etc… Sitting in line with the job title, you will also see the purple “Apply” button. Once you have already made up your mind on applying for the job, then click the said button.

Step 3:

After completing the previous steps… you will then be directed to a page that will ask you certain details about yourself and create an account. In some instances, it requires you to upload files to use as a complementary file for your application. Or in other cases, as references for verification by the employer.

Step 4:

This is where the Disney career dashboard becomes a vital tool in your query on how do I get a job at Disney World. Once you are finish filing the form with necessary details… you will use those details in signing up and checking the status of your application for the job. You can check it from time to time to see if you have made it to the cut.

Jobs for Working Student

The answers on how do I get a job at Disney World does not end just there. In fact, there are still a lot more to look forward to upon figuring things out. Aside from attaining the skills required in school or training… one can also get a job at Disney World in another way. This method is possible through application while you are still in college. Whatever your field you’re getting trained for, there’s always an opportunity for you to get a job in Disney World.

To understand how this happens, one must know how things work at Disney College Program and the International Programs.

As for this option on how do I get a Job at Disney World through International Programs… one has three options, each leading them to different jobs in Disney World. Some might even lead one to other Disney parks outside the US. The three options are Academic Exchange Program, Cultural Exchange Program, and Cultural Representative Program.

The common denominator among these programs is that the applicant has to be a current student at any partner universities. Therefore, a student enrolled in a university must first check out if their university or college has affiliations with Disney. Interested students can go directly to the concerned office of the university. They can ask the authorized personnel about the matter.

To see more specific requirements for each of the programs, you can check out the official website of Disney World.  You can have a further reading of testimonies and requirements for qualifying in any of the programs.

Academic Exchange Program

First off answering how do I get a job at Disney World is through the Academic exchange program. In the academic exchange program… the chosen applicants will undergo training through other prestigious institutions. With the help of these institutions, applicants will be trained in fields on the management and operations of the Disney World. This program aims to supplement concepts and ideas learned in the classroom. They will have to go through a guided practical application. What gives this program an edge is that…. the training will be under the supervision of the most prestigious names in the entertainment industry. Aside from the field of entertainment, participants can also explore guest services, guided of course by the best guest service professionals. This will help them start lifelong connections with people from different parts of the globe.

After the completion of the program and showing excellence in performance… later on, you earn yourself a possibility to get hired as a Disney staff.

Cultural Representative Program

Another option on how do I get a job in Disney World is the Cultural Representative Program. Under this program, the chosen applicants get to represent their own country. And at the same time promote their culture to others. Along with the said experience… you can also gain experience in leadership, business, and customer service. This is possible through the help of highly-acclaimed professionals in their field as the guides and facilitators in the program.

This program, like the previous one… it aims to produce individuals who are skilled in their field and can work for Disney World. Trainers of the applicants will also come from the seasoned experts. They are all currently working in the park. There are only a few select countries that have the opportunity to avail the said program. To find out the list of countries, you can visit the official website of Disney World Orlando here.

Cultural Exchange Program

This program allows interested applicants to work in Disney World during their summer break. Like the previously-mentioned programs… you will get to learn from no one but the best, skilled and knowledgeable professionals in the fields concerned. You will also get to immerse yourself in the different cultures. And at the same time connect with the biggest names in the industry. As this program goes on… you will also have the privilege of living in Disney apartment communities.

Disney College Program

Another answer to the question how do I get a job at Disney World is through the Disney College Program. This program is just like any other college program where you will study concepts concerning the field of entertainment and guest service relations. However, the difference will be evident in the life you will have. It is a life that will involve the magic of Disney in it.

This program also aims to produce well-trained and highly-skilled efficient individuals to work for Disney World after the program’s completion. From lodging to training and classes, Disney World Orlando management will handle expenses. These classes and student dormitories guarantee to be nothing but of excellent quality.

Participants will get to hone skills in socializing and working through certain conditions with different teams, analyze matters and many others. The participant will also be working in the hotels and resorts within Disney World—all paid. This makes their internship a paid one since they earn as they work and spend their summer vacation.

Within a span of five to seven months.. this program will ensure that you will learn necessary skills in a Disney employee. The program also includes many events that will enhance skills for the employer. These programs come in different forms such as Disney Job Fairs.

How to work at Disney World from UK

Knowing how do I get a job at Disney World, even from a different country is not as hard as perceived by many. If you are from the UK and are planning to take the first option, you must secure a working visa from the embassy. This will ensure that you have all the legal documents to avoid unnecessary trouble. If you are going for the second option… the matter of overseas affairs is the responsibility of the employer upon the process of application.

As made evident by the features options, there are a lot of answers to the query how do I get a job at Disney World. Regardless of the field you have skills or interested with, there is always going to be an open door for you. Even better—regardless of where you are, you can reach out to many people. You will indeed never run out of options and answers to your query on how do I get a job at Disney World.


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