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How to meet princesses at Disney World?

How to meet princesses at Disney World? A visit to the happiest place on earth will never be complete without meeting the Disney princesses. For many people how to meet princesses at Disney World a vital question. If you’re taking your own little prince or princess then this can be the most magical experience of them all. Luckily Disney know this and create many opportunities to meet the princesses. Read on to find out more.

meeting a disney princess
meeting a Disney princess

Aside from the animal characters from Disney movies, it is Disney princesses that many tourists aim to meet during their visit. As this demand rises many families want to know how to meet princesses at Disney World. Aside from knowing where to find them, its also good to know how you can meet and interact with them.

What it takes to meet the princesses at Disney World?

If you’ve never been to Walt Disney World before then it can be overwhelming. If you have young children meeting the princesses is a must but don’t panic, you’ll have many chances to see the princesses. The simplest way is via the parade. Magic Kingdom has a parade which features all the princesses.

This parade makes its way around most of the Magic Kingdom so you can find a spot and wait for the parade. These parades are amazing and the princesses make a point of waving and smiling at the children as they go passed. This is a great first effort to see the princesses and you’ll get them all ticked off in one go. This experience for young children can be really overwhelming and of course to see your children so happy is a great moment for parents too.

Cinderella’s Royal Table

If you prefer you can book experiences at additional costs. One of the best is Cinderella’s Royal Table. Located in her Castle in Magic Kingdom, this experience is expensive and can be booked via the My Disney App. If you’ve already booked your holiday and have your park tickets you should be able to book it. Pre-covid you had a photo with Cinderella before been taken for a meal. Once you were sat down many princesses come to your table and have more photos taken and you have a chance to talk to them too. A special experience and lets be honest Disney know how to do this and make you feel good. We’ve been lucky enough to do this experience twice now. Both times we took our Daughter to Bibbidy bobbidi boutique first for a princess makeover, so she looked the part when she visited Cinderella but this isn’t essential. If you want to do both it is worth phoning Disney and speaking to someone, it is not an unusal request!

Another option is to stay late at the Magic Kingdom and you might see a special guest during the Fireworks Show.

Where to Find Disney Princesses?

The first things you need to know how to meet princesses at Disney World is that they are scattered throughout the parks. Given that there are four parks within Disney World Orlando, there are also four different locations where you can find the different Disney princesses. Sometimes the movies in which they came from match their location. But there are also instances where this does not happen. Listed below are the princesses and where you can find them.

  1. Anna and Elsa

(Magic Kingdom’s Fairytale Hall; Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, Norway Pavilion, World Showcase Area, Epcot)

You can find the queen-princess sister duo in all the locations given. Yet, the latter location does not guarantee their presence most of the time. The Akershus Royal Banquet Hall is the gathering place for many Disney Princesses. And, in the said location, guests can have a meal with Disney princess and have photos taken with them as well. Both locations offer an opportunity for guests to ask questions to the princess. And the queen of Arendelle and have a photo op with them.

  1. Ariel

(Ariel’s Grotto in Fantasyland)

Guests can have a view of the mischievous mermaid princess in her grotto in Fantasyland. Here, you’ll see her in her mermaid form and get the feel of the under the sea magic. If you wish to see her in her human form… you may schedule a visit for her at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, along with the other princesses. Her availability in the banquet hall is also not that much of guarantee. As the princesses appear in the location for meals on a schedule.

  1. Cinderella

(Cinderella’s Royal Table at the Magic Kingdom; Grand Floridian; 1900 Park Fare at Disney Grand Floridian Resort)

As the name itself implies… you will definitely find the classic Disney Princess at her Royal Table in the Magic Kingdom. You can also find her in other locations in the park as mentioned above but on rare occasions. Guests can interact, dine with and have a photo op with Cinderella in these places… according to schedule. This means Cinderella’s availability in these places varies. But her presence in Cinderella’s Royal Table is stable and guaranteed. Most of her encounters with guests are through meals and dining events in the places given. Same with the majority of how to meet princesses at Disney World.

  1. Aurora

(Magic Kingdom; France Pavilion at Epcot; Cinderella’s Royal Table; Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, Norway Pavilion, World Showcase Area, Epcot)

Sleeping Beauty, known as Aurora, can be mainly found in the Magic Kingdom and France Pavilion at Epcot. Though she has a few and scheduled appearances at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall and Cinderella’s Royal Table… you can visit her at the other given locations.

Many of the guests who have scheduled an encounter with Aurora recommend that one meets her at Epcot. This follows the idea that locating and accessing her is much easier through the said location.

Meeting her in City Square is also a good option. But is only viable in the afternoon, where she is completely available.

  1. Belle

(Enchanted Tales with Belle in the Magic Kingdom; France Pavilion in Epcot; Character Palooza in Hollywood Studios)

Belle is one of the most popular and widely- relatable Disney princess that many girls want to meet. Aside from adoration from children’s eyes, Belle is also eyed by many to be portrayed. In fact, many have been curious how to work as a Disney princess at Disney World and how to be Belle at Disney World. Similar to the others on how to meet princesses at Disney World… Belle is also available according to schedule.

Belle’s appearance at Enchanted Tales is more of a performance. But you can still have short photo ops with Belle after the said performance. If you want to see her in her simple blue dress, you can visit her at France Pavilion and still have a photo op with her. For best photo results, we suggest that you arrive in France a few minutes before 11 am.

