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Disney Facts | How many roller coasters are in Disney World?

Disney isn’t just about roller coasters to be honest, its about magical experiences but if you are a thrill seeker then don’t worry, Walt has your back. Here we ask how many roller coasters are in Disney World.

Slinky Dog Dash Queue
Slinky Dog Dash Queue

Top 8 Roller Coasters in Disney World

Considering how many acres is Disney World Florida it opens itself to many rides and attractions that there can be. And in their vision to accommodate everybody, regardless of age and preferences in rides… there are a lot of roller coasters, each being unique from the rest. As of 2017, Disney World shelters eight roller coasters. Each of the roller coasters’ theme varies according to its park location inside Disney Orlando. Also, each of these roller coasters has varied rules on height and age requirement. Different locations will also mean different rates and different allowable lengths of stay for that ride.

  1. The Barnstormer

Location: New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom.

First among the rides that contribute to the count on how many roller coasters are in Disney World is The Barnstorm. Coming with their mild drops, twists, and turns… The Barnstormer, dubbed as one of the roller coasters highly-recommended for everyone. With its minimum height requirements of 35 inches… most of the people you’ll see riding this roller coaster as children, with a few adults to supervise them. The ride in this junior coaster is brief but quite enough to give its riders a little thrill.

  1. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Location: New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom

This ride is also recommended for those who prefer not to engage themselves in heart-dropping roller coaster rides. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is another contribution to the count on how many roller coasters are in Disney World. The Mine Train ride, characterized by a pivoting coaster car, lets the cars swing. The speed of this ride is speedy enough. But not too fast to leave your soul after a swing—running at the speed of approximately 34 mph.

Many of the riders who have tried the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and the Barnstorm claim that the former can already be a “level-up” ride to try after the latter.

As for its fun side, you’ll get the vibe of the life of the seven dwarfs from the classic yet still well-loved fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It’s a bit ahead of the Barnstormer and kids who are looking for more thrilling adventures can try this ride.

As for the height requirement, one must stand at least 28 inches to be allowed to try this roller coaster.

  1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Location: Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom

If you’re tired of that entry-level kind of thrills in roller coasters… then the Big Thunder Mountain Ride is for you. The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad lets you ride on a train. It might sound like just another train ride for you. But the twist here is that you’re riding it tracing down the path of a tall mountain.

As many of those who have tried this ride put it, there are more twists and turns than big drops. This follows the idea that you are, after all running down a high mountain. Not only does this ride count itself as one of the answers to the count on how many roller coasters are there in Disney. It also counts itself as one of the famous go-to’s by visitors all-year-round.

The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is often compared with its counterpart from the other theme park… the Space Mountain. The former goes 9 kph faster than the latter, giving the riders a bit more thrill. The only thing that makes the ride feel a bit slower than it actually is, is the location of the ride itself. It is an outdoor ride and is somewhat covered with darkness.

Riding this roller coaster is not only those ups and downs and sudden drops. It has three separate lift hills and offers one of the park’s longest rides.

  1. Rock’n’Roller Coaster

Location: Sunset Boulevard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Who says music and heart-dropping thrills can’t go together? In Disneyworld’s Rock’n’Roller coaster, you’ll know what it feels like to literally listen to rock as you roll. With its unique concept, this ride gets itself in the enumeration on how many roller coasters are in Disney World.

Once the ride starts, a blast of Aerosmith’s music will be banging and the shakes will begin to kick in. This transition is not only any other transition in rides, as your ride will go from 0 to 57 mph in just a matter of 2.8 seconds. What makes this roller coaster ride even more intense is that it includes an inversion. This path will make it hard for you to identify which side of your perception is upright or upside down. On top of all these, you will even have to deal with having a ride in the dark.

While you’re at it, Aerosmith’s music will definitely fire up the wild ride that you are already having.

Those who are at least 48 inches tall can try this ride!

  1. Space Mountain

Location: Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom

The Space Mountain roller coaster ride is often compared to the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. This is because they both share a common characteristic. Both of these rides involve more twists and turns. And are both bear the title as one of the oldest roller coasters in the park.

However, unlike one of the Magic Kingdom rides mentioned… the location of this roller coaster is indoors. Which means it has a dark environment that will add up to the thrill of the ride. Though the speed may be a bit weak for extreme thrill seekers at 27 mph… you can still have felt some thrill in the dark environment and the high drops you will experience.

