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Disney Trip | How much is a ticket to Disney World?

So you’re getting all ready for that big trip to Disney World but how much is a ticket to Disney World? And where are the best places to get them from?

Epcot Disney World
Epcot Disney World

Walt Disney World at a glance

In the business of tourism for the whole family, Disney has remained one of the top brands in the entire world. Thanks to their theme parks all over the world… with their films and animation further complementing their name. The Florida-based Disney World still remains as the largest Disney theme park in the entire world to this day. But the question of how much is a ticket to Disney World remains on top of the mind for those who want to go to the happiest place on earth.

The Magic Kingdom alone is Disney World’s biggest tourist attraction. It sees an average of 20 million visitors per year, and the rest of the park gets an average of 10 million per year. And with such a high number that’s expected to climb even higher as the years go by… ticket prices can still be a tricky thing to understand for many who are planning to make their trip to Disney World… especially the newcomers. With more and more to add to the park such as themes from hit films Frozen and Avatar… there’s always a new reason to visit Disney World each year. And there’s also a question as to how much is a ticket to Disney World.

Why is understanding a ticket price important?

To start with, the main reason that we have to inquire about the ticket pricing before purchasing one is simply that of planning. Planning out the trip of your dreams especially to a Disney World park requires a lot of research. One such topic to research into is the ticket pricing. First off, ticket prices are not set. 2017 saw a price hike that will affect the pricing of the tickets. Even with the alteration of the price, it still takes a lot of planning and a lot of understanding of the ticket pricing to better plan out your vacations and to know how much is a ticket to Disney World.

As mentioned earlier, the price depends on the month and the season. So that means some months would have higher prices while others would have lower prices. Other factors that one must take into consideration when planning are discounts, packages, and other things that would add to your ticket… but can bring along with you some very neat additions to your trip.

Ticket prices and how much they’re worth

While tickets can be pretty expensive, you can still buy one at a pretty decent price. But as stated before, they can vary depending on a lot of factors. What they are will be discussed a bit later on. But first, when looking into a price for a ticket, there’s a lot of info available online in knowing how much is a ticket to Disney World.

But generally, Disney tickets don’t come cheap. If you’re an adult and you want to spend money on a ticket to spend a day at the Magic Kingdom, it can cost you as much as $124. Compare that to the pricing a couple of years back in 2015, which is around $125. Even back in 2010, it was just a mere $79. Now it’s quite the huge leap compares to five years ago, especially with the price hike this year. And even if you can afford to pay for the ticket, the food around the park can average around 10$…. or even more, depending on which restaurant you’ll be eating it.

Other items such as T-shirts can cost up to $30, and a standard Mickey Mouse ears cost up to $20. Note that this is only the basic items that you’ll find in the gift shop. And this does not include the travel fees via buses and taxis.

Of course, this still leaves the question of how much is a ticket to Disney World exactly? Well, it depends on the kind of option you’re choosing. Ticket options are known as “tiers” to some… as the benefits are greater. The more you pay for your ticket, as well as the options.

How do these tickets, packages, and tiers work? How much is a ticket to Disney World?

There are many options, packages, and tiers you can avail to complement your ticket. The simplest option you can get is for visiting the park for a single day. This type of ticket is called a 1-Day Base Ticket. This ticket is the most basic you can get. But unfortunately, it doesn’t let you travel beyond the one theme park that you’re planning to go to. But to enable this feature known as park-hopping or to add a single inclusion to a venue outside of your chosen them park… these features can be purchased as add-ons when you buy the ticket.

Tiers were introduced to single-day tickets as early as 2016. As stated before, tiers would usually mean that it costs more on busier days. And would also mean that higher prices bring more features, too. These tiers are Value, Regular, and Peak. Value-type tickets are mainly for days during the off-season. Regular-type tickets are on weekdays when the crowd is usually moderate in number… which is most weekends throughout the year. And Peak-type tickets are for seasons such as Spring Break, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

As for the costs, a ticket would cost the following for the three categories:

Admission into the Magic Kingdom for only one day costs $113 for Value, $122 for Regular, and $132 for Peak.

Meanwhile, a single day’s worth of admission into a park beside the Magic Kingdom costs $105 for Value, $113 for Regular, and $126 for Peak.

Despite the hefty price, a neat feature for individuals or parties who wish to visit Walt Disney World for multiple days. The more days of admission you will buy, the lower the cost for each extra day. You can call this a Disney World ticket discount, but the real secret of the affordable price is how you use it. For example, if you bought a ticket worth five days of admission worth $415… the per-day cost is reduced to around $80 rather than around $100.

Now that’s a pretty good deal especially if you’re a fan of Disney and an enthusiast for theme parks. This price reduction is a great way for visitors who would spend days or even a week at Disney Orlando to better plan out their travel budget.

