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Disney Facts | How to get Magic Bands for Disney World?

Putting on your magic band is a total Disney moment. Here we look at how to get magic bands for Disney and why you need them.

Disney Castle
Disney Castle

What is a MagicBand?

In the query on how to get magic bands for Disney, finding out what these are and how they function are helpful. Walt Disney World Orlando, known for its quality entertainment and the affordable and practical packages…. offers this magical pass for food, accommodation and the rides. As for the hotel and accommodation… the management likewise offers a particular package through the Magic Bands.

With these magic bands which come in the form of a wristband, coming in different colors — it works like a cash card. Magic Bands, when bought, come with points which vary on the package availed by the tourist or the sponsor. These points are often monitored with the help of hotel personnel. Particularly in each service availed. For example, after every meal, you can ask for a receipt. It will show your consumed points and the points remaining for you to spend.

The prices of these Magic Bands vary on the availed package. By which it will affect how much does it cost to go to Disney World for your case. The more people coming for the trip and the longer you would like to stay… the larger the budget you will need to prepare.

How to get magic bands for Disney World?

The process on how to get Magic Bands for Disney is one easy step. Given that you plan ahead and follow the procedures. Note that one of the steps enumerated below is applicable for those who would like to avail these MagicBands online. There will be some slight difference in the process if you will buy them onsite. Despite the differences, the process will be the same and you do not have to fret about a major change in the process.

  1. Secure a park admission

Given that these hotel and accommodation privileges provided for those who will spend a day in the park… you have to secure your park admission. This step is just the preliminary among the steps enumerated. Since this is something that should have planned even before the hotel and accommodation planning part.

  1. Work it out online and through calls!

The first step on how to get Magic Bands for Disney World is to sign up for it. The process of signing up for a Magic Band is possible through the online application. You can visit the official website of Disney Orlando to comply the requirements. All you have to do is to create your own account by providing the details needed from you.

If you prefer, you can always resort to a phone call and let it be your first step on how to get Magic Bands for Disney World. It’s as easy as providing them with the details they will ask you. All the information will be subject evaluation and processing. Rest assured all the details provided will be for professional services only. And that only a few have access to more sensitive data.

If you do not have an account online or want to save time… you can avail a Magic Band through a traveling agent or agency to take care of these parts of the trip planning for you. Please make sure that these traveling agencies are legitimate and connected to Disney Orlando. And that your planned package containing your Magic Band is under your name. Ask or look for the link for your reservations to settle this matter.

  1. Customize your bands!

Once you’ve settled the accounts and reservations, you can now customize the color and design of your Magic Band. This is one of the most fun parts of the process on how to get Magic Bands for Disney World. Choose from the wide array of colors, logos, and designs that Disney World will offer you upon the availability of the customization process.

To find out if you can already customize your band… look for the “Personalize your MagicBand” notification and click it. You can also customize magic bands through other links. The one coming from the “My Disney Experience” located in the upper right box. After locating and clicking the link, you only have to select the “MagicBands and Cards” link. It will be fun and exciting to have the kids involved in this process, as it is very easy.

  1. Verify

Once you gain access to the MagicBands and Cards Section… make sure that all the data you have given are accurate. If in case you realize that the data you’ve entered needs some correction, you can click the “Edit” button. The apply the desired changes.


Once you’ve confirmed the address or made some necessary corrections…. you are now free to decorate your own MagicBands. You have seven colors to choose from. It is advisable to include the name or the nickname of the person who will use the card. Names will be imprinted at the back of the item. There is a limit of up to nine characters (spaces are also counted) and can include numbers as well.

Upon completing all the steps, you can finalize everything by clicking the “Ship Now” button. Yet, this button and function will only work for US residents. Although they ship to some other countries… it would still be best to double check if your country is on the list for shipment of the MagicBands. As for those residing outside the US, you can still avail of the privileges offered by the MagicBands. You can do this upon your arrival at any hotel or resort with Disney World premises.

Now having the knowledge of how to get Magic Bands for Disney World, the next question is how much does a MagicBand cost. Magic Bands, on a regular basis, can be availed at the price of $12.95, exclusive of taxes. If however, you are staying at any Disney Resort-Hotel or hold a Walt Disney World Pass… then you can avail this Bands without the extra charges.