To try this ride, one must be at least 44 inches tall.

  1. Primeval Whirl

Location: Dinoland U.S.A at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Another contributing answer to the query on how many roller coasters are in Disney World is the classic Primeval Whirl. If you want to take a break from the story-telling vibe and more of the thrilling vibe of the park… then you can try the Primeval Whirl. In shorter terms, this ride offers a free-spinning kind of ride, which can be disconcerting to some.

In this ride, you’ll get a taste of the usual spinning coaster that lets you both spin and dip. With the top speed of 29 mph and 43-foot height… this is also one of those roller coasters that everybody in the family can try out. Despite the idea of this ride mechanically working through free spinning… this ride still guarantees safety for guests. This roller coaster is technically a two-in-one type of roller coaster. As it has two tracks, each of them having a train.

Those who are at least 48 inches in height can try this roller coaster.

  1. Splash Mountain

Location: Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom

In 2023 Splash Mountain will soon be rethemed to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure and we’ve got a BIG update about the project.

Another answer to the question of how many roller coasters are in Disney World is Splash Island. Splash Mountain will give you that Amazon kind of feel as you ride in a log that follows a track that crosses a huge body of water. Not only that, you will also get to ride from the lowest point to the peak of the track, then fall all the way down with a splash.

Upon trying this roller coaster… it is always recommended that one brings extra clothes. As the water from the said fall will definitely get them wet with water. Aside from the log drop from a high place, there is nothing much more fearful about this ride. And the rest of it will be as peaceful as rowing gently down the stream.

Most people recommend that one tries this during the summer season, where the heat is intense. Splash Mountain will definitely get you refreshed in terms of its atmosphere and of course, the Splash it gives.

  1. Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest

Location: Asia at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

If you could not get enough of dark rides, then Expedition Everest is another roller coaster ride for you to try. What makes it outstanding among other roller coasters that exist in the park… adding up to how many roller coasters are in Disney World, is its unique movement. This unique movement as characterized by a backward coaster motion… gives the riders a different kind of thrill. On top of that, darkness also adds up to the chilly feeling that you will get upon trying this roller coaster ride.

Expedition Everest is so popular among tourists to the point that it always gets a spot in every thrilling ride ranking that bloggers and riders alike list down.

This roller coaster ride is open to those who are at least 44 inches tall.

Other Roller Coaster Ride to Open Soon!

Aside from the given rides, there are more roller coasters that will add up to the count on how many roller coasters are in Disney World. One of them is the roller coaster attraction inspired by the Disney movie Tron. This ride was also inspired by the one built in Shanghai Disneyland. News reports had it that the opening of this attraction is scheduled in 2021. The additional count on how many roller coasters are in Disney World will also come from each of the kingdoms and theme parks sheltered in the said city-huge park.

Helpful Tips

Many of those who have tried any (or even all) of these rides recommend that one does a thorough research on the roller coaster about the height and age limit, the cost of a ride and such matters. This will ensure that no time is wasted and expectations towards the rides are managed. This act will also be beneficial in the sense that you can budget your money for rides more efficiently and effectively. Think about how expensive and much does it cost to go to Disney World Orlando. Also, be on the lookout for any rules and regulations holding the roller coasters you want to try. As it was already mentioned in the article… there are certain heights and a few have age restrictions on the rides. Be on the know on these matters as well.

Some of the rides, though not as heart-dropping as it may seem, will still need the children to be accompanied by an adult. Be aware of such cases as well to plan your trip to Disney World and make the most out of it.


Knowing how many roller coasters are in Disney World is also helpful in scanning your options and making sure that you have seen every choice you have before full planning a trip and a ride.

As for your traveling companions, be mindful of their health conditions as well as yours. Given that some of the rides might be risky to the health of a person having physical or medical conditions… it will be helpful if one first tries to find out about these matters regarding health so as not to spoil the fun later on.

Given the size of Disney World it is no longer a mystery on how many roller coasters are in Disney World. There are more than half a dozen of them. Aside from number, one thing that guests look out for in this roller coaster is its uniqueness. Each of them satisfies different preferences and thrill desires. To know more about how to get a ride on these coasters… you can check out Disney World’s official website and see for yourself.


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