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Disney Facts | How big is Disney World Compared to Disneyland?

With two Disney-inspired and Disney-loaded places to choose from in a single country… many are now wondering, how big is Walt Disney World in Orlando compared to Disneyland in Anaheim?

Beauty and the Beast Parade
Beauty and the Beast Parade


Bearing the same name and exhibiting the same inspiration… the confusion between Disney World and Disneyland are inevitable. However, there are a lot of differences that separate each one from the other that can help. Aside from how big is Disney World compared to Disneyland… what are the shows that are present in Disney World but not in Disneyland? How do hotel services and concerned matters differ between the two? And many more…

Listed below are a few but vividly detailed differences between these world-renowned wonderlands:

  1. Land Area

When it comes to how big is Disney World compared to Disneyland, it is evident that the former takes over the latter. With a land area of 27,258 acres, Disney World is by far larger than Disneyland Anaheim which only covers approximately 510 acres.

To show how these sizes differ, think of how big San Francisco is. That’s how big Disney Orlando, known as Disney World nearly compares to. The place is so big and wide and full of activities to try. That even a single day spent in this place is not enough to explore its entirety and attractions they offer.

In visiting this place, it is highly recommended that you allot not only a day to see and try out everything. Yet, if there is time constraint, you may also consider having a family bucket list wherein everyone participates and then try them out.

Despite the discrepancy between the land areas, both guarantees to give you satisfactory entertainment that suits all ages and all preferences in entertainment.

2. Number and Types of Parks

Now knowing how many acres is Disney World Floridaroughly 27,258 acres and Disneyland Anaheim at 510 acres… it’s now time to figure out what are the parks and attractions that make up both theme parks.

a, Disney World Florida

It is in Disney World Florida where you will find four huge theme parks: Epcot, Disney Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the Magic Kingdom. They also have two water parks: Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. On top of that, Disney World Florida also has other destinations such as Disney Springs, Disney’s Boardwalk and ESPN Wide World of Sports.

b. Disneyland Anaheim

The smaller Disneyland Anaheim, meanwhile, shelters two parks. They are Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure. As Disney World’s symbol is the Cinderella Castle, this Disneyland also bears Sleeping Beauty’s castle as their centerpiece.

Disney World vs Disneyland: A Comparison of rides and attractions

Given how big is Disney World compared to Disneyland… there are many parks that the former has which the latter does not. In the same manner, there are many parks and attractions in Disneyland which Disney World does not have. If you are still weighing the scale between the two, this list might come in handy.

Shared Attractions

Despite their difference in sizes and thus present attractions, there are still some which both of them share. These rides sum up to a total of 24 which are:

  1. Astro Orbiter
  2. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  3. Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
  4. Captain EO (or Honey I Shrunk the Audience)
  5. Disney Monorail
  6. Disney Railroad
  7. Dumbo the Flying Elephant
  8. Fantasmic
  9. Haunted Mansion
  10. Innoventions
  11. It’s a Bug’s Life
  12. It’s a Small World
  13. Jungle Cruise
  14. Mad Tea Party
  15. Peter Pan’s Flight
  16. Pirates of the Caribbean
  17. Snow White’s Scary Adventures
  18. Space Mountain
  19. Splash Mountain
  20. Star Tours: The Adventures Continue
  21. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  22. Tom Sawyer Island
  23. Tower of Terror
  24. Toy Story Mania

Again, considering how big is Disney World compared to Disneyland, the land areas dedicated to each ride may vary according to each location. In the same manner, a difference is also noticeable in the facilities they have for each ride. Regardless of the area or the kinds of facilities available… the management always guarantees safety and enjoyment with all the rides they provide.

Disney World

Knowing how big is Disney World compared to Disneyland, there are obviously many rides which the former can accommodate that the latter cannot. Listed below are the most-frequented rides. These are only some, and there are a lot more for you to explore.

  1. Frozen Ever After
  2. Mission: Space
  3. Test Track
  4. Great Movie Ride
  5. The American Adventure
  6. Tom Sawyer Island
  7. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
  8. Hollywood Studios
  9. Spaceship Earth
  10. Kilimanjaro Safaris

Disneyland (Anaheim)

Despite placing behind against the other in the query how big is Disney World compared to Disneyland… there are still many fun and exciting rides for you to try which you cannot find and try in Disney World.

  1. Walt Disney’s Apartment – Disneyland
  2. World of Color – California Adventure
  3. Indiana Jones Adventure – Disneyland
  4. Storybook Land Canal Boats – Disneyland
  5. Haunted Mansion Holiday & it’s a small world Holiday
  6. Matterhorn – Disneyland
  7. Cars Land – California Adventure
  8. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Snow White’s Scary Adventures, & Pinocchio’s Daring Journey – Disneyland
  9. Blue Bayou – Disneyland
  10. Anna & Elsa’s Boutique – Downtown Disney

Stage Performances

Different rides also come in with different performances offered by each of these parks. Like their rides, there are also variations of one park from the other. Particularly in terms of the performances they stage.