  1. Jasmine

(Adventure land in the Magic Kingdom; Morocco Pavilion at Epcot; Cinderella’s Royal Table; Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, Norway Pavilion, World Showcase Area, Epcot)

Meeting up with Jasmine also entitles the guest to an encounter with Aladdin and the genie. Not only that… guests will also have a photo op with the magical carpet that never leaves Jasmine and Aladdin. According to guests who have been there, the couple arrives at 9:30 am. But we recommend that one checks it first with the character locator. It is also ideal for the visitors to arrive at the location about 10 minutes before the scheduled meet up with Princess Jasmine and Aladdin. How to meet princesses at Disney World demands punctuality from the guest as well.

Jasmine can also be spotted at meal and sign autographs at Cinderella’s Royal Table with other princesses.

  1. Merida

(Fairytale Garden at the Magic Kingdom)

The red-headed princess can be found only at Fairytale Garden, which is at the right side of the castle. The best time to check her out and have a photo opportunity with her is around 9:00 am. Yet, if you arrive at the exact time, you might be up to wait for a long rope line. To be sure to have the best time, arrive at the park 15 minutes earlier.

  1. Mulan

(China Pavilion at Epcot; Akershus Royal Banquet Hall Norway Pavilion, World Showcase Area, Epcot; Character Palooza at Hollywood Studios)

You can have a look at this warrior-princess daily at China Pavilion. She is also one the most commonly found princesses in the place, appearing on several shows on a daily basis. In cases of weather extremities, you can still find her standing inside the temple. She is always ready for an encounter or a photo op. Like the other princesses, Mulan also appears at the Arkeshus Royal Banquet Hall. However, it is not guaranteed that she would always be there.

  1. Pocahontas

(Animal Kingdom)

On figuring out how to meet princesses at Disney Orlando… there are some which you can only find in one location, and she is one of them. Pocahontas is also one of the princesses who are available at the park daily and for quite a long time. Having the character of a nature lover, You can see Pocahontas at the Animal Kingdom. Specifically, you can find her in the Oasis to the left of the Tree of Life.

You can also find her appearing with Meeko at the Cinderella’s Royal Table. Or the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. However, unlike many other princesses, you are not guaranteed with her presence in the said locations on a daily basis.

  1. Rapunzel

(Fairytale Hall at the Magic Kingdom)

How to meet princesses at Disney World… particularly the long-haired blonde Rapunzel, is also quite easy. She can be only found in one location, and that is in the princess’ Fairytale Hall. You can find her there 30 minutes before the park’s closing. It is always the most recommendable time for their photo op. You can also use your FastPass+ card and privilege to have a photo op with her any time of the day without having to wait for too long. With the help of the princess fairytale hall Fastpass, your princess fairytale FastPass wait time can be shortened.

  1. Snow White

 (Magic Kingdom’s Town Square; Cinderella’s Royal Table; Germany Pavilion at Epcot; Akershus Banquet Hall, Norway Pavilion, World Showcase Area, Epcot )

You can have a glance at Snow White performing with the birds of nature at Town Square. This is where almost everyone can see her. She is easy to find since she roams around in front of the Town Square or in the nearby City Hall.

  1. Tiana

(Liberty Square Glade at the Magic Kingdom)

Tiana appears on a daily basis behind the Christmas Shoppe at Liberty Square. The areas are shaded by trees. And most of the time, you will find Tiana alone until Naveen appears with her in the evening.

While each of the princesses has a particular location in which they are positioned… they still have a place where they all gather. These places mentioned are ideal for those who want to meet princesses at Disney World without spending too much on entrance fees. How to meet princesses at Disney World need not be an expensive adventure for the guests.

Things to remember how to meet princesses at Disney World

As much as the management wants interaction between the princesses and the visitors… there remains a line between the two. The lines are the rules meant to protect their employees. And also to help the guests enjoy their visit and Disney princess encounter even better. If one wishes to find out how to meet princesses at Disney World… it would be best to follow the management’s set of regulations.

How to meet princesses at Disney World requires human interaction. This means that it can be both good and dangerous at the same time. It is advisable for visitors to respect the princesses. The management allows guests to watch them on a constant basis. But stalking, harassing of any kind and bullying the princesses are a major no-no. Failure to follow this rule will result in the visitor’s banning from the park premises. And worst, termination of membership (if applicable).

There was an instance where one man stalked the Snow White face character. It came to a point where he was confronting her for her absence at one show where he watched. The face character immediately reported this incident to the management. As punishment for the stalker who was a Vista card holder… he was then stripped off of privileges. Later on, the management banned him from entering the park premises. Many should take this scenario as a warning on the cost of violating decorum and regulations.

Meeting with the Princesses

How to meet princesses at Disney World can also be a source of chaos. Something that the management avoids at all costs. Thus, it is very important to follow all the rules in a given location where you wish to see your Disney Princess. Keep in mind the do’s and don’ts of that place to avoid inconveniences that might come in the process. Keep the place free of litter or anything that might make the place unpleasant or unclean.

How to meet princesses at Disney World is easy. It only takes a little bit of effort, money, and compliance with rules. Your dream of having an encounter with your childhood idol and model is just a few clicks away from being a reality. For more details, you may visit Disney World’s official website or visit online forums to ask questions and raise clarifications. Check these locations and characters now and be a princess for a day.


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