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Disney Trip | How much is a weekend at Disney World?

How much is a weekend at Disney World? Disney World, where many happy memories happen will always be on top of the vacation list. A weekend at Disney is going to be action packed, lots of fun and lets be honest, expensive. So today, we will ask ourselves the question “How much is a weekend at Disney World?”

Stormtroopers Hollywood Studios
Stormtroopers Hollywood Studios

An Overview

How much is a weekend at Disney World? Well, trips, in general, can be pretty expensive. Especially if the trip itself involves going abroad for a period of time. Disney trips are quite pricey whether you’re a regular or first-time traveler to the park. Disney World alone earns about 2 billion dollars each year. And with the numbers expecting to increase in terms of attendance, so does the amount.

Part of the success is the enormous amounts of visitors it attracts each year. But how much do the visitors pay for admission to Disney Orlando? How much is a weekend at Disney World? Let’s break it all down into its components and see how much does the average Disney World vacation cost.

How much is the travel fare?

Before you begin your trip, there’s always the problem of travel. Ask yourself, how much is a weekend at Disney World? Getting into Walt Disney World is one thing… but if you’re living overseas getting there is another matter. If you’re living locally in Florida, you won’t have much of a problem paying for the fare. As you can take a cab or drive there yourself. Unless it involves gas expenses, it can also be a part of the travel budget. But if you’re living in the US outside of Florida and depending on the distance… you would either have to drive or take a plane to Florida. Taking a plane is the faster option, but is a bit more costly especially if you live overseas. Ticket prices vary not only with distance but also what flight you’re taking. You can find more information online, mainly on the website where you will be purchasing your ticket.

Once you have purchased your plane ticket, you can then move on to the next step of the planning phase – the tickets. How much is a weekend at Disney World depends merely on how everything is planned before heading out.

How much is the ticket?

Now that you’ve booked your flight, the next thing to ask yourself is, “How much is a ticket to Disney World? And how much does it factor into how much is a weekend at Disney World?” Ticket costs depend on several f factors. Take into consideration how many days you’re spending, the type of ticket, and if there are any options that you have chosen with your ticket. The most important fact that you have to keep in mind is that ticket prices can change depending on the time of year. Sometimes they rise, sometimes they lower. They can increase during the peak season and certain holiday periods. For example, you bought a ticket for three days, for one adult, and with an admission to one park per day. The total cost is $289. On the other hand, if you include the “Park Hopper” option, the price will bump up to $349.

The Park Hopper option gives you access to all theme parks in Disney World. Normally, you are only restricted to one theme park unless you have to pay extra. But this is a great option to choose if you want to fully explore the park at your leisure. When you plan the trip and you plan on to take advantage of the Park Hopper… it would cost an extra hundred dollars to boost your previous ticket.

But how much does it cost to go to Disney world for one day?

One-day tickets are also available for visitors who only wish to visit the park for a day. Like any other ticket, the prices vary depending on which park you’re visiting for a single day… as well as whether the ticket holder is an adult or a child. For example, an adult ticket for one day at Magic Kingdom would cost $132 while a child ticket would cost around $126. While a one day ticket for Epcot, Disney Hollywood Studios, or Disney’s Animal Kingdom would cost $127 for adults and $120 for children. Don’t forget that these prices are for peak seasons, where the prices tend to be higher. Peak seasons would generally include near specific times of the year such as Christmas and summer time. How much is a weekend at Disney World would see hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars spent for the tickets, the rooms, and any other additional expenses.

How much are the rooms?

Now the next thing that adds to the question of how much is a weekend at Disney World are the rooms. There are many hotels and resorts all throughout Orlando, Florida. And Disney even has some of their own resorts. What makes these resorts a great choice to book is that they are already included and covered in vacation packages. The price depends on the hotel and the room itself. A single room can cost in the hundreds per day while the larger and more luxurious rooms can cost you thousands per day. Disney’s resorts are the more expensive ones as they offer some of the best rooms, services, and entertainment… And the location is even more convenient as it is within the premises of the park. Many resorts offer not only rooms, food, and entertainment. But they also offer different themes and other activities for guests to take part of like sports and fitness. How much is a weekend at Disney World can also be a matter of what hotel or resort you’re staying.

