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Disney Dining Plan Explained | Disney Orlando and Beyond Tips and Advice

What most tourists miss out in their planned Disney Trips is that… they lack details on dining plans that could have helped them. To save you from all the frustrations in your trip… listed below are Disney dining plan explained using frequently asked questions as their guide. Lets dig into Disney Dining Plans

Young girl eating ice cream at Epcot
Young girl eating ice cream at Epcot

This list aims to provide you with the most helpful tips and hacks that you can use on your trip to the city-huge Disney Orlando. We have gathered tips from the best Disney planning sites and anecdotes of those who had spent a day’s meal with the Disney dining plan restaurants. Despite a few differences in their anecdotes, these tips and hacks guarantee to help you make the most out of what you paid for.

Disney Dining Plan Explained

The Disney Dining Plan explained here refers to a voucher-like system. This is where a customer can reserve a certain amount and course or type of meal ahead of time. These are usually done through over-the-phone reservations. It can be months, weeks or days before the guests and their companions come to Disney World Orlando.

Disney Trip Payment Plan prices vary according to the kinds of meal you want to include. And of course, the number of guests to include in your group. There are three types of Disney Dining Plan guests can avail: Magic Your Way Package Plus Deluxe Dining, Magic Your Way Package Plus Quick Service Dining and Magic Your Way Package Plus Dining.

Don’t Forget!!!

Each night of your stay, they will give you a certain allotment of what you can avail for your meals. This allotment is being monitored after every order you make. Through a receipt or through your MagicBand or Key to the World Card. From the said receipt, you will see the amount you have spent on the particular meal. And how much left you can spend on meals.

Dishes may be redeemed in whichever order the resort guests wish to anytime during their stay until the balance runs out. The guests are also given the liberty to choose which among quick-service meals, table service meals and snacks they’d like to munch on first until the midnight of the night they will check out.

The Disney Dining Plan is available for guests who either books a stay through the Disney Vacation Club Points or Magic Your Way Package.

What are the advantages of availing a Disney Dining Plan?

As we further go deeper into Disney Dining Plan explained here, get to know some conditions where you’ll find it completely convenient.

  1. If your group plan to stay in any Disney-owned resorts, then go for a Disney Dining Plan.

Many anecdotes that had Disney Dining plan explained will definitely agree with this. It is a huge advantage for you and your traveling companions avail Disney Dining Plan. Given that this caters guests who will book in any Disney-owned and operated hotels. This will save you the hassle of having to order different dishes every meal time. Availing a package will also save you time especially if you have many people traveling with you. It will save you the stress of taking too many people’s orders.

  1. If you plan on staying for a night or two in any Disney-owned hotel.

On top of the given reason from Disney Dining Plan explained earlier, availing a dining package will also save you energy. Instead of having to visit other restaurants for meals, you simply have to call ahead of time and pay. After paying, you can enjoy all the meals you want without leaving the hotel premises. You won’t have to go anywhere far (which will cost you time and energy).

  1. If your budget for meals per person costs beyond $60.

Upon learning the basics, the Disney Dining plan explained here cites some monetary reasons. In spending money for leisure activities, it would be best to go for packages. This will ensure that the money you’ll allot for food will give you the most of the amount you paid for. Aside from that, you are also given the freedom to choose a set of food you want to. In any available Disney Dining packages… your $60 worth of meal per person goes a long way for the meals you are planning for a night’s stay. Make sure to redeem every meal you can before checking out.

What options do I have for the Disney Dining Plan and how much will it cost?

Now that you have seen what Disney Dining packages are and how they can help you with the help of Disney Dining plan explained… it’s time to know your choices. Coming in with different options and combinations, the latest edition of the Disney Dining Plan 2017 offers scrumptious meals for all tastes. Made effective as the year started, many express satisfaction with the dishes offered.

Guests aged three years or older will receive two quick-service meals. Aside from that, they will get two snacks each night of their packages stay. Guests will also receive a refillable drink mug. This drinking mug is refillable with self-service beverage islands. They can also refill mugs at Quick-Service locations at any Disney Resort Hotel.

These meals are present in almost all the other packages offered in Disney Dining Plan explained.

Disney Dining Plan 2017

You can customize these meals in different combinations, as listed on this chart:

Disney Dining Plan 2018

As the year 2018 approaches, Disney World hotel already offers packages with more features. Guests can avail these packages through booking meals schedules for 2018. In this Disney Dining Plan explained, you’ll also get a scoop of what’s in store for 2018 visitors. What gives this package a new touch is its new beverages. Among these beverages include beer, wine, and cocktails. These drinks are only available to guests aged 21 and above.