For guests staying at any Disney Resort Hotel and Walt Disney World Annual Passholders, they will automatically receive a MagicBand.

What privileges does it offer?

You might be wondering how to get Magic Bands for Disney World, and how does it actually help you. Once you have a MagicBand at hand… you can avail any of the following perks and services you would not have otherwise.

  • FastPass+ entrance

How does the FastPass Plus work? Fast Pass+ functions similarly to a dining reservation at any restaurant. The only difference is that it is rather set up for a park ride. Upon having a MagicBand, you are also asked for the rides that you wish to try. And you can include it in the package covered by the MagicBand.

The MagicBands can accommodate as many passes parallel to how many FastPasses per day at Disney World are allowed. Also, the availability of each passes depend on the ride you want to try.

With the help of the MagicBands, you can also avail the extra hours in particular rides. These extra hours allow you to use or try the rides even after its official operating hours.

  • Room Key

Instead of keeping keys which might be lost somewhere or forgotten… these MagicBands will serve as the more efficient and effective keys to your hotel rooms. With the help of the Radio Frequency Identification or RFID in the MagicBands… you only have to scan these to the locks in hotels. This will be beneficial for those traveling with kids. As they can—to some extent—travel and keep track of them through the registered locks and entries at the doors.

  • Resort entrance Gate opener

Once again, these cards offer you access to gates without the hassle of looking for and keeping a key for your own. Again, this feature was made possible through the RFID.

  • Disney PhotoPass connection

Capture all those memories in photographs with the Disney PhotoPass. With this service offered by the management, you can have the photographers take a photo of you and your traveling buddies. They are all stationed at any points in the parks and rides. These photos will be linked to the address and account you have entered upon availing your MagicBands.

  • Instant Dining Reservations

Knowing how to get Magic Bands for Disney World will also entitle the holder to a dining reservation. Upon availing the MagicBands, you can also enter the number of points you would like to spend on food. What’s even more convenient about this is that you get to specify the meals you would like to have. And of course when you would like to have them.

  • Park Ticket

Given that this allows you to get inside the hotels—which are within Disney World premises… Magic Bands will also give you access to any parks you have entered the information upon ordering.

Where can you avail a magic band?

How to get Magic Bands for Disney World can be availed in many ways and also from many sources. First, one has the option to avail the MagicBands directly through Disney World resorts and hotels.

Another source where one can avail MagicBand is through the following places:

  • Online Shop at Disney Parks
  • Select Walt Disney World theme park and Resort Hotel retail locations
  • Select Disney Springs location
  • Other select merchandise and retail locations

Whichever you will find comfortable and convenient among these places to avail your MagicBands… it guarantees with the fastest service and the most accurate ones. To find out which are the “select” locations where you can avail the coveted MagicBands… you can check out online forums. Or even visit Disney World’s official website to save time and assure the legitimacy of the location as a MagicBand provider.

What are the things to keep in mind while using these MagicBands?

Knowing how to get Magic Bands for Disney World is one thing, and knowing how to use them is another. Good thing for those who plan to use this is that everything is quite easy.

  1. Remember to keep your MagicBands with you or attach them to your wrists at all time. Avoid putting it in one of your baggage to avoid any inconveniences. After all, this MagicBand is designed for the guest to take it anywhere with them. It was even crafted to be waterproof so you can even take a bath, swim, and wash your hands even with these bands on.
  2. Every after transactions made, be sure to keep track of your remaining points so as not to be caught surprised later on. You can check your remaining points through a hotel attendant or personnel. Just approach them and have your MagicBands checked for the points you have. You can also monitor your remaining points through receipts you will get after each meal.

What are some considerations for availing the MagicBand?

These Magic Bands are highly recommended to include it in anybody’s Disney Trip Payment Plan. One of the most prevalent reasons is that it will serve them beneficial once their stay at any Disney Hotel or resort begins. Instead of having to pull out bills and such, one has to surrender the prepaid Magic Cards to purchase anything at all.

Overall, the process on how to get Magic Bands for Disney World is an easy and convenient one. This easy process even gets a lot more special with the privileges such an easy process will give you. Should you want to know more about the process or have any queries in mind… simply go to Disney World Orlando’s official website and check the FAQs section.


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