How much are the added features?

In addition to the park hopper option, which would enable ticket holders to freely visit other parks at any time… visitors can also avail with the annual passes. Whereas tickets are one-time use, annual passes can be used repeatedly throughout the year. Annual passes are great for those who visit Disney World more than once per year. So what are these different packages and how much do they cost?

Disney Platinum Pass

The first pass type is the Disney Platinum Pass. You get free admission to all four theme parks and be able to visit them all on the same day. It enables you to download photographs you have taken via Disney PhotoPass. Plus you will get a 20% discount at select restaurants and items purchased at shops. For a pass that costs only $779, it’s a pretty good bargain.

Water Parks Annual Pass

There is also the Water Parks Annual Pass that you can get for $125. Like the passes above, it grants a year of free admission to two of Disney World’s famous water parks – Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Disney’s Blizzard Beach. If you’re ever up for spending the summer at Disney World, this pass is the perfect one for you.

Disney Platinum Plus Pass

Next is the Disney Platinum Plus Pass. You get free admission for up to a year on all four theme parks and two of Disney World’s water parks, the ESPN sports complex, and the Oak Trail Golf Course. Not only you get admission to all of the above, but you can visit them at any time on the same day. Other benefits include downloading of Disney PhotoPass photos and parking spaces at the theme park. This annual pass costs only $869.


Last but not the least is the FastPass. You can buy FastPasses online or at any FastPass kiosk located throughout the park. Getting one and renewing a pre-existing FastPass is a simple matter of paying the fee. As FastPasses, like annual passes, last for an entire year.

These passes are all part of the Disney World Florida Package. You can get one for yourself as an upgrade option for your ticket and can be renewed and extended at any time.

How much are the packages?

Vacation packages are a great way to maximize your weekend trip while having to pay only once. Vacation packages in general work like this. You have a list of options to choose from, you make your selection, and then finalize the package. Here’s a sample of one of these Walt Disney trips packages: You purchase a single room and ticket vacation package of $96 per day, and you decided to spend 7 days and 6 nights at any select Disney All-Star Resort, complete with valid tickets for all four Disney World Parks, all for a party of four. In total, this package costs $2,669. The price may be pretty high, but the contents are definitely worth the price tag.

Here’s another example, you select the room, ticket, and dine package. In it, you can spend 6 nights and 7 days with the Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan. The tickets are valid which lets you travel to and between all four parks. And if you use the Disney World cost calculator and calculate the price per person of $134, and apply that to a standard party of 4, the total cost of the package is $3,744. Another pretty pricey package, but it gets you a lot more. And this is a great deal for any who can afford these packages.

Hotel rooms

Hotel rooms in Disney World are also part of the inclusive vacation packages as you select the hotel. What hotel and what kind of room will affect the total price of the package. And while you can select your preferred hotel outside of Disney’s coverage… they can still add to the total amount more so than a hotel or resort found in the Disney Vacation package.


At the end of the day, how much a weekend at Disney depends on how you plan the trip. More expensive trips would involve large parties staying for several days…. while smaller and more affordable vacations would involve a lot less. Utilizing vacation packages for bigger groups over the weekend is the best option to experience Disney World without having to pay for more. In addition, the annual passes can further enhance your vacation with a lot of great benefits like a years’ worth of admission, discounts, and other near benefits. But despite the tradeoff of a hefty price tag, it’s still a great way to enhance your vacation.

Calculating how much is a weekend at Disney World differs greatly from person to person, from trip to trip. Depending on the factors and options, it can either cost too much or simply cost a lot. Whatever your plan for the trip, the price can either go up or go down. Talking about how much is Disney World worth can change a lot based on your preferences. Like how many people are going with you, and how much you are willing to spend on a Disney vacation. The most you can spend and afford is by the hundreds of dollars… which can get you the most basic of services and benefits unless you are willing to pay extra. Otherwise, others would pay for thousands for an even more extravagant trip.


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