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Disney Character | How to be Belle at Disney World?

Having the latest live-action adaptation (starring Emma Watson)… the popularity of Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast is undeniable. But how do you be Belle at Disney World?

Belle’s relevance

Since her first appearance in the Disney Movie Beauty and the Beast in 1991… Princess Belle had been popular. Her popularity is not only evident among children, but to people of all ages as well. This popularity had earned her a spot in the lineup of Disney Princess and in the Disney World entertainment departments as well. This seemingly classic popularity of Belle had lots of ladies wondering how to be Belle at Disney World.

No– this is not the kind of wanting to be Belle that involves just dressing up. It involves acting and representing her as well. This wanting might not only come from that usual child-like dream of becoming a princess. Sometimes, this is the means in which one gets and knows how to be Belle at Disney World.

From the way she walks, talks, acts and even the way she sings– you have to be like her. And in becoming like her, you will undergo training hosted by the management.

Why many want to be Belle?

Setting the factor of popularity aside… many girls are vying the role of Belle and are on the hunt of how to be Belle at Disney World Orlando. This is also a part of their hunt for a living. In this aspect of the over-all matter, it is also interesting to figure out how much do Disney princesses get paid.

Online buzz about Disney princesses has their own claims on why Belle is still popular. It has been relatable to many people, particularly among millennials. The reason most millennials can relate to her is that she has that perfect combination of book nerdiness and adventure. There are also some who admire her for being a woman of independence. Who stood up against societal expectations from her (particularly her marriage with Gaston).

How to be Belle at Disney World?

How to be Belle at Disney World requires many aspects. The acting, the physical appearance, and the singing abilities. Yes, you read that right. The job is quite demanding! It’s like those that they need of beauty queens in a pageant. However, the twist and the perks of how to be Belle at Disney World and justifying the role are very rewarding.

How to be Belle at Disney World gives us a variety of answers. For starters, the person playing and presenting as Belle is the Disney face character in the Disney World vocabulary. This term includes those who are playing roles of human Disney characters… not the animals or the mascots from the movies.

Getting the role

How to be Belle in Disney world can be synonymous with what makes a Disney Princess. It is more of how a girl presents herself in the public eye. That is by giving justice to the portrayal of a character. Given the representation of Disney character… the management has a list of requirements for those who are up for the challenge.

1. Physical Appearance

With the job demanding that one sees herself as attractive… physical requirements are a part of how to be Belle in Disney World. Girls who want to portray characters such as Belle, Cinderella, Snow White and the like need to be at least 5’4” to 5’7”. If by chance one does not qualify within these set limits… one can go for the Tinkerbell and Thumbelina roles requiring only 4’11’” to 5’2” stature.

Aside from that, the management is also particular on the complexion of the applicants to match them with the character. Not to sound racist, but for the sake of justification of the portrayal of the role.

2. Age limit

Though the park aims to provide quality entertainment for people of all ages… the park is quite picky in the ages of their face characters. The minimum age requirement, of course, is 18 years. This is in compliance with the labor code and avoids any complications later on. The maximum considerable age for girls to play as a Disney face character is 23 years old. In some cases, the face characters get to stay in their roles beyond that age, but only a couple of times. There are even some who are already 27 and still perform as a Disney princess. But they went through a lot of tough considerations by the management.

As you can see, the key here is to be immortal– not in the literal sense, but in your looks.

Maintaining the role

  1. Loyalty is the key

Given that you work for a theme park, it is necessary that you will be mindful of everything you do. This means being mindful of what you wear, use and bear. Management rules, once you already got the role of Belle. For instance, will consider it a violation if you buy merchandise from entertainment companies and parks other than Disney.

  1. Hush those little hints

One of the keys on how to be Belle at Disney World and how to maintain depends on this factor as well. You will have an orientation and information of your scheduled performances in Disney Orlando. However, you are not allowed to share where these will be happening. which shows there performances will be in, and other information. If you want to keep your job as Belle, or any other princess’ roles for that matter… keep those little hints to yourself and avoid sharing them on social media.

Applying for the role

For girls residing within the United States… there are no particular requirements aside from those that are already given. And for those applying overseas, the process might be different.