Some of the same shows you can watch of either Disney-immersed destination include Turtle Talk with Crush, It’s Tough to be a Bug and Fantasmic.

In Walt Disney World, the unique shows that they proudly lay claim on include Monsters, Inc. Laugh floor, Finding Nemo the Musical, Mickey’s PhilharMagic and Beauty and the Beast—Live on Stage. Aside from these, there are also other scheduled performances that you can watch.

You can visit their website and click the entertainment tab. There, you will find a checklist that will serve as the filter for you. Once you have checked the boxes that represent your answers or preferences… you can already see the shows that are available for those qualities and preferences and their times and dates of performances.

As for Disneyland, shows that are exclusive to them include Frozen—Live at the Hyperion, the World of Color and just recently added to the list, Main Street Electrical Parade.


Regardless of how big is Disney World Compared to Disneyland… the need for a hotel to rest and mode of transportation to get there will inevitably rise. In line with this matter, both Disney World and Disneyland are almost similar. When it comes to the quality of the services each provide, nobody lags behind. While both Disney locations have on-property hotels, there still remains a variation between the two. Especially when we talk about the number of these hotels. And of course, the themes and lodging capacity of each hotel.

Walt Disney World, on one hand, has two dozen hotels that are very accessible from the park itself. This makes it a convenient set-up for guests who want to close their tiring day still within Disney premises. And much more help if they want to continue their adventures in the park the following day. What’s also good about hotels near Disney World is that they cater guests coming in from a wide spectrum of the budget. The star property of these resorts is Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort.


You can access resort buses to the parks from the on-site hotels. Aside from these buses, you can also opt to go for a ride through the monorail, boats, and even ferries to get to the parks. However, keep in mind that accesses to these modes of transportation will vary from one hotel to the other. Some might have access to one but not the others. In other cases, you might find yourself in need of several transfers from one place to another in different modes available.

As for Disneyland, Disney’s Paradise Pier and The Disneyland Hotel are the properties which you can find on-site. In addition, you can also stay at their prized property—the Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel.

Also in Disneyland, those staying at the on-property hotels have an easy access to the parks. That also includes access to the Downtown Disney District. On top of that, considering how big is Disney World compared to Disneyland…. your trip to three hotels covers in one direct ride. It alleviates the hassle of moving from one place to another. Making its small landscape area into an advantage for some guests.

Like Disney World, guests also have an access to certain area in the park. For example, Tomorrowland, they have a very accessible transportation through monorails. Transferring from one park to another will definitely be an easy task for guests. Which will be hard to achieve in a place as huge as Walt Disney World Orlando.

Other Amenities

Of course, the fun does not only stop with the parks and attractions and the rides. The list of considerations goes on when we speak of the dining and shopping experience. Whichever Disney locations you are opting for… there will always be a good location for dining and shopping. And everything here suits your taste buds and of course, your budget.

Apparently, given how big is Disney World compared to Disneyland… the former has more food stalls, food bars, and restaurants to offer to their guests. Each of them offers a different theme and of course, different dishes that are sure to be scrumptious and satisfying. Some of their restaurants even offer dining sessions with some Disney characters like Snow White, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. In Disney World, guests can apply for a reservation of meals and can be consumed at the time of arrival.

Aside from the dining amenities, there are also many outside-the-park activities that you can try. They have golf courses, movie and theatres, gaming centers, sports arenas and many more.

Disneyland, on the other hand, has many dining locations as well. They serve both Disney-inspired and non-Disney-inspired meals. Apart from the dining facilities, they also have other few amenities such as pools and golf courses for the guests to enjoy.

Advantages of Disney World

Disney World is a highly-recommended place for those who are looking for more adventures. Those who want a bigger atmosphere to explore and are willing to lavish money on any of the events. With its city-huge land area, it is no mystery as to why going to this place will give you a lot of places to visit, attractions to see and ride to explore. Evidently, Disney World invested in attractions that educate the guests. Most of their rides promote discovery and learning. These are quite useful for those who want to integrate leisure with learning.

Advantages of Disneyland

The smaller land area of Disneyland will serve as an advantage to those who are looking for a place to have fun. Even without having to spend too much money and time traveling from one spot to another. Even in terms of their hotels, as few, as they may be… the convenience of having to do lesser transfers and closer access to park amenities. This will be beneficial for those who want to save more time, energy and money throughout their tour. Also, Disneyland is the go-to place for those who are after heart-pounding and thrilling rides that will have them screaming.

Whichever among Disney World Orlando or Disneyland Anaheim you choose… the fact still remains. You are in what everybody calls “The Happiest Place on Earth”. You still have the wondrous privilege of setting foot on the dreamy place almost everybody wants to go to and try every single thing they can try. Each of their differences will definitely serve as an advantage for any guest at one point or another. Making it a very crucial step to actually examine them before planning and executing the plan.


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