The standard spending of an average, cheap, and low-end trip to Disney World is as follows:

Hotels: $1,746

Transportation: $1,400 for average and cheap

Admission: $1,660 for average and cheap, $1,120 for low-end

Food: $1,154 for the standard trip, $953 for the cheaper trips, and $425 for low-end

Souvenirs & Extras: $400 for average, $200 for cheap, and $150 for low-end

All of the above would total to an amount of an average of $6,360 for the standard trip, $4,885 for the cheap trip, and $3,564 for the low-end trip. Of course, this is what you would expect out of Disney World Packages. The ticket, on the other hand, is a different matter.

United Kingdom Residents Disney World Ticket Specials

In UK, Disney World offers advance-purchase tickets which are not available in the U.S. These Ultimate Tickets offer unlimited admission to major and minor parks along with park-hopping privileges to the major parks. Please take note that the 7-day and 14-day Ultimate Tickets expire 14 days after first use, and the 21-day Ultimate Ticket expires 21 days after first use.

2017 Price package

7-day passes

Adults – £384

Kids – £364

14-day passes

Adults – £384

Kids – £364

21-day passes

Adults – £419

Kids – £399

For more information, you can call 0800-169-0730 U.K. or 407-566-4985 U.S. You can also visit their website or the Disney Information Bulletin Board.

Tickets for Park-hoppers

Many would prefer to know how much is a ticket to Disney World and explore Disney Orlando at their leisure. Thus, the park-hopper option is available for those who truly want to see Disney World in its entirety. After all, would you rather see more as to what Disney World has to offer in terms of rides and entertainment? Park-hopping has two options available. And each option would allow ticket holders to visit more than one theme park per day. That includes the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and the Animal Kingdom.

Disney’s Park Hopper

A single adult ticket for one day would cost $172 for Value and $185 for Peak. Though the peak price depends on the season. While pretty expensive for one day, it gets more if you add days to your trip.

If you are adding more days, for example, two or three days, it’ll add about $70 to the total cost. Which is already a reduced price from $170 to $190. Now if you’re going for four to ten days, it’ll add $79. But if you’re going for a full week, it’ll only add 11 for each day. This deal is a must if you want to visit a lot of Disney World park from morning until night.

Disney’s Park Hopper Plus

The same as above, but with the added feature of choosing where you want to go from a selection of Disney’s Blizzard Beach water park, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park, the two miniature golf courses, or play a round of golf at Disney’s nine-hole Oak Trail Golf Course and even given entry to ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex!

You can add these options as long as it’s done within 14 days after you first used the tickets. These options’ costs don’t change, so we base the price on the original length of the ticket. Example, even if you only have 2 days left of a 10-day ticket… you would have to pay full price to add the park hopper option to the ticket, not a pro-rated fee from the 10-day cost.

You know what else is good with your ticket? A FastPass.

Lastly, one great addition to your ticket is the ever-popular FastPass+ option. Basically, what a FastPass does is that it lets you skip the waiting times at select rides all over Disney World. This means that you will no longer have to stick to the normal lane… especially if the ride in question has a long waiting line. Besides, FastPasses would also give you some neat little benefits… such as more entertainment and character greetings. All of which you can reserve before you even left your home!

FastPasses are also included with your ticket at no extra charge…. as well as your vacation package or Annual Pass. With it, you can make reservations for up to 30 days before your expected arrival at the park. If you’re booking a room at a selected resort found at Disney World’s website… you can make reservations for up to 60 days before checking in.

Asking for help also helps.

Knowing how much is a ticket to Disney World is very important for your upcoming Disney trip. Ticket prices can vary based on several factors. This would include the season, what kind of ticket you’re buying, for what ride the ticket is used for, the package it’s bought with, and how many days you’ll be spending at the park.

And while researching about the price online is great, it’s also a must to consult with a travel agent if you’re planning your trip through them. Because agents generally do know a lot of answers to specific questions you have in regards to your trip. That includes budgeting concerns, booking costs, and to simply clear up some confusion.

While travel agents don’t cost much for their services as they are more on commission-based… the right agent can definitely help you find out how much is a ticket to Disney World and plan the best vacation. Thereby, making sure that the ticket you bought will be very well integrated into your travel plan without having to pay for extra at the last minute. Finding these agents may need you to ask anyone who is a big fan of Disney theme parks and have traveled to them before.


The quality of the Disney World Florida package depends on… not just the ticket… but also the type of options attached to the said ticket. And how and where the ticket is used to book your hotel and resort.

So now that you’re aware of the basics of how much is a ticket to Disney World, the what, and the why Disney Orlando’s tickets are priced the way they are… your trip should be able to proceed smoothly.


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