First of all, the applicant must provide crucial documents for working overseas. As the management will be aiding in the process. For optimal results and minimal complications about this matter… it would be best to contact the career management of the park and have things settled.

For US residents interested in applying for a role, they may do so through a walk-in application. The process may be long and tedious. They will conduct a series of test to find out who among the applicants who will make it to the cut. But the process does not end there. There will be another series of tests to find out which Disney princess the applicant will play. After that, a training will also take place, along with an orientation of rules and such matters.

For the Belle wannabe’s

Now that you know how to be Belle at Disney World is not an easy task, it’s time to know why and how difficult it is. This section is not meant to scare Belle wannabe’s or whichever Disney princess assigned. The goal is to prepare them for what is to come in being a face actor.

  1. To be Belle (or any princess) means having to go through a five-day training.

After getting the role of the Disney princess… you must undergo a five-day training managed by Disney World Orlando. During the training, expect to get to know the character from head to toe. And somewhat let their soul take over yours. Some applicants even say that you have to watch a movie about five times. Just so you get to know the character in detail. You are also expected to act and perform the way your Disney princess does. All these in five days, and after that, you will be thrown into reality– in the field.

  1. To be Belle (or any princess) means knowing how to smile and look gorgeous regardless of the circumstance.

If you’re into knowing how to be Belle at Disney World… this section is one of the most crucial parts you should know and be ready. First, brace yourself for long, long preparation time. According to many who have been on the job, preparations usually take about an hour or two. The long make-up and preparation time deemed necessary to give justice to the princess’ appearance.

After all, has been set, the next thing to prepare for is the challenge on the field itself. Given that you will be one of the hundreds of faces of the park, you will stand outdoors and display yourself. This does not only mean presenting yourself as yourself. But rather yourself as the Disney princess you’re portraying. The main challenge here is to stay poised and in-character. Despite the heat of the sun– not to mention the challenge of maintaining a genuine smile. To add up to the challenge variables, you’ll have to do it for one entire day and if there is, for performance practices.

  1. To be Belle means knowing how to deal with stalkers.

Though it’s not as grand as being a Hollywood celebrity… YOU– being the Disney princess you portray– are already a public figure. And being a public figure entails some precautions and undesirable circumstances to deal with.

First among the list are the stalkers. Stalkers come in many forms, but the most common one for face characters is the “supportive” type. These stalkers are those that you will find every performance or appearance that you have. Some of them will even try to talk to you.

In extreme cases, there are those who are always sought after in every performance of the Disney princess. Once these stalkers notice that the face character performing for them is not the one they are looking for. They would do ridiculously unacceptable things. They’d resort to threatening the young woman playing the role or the other that substituted for the role. While some just continue stalking.

Whichever the case might turn out, one must know that how to be Belle at Disney World has some dangers too. Despite the threat, this fact imposes… the management will be there to aid and do what they can to avoid and ease such instances.

  1. To be a Disney Princess means having to budget your money wisely.

The life of a Disney Princess’ face actor does not necessarily entail a fancy life like the royalties. It’s quite a reasonable amount, to begin with, but definitely hard to compress for too many expenses. According to some face actors, they started at the rate of $13.50 then, later on, got a salary raise–making it $16.00. Disney hardly gives salary raises– only the one they usually do which is $0.15.

With such budget and a lot of needs and demands, you might want to work your way out in the budget making. This will make sure that all the hard work you have given trying hard on how to be a Disney Princess will pay off well.

  1. To be Disney Princess means knowing how to deal with everybody, especially kids.

Considering that you are working in a park with the majority of kids as visitors, you’ll have to deal with them. Dealing with them doesn’t mean smiling at them when they look at you. It also entails you the responsibility of entertaining their questions and actually talking to them (still in character). And knowing how random kids can be, you must be ready with a lot of energy and patience in dealing with them. You’ll need to know what it is about your character that interests them. On top of that, you’ll also find yourself in instances such as trying to make a baby or toddler stop from crying.

In a world that now seems financially demanding… figuring out how do I get a job at Disney World comes already with a lot of options. You can work as a chef or manager, and in this case, a face actor. Regardless of what you choose, keep in mind that none of these jobs are simple. Especially if you are in the outdoors making public appearances. Getting into this job is indeed not easy. However, the smiles on the faces of each guest give it all and make it rewarding.


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