What can I expect from the Disney Dining Plan?

Upon reserving a Disney Dining Plan Package, you are guaranteed to be one of the priorities of the staff. Given that you already have reserved your meals and they have prepared for it… you are sure to have your meals the fastest time. Also, if you have added specifications to your meals, you are sure to get these special request when you arrive at the hotel and ready to take your meals… Anecdotes of Disney Dining Plans explained have also guaranteed the best services and friendliest personnel.

Regardless of the meals, you are sure to find them scrumptious and of healthy quality.

How do I avail a Disney Dining Plan?

With the goal of guiding potential guests with this Disney Dining plan explained… this list of frequently-asked questions also includes how you can avail one.

Guests who booked any of the Magic Your Way Vacation Packages will automatically include one Disney Dining Plan. These packages entitle you to prepaid dining at over 100 locations within Walt Disney World Resort. There are also more packages with more components. These are the Disney Dining Plan and Disney Deluxe Dining Plan.

You should schedule your meals about two weeks before your planned stay and visit at any Disney-owned hotel. It is always recommended that you make reservations through a phone call. This will prevent any problems that might arise if the reservation is made at a later time. Early reservations will also assure that you will indeed get a slot for your desired date.

In case of dietary requests, guests should specify it upon reserving or scheduling. Another option for this is to speak with a chef or manager upon arriving at the restaurant.

Easy Steps

Those who wish to avail any of the Disney Dining Plan need to do the following steps upon arriving:

  1. Present your valid Disney Resort ID (MagicBand or card) to your server or cashier at participating restaurants.
  2. Specify the number of meals or snacks to redeem.

Take note that the packages do not cater meals for children aged two years and below. Children under this age may share a meal with an adult and this will be free of charge. Extra meals requested will mean another charge for that same adult meal.

How do I keep track of the meals I had?

There are two ways to find out your remaining entitlements. These ways of tracking are electronically linked to the reservation you have made.

  1. Check your dining receipts. Remaining entitlements are printed on your receipts.
  2. Ask your Resort Concierge or Guest Relations to get them at any time.

What do I need to remember upon availing a Disney Dining Plan?

Booking a Disney Dining Plan is one serious job that needs careful thought and action. Once you place your order, you are no longer allowed to change or cancel the reservation. The only change you can make is the specification of the meals (which you can state upon arrival). Your scheduled date of stay and visit is one element of your reservation which you can no longer change. Even if you did, charges will still be made, which will put your money to waste.

With your knowledge about Disney Dining Plan explained in this article… you also need to be precise of every detail you give and ask for. The package you will also choose is no longer changeable once the reservation is complete. So be sure to have your budget prepared and make sure it sufficient for the package you booked for. The receipt containing the price of the package will already be waiting for you once you arrive at the dining location.

You can prevent this by assuring everything is all-set before you book a reservation. Make sure your traveling companions are all-set and available on the date you plan to book your stay. Also, make sure that you and the personnel on the other line are clear with specifications. The date reserved and other vital matters. Do not hesitate to ask questions or make clarifications if needed.

Constant Reminder

If you are the type to easily forget things, it will be best to jot down details and specifications you or your traveling companions wish to have. This will save you the hassle of having to retrieve details from a poor memory and trouble later on in your stay and dining hours.

Though you have the option to specify dietary requests upon arrival… it would still be best to provide these details upon reservation. This will save you the possibility of having to wait for a longer period of time. And not having to wait for the preparation of your meals. In many instances by visitors who had dietary requests specified on-the-spot, they had to wait for a longer time. This follows the idea that once they ready your meal… the staff would have to re-start the preparation process. The re-start is necessary for such cases. Especially if the request asks to exclude particular ingredient from the meal prepared. Additional ingredients bring very minimal problems, especially if the ingredients are already present.


With the Disney Dining Plan explained, there’s not so much to remember about preparations and processes of booking a dining package. All that it takes is being extra careful and a thorough evaluation of your resources… and your plans for your holiday stay and visit. Despite phone calls being the preferred method for reservation… you can still contact them through email for any inquiries you might have. You can use both ways to help you plan the most worth-the-price meal you can have during your Disney hotel stay.

Regardless of your activities in the future in the Disney World Orlando… be sure to have the best meals and best accommodation you can have. All of these are just phone calls ahead, partnered with specific planning and consultation to many Disney Dining plan explained. Upon doing this, you are up for an adventure, accommodation and of course, the excellent meal of a lifetime.


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