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How to go to Disney World cheap?

How to go to Disney World cheap? Travel is getting pretty difficult these days with the rising price of everything… From travel fare to hotel bookings, things can get pretty expensive. This is especially problematic for people who want to go to Disney. Even spending a few days at Disney World can be pretty heavy on the financial side. Never mind a two week trip from the UK.  Luckily, there are still a few tips to help you go to Disney World cheap.

Lego outside at Disney Springs
Lego outside at Disney Springs

Why go cheap? – how to go to Disney World cheap

Because when planning for a big vacation at Disney World… frugal is a word that would sound pretty surprising to many people. As spending big is what many would do for such a world-famous theme park. Some would even be shocked at the idea of going cheap when planning for a vacation like this. But it’s understandable especially when you believe in the fact that high prices get you great quality. But not everyone has the money to pay much for an extravagant vacation. Let alone afford enough to stay for more than a couple of days. Asking yourself how to go to Disney World cheap is the first big step in getting that vacation to Disney Orlando that you have always wanted but at a cheaper price tag!

First things first

Lets admit it straight away. Walt Disney World is expensive. You can try to control your costs but cheap is probably not a world to use. First things you should think about is to plan how you should spend your budget during the holiday. Many tourists would get tempted into spending so much money that they would end up having a lot less money than they intended. When you look up the many different rides, resorts, restaurants, and many others that you can find throughout Walt Disney World Orlando… it becomes quite difficult to prevent yourself from trying as much as you can. And before you know it, you’ve spent way more than what you have planned. The name of the game is saving as much as possible, while you plan the steps on how to go to Disney World cheap.

Don’t overbuy!

One of the simplest mistakes you can make when before you plan on how to go to Disney World cheap is to overbuy. It’s one thing to understand how much is a ticket to Disney World would cost. It’s another matter to pick the right ticket that meets your needs. There’s a lot of options you can choose from, and it’s easy to pick one that you feel is cheaper. Only to find out later on that you regretted the decision. Some would roll with it but ended up missing out on many neat benefits or spend even more money to change the ticket.

Another suggestion is to NOT choose the “Park Hopper” option if you don’t plan on visiting more than one park in a single day. You should also choose the option that doesn’t have the expiration date if you know that you’ll be using up every single day and that you won’t be coming back once you’re all done with the vacation.

Use those extra hours for more time!

While Disney World features a multitude of rides and many more… a feature that many first-timer visitors would tend to overlook at the extra hours. What extra hours mean is that all four Disney World parks will open an hour earlier. And at the end of the day, they will close three hours later. These hours are set for guests who are staying at select resorts and hotels. How does this translate into your plan of how to go to Disney World cheap? The extra hours mean that you will have more time to enjoy the park itself. Your vacation plan would benefit greatly with up to four hours of extra time with the park. And considering how much does the average Disney World vacation cost these days… every single hour would count.

Study how the packages cost

Another thing you should study more as you plan how to go to Disney World cheap is their vacation packages. Packages are at its core a bundle that features room accommodations with additional features such as discounts, tickets, various options on where you can dine in. Even better is that Disney World lets you make your own package. So what does a Disney World Florida Package would get you?

First of all, a package would let you let you choose one out of twenty-five different resort hotels. They will give you access to all four theme parks and two of their water parks. Guests can also choose more than a hundred restaurants and dining venues all for a single price.

Sample Package – how to go to Disney World cheap

By paying about $2,500 you and three others can get up to six nights and seven days at Disney World. This package also include a ticket that lets you explore all four Disney World parks. Plus, you’ll be booking a room at one of their great hotels and resorts. Or if you pay $4,000, you can get the same as above. But with the great addition of a dining plan that includes Disney’s Quick-Service. Meaning, you can be seated and served relatively quickly whenever you dine at selected restaurants.

Besides the discounts for meals, a package would also let you enjoy some extra benefits… like discounts for entertainment, and even some vouchers for mini-golf. You will also get early access to their very handy FastPass system. This lets you board select rides earlier without having to wait in line. There’s also the complimentary transport and parking, where you can take advantage of the motor coaches, ferryboats, and their ever-famous monorail that takes you all around all four parks. Indeed, these are among the best Disney World packages that you can ever get… either for yourself or for your family and friends.

Book everything in advance for the cheapest prices

And while getting everything done and prepared ahead of time is a common method… it’s still as a useful step as ever especially when it comes to planning. You’d be surprised to know how much is a weekend at Disney World would cost. So, take advantage of the discounts over at the main Disney World website. You can also subscribe to online newsletters like Mousesavers for an up-to-date guide on the ticket pricing, discount codes, tips for saving money on vacations, and so much more.

You can even find similar discounts at travel agencies such as AAA. Where you can also get more benefits from them like roadside assistance… in case of an emergency during the trip to Disney World. Booking in advance can also reduce the amount of stress of making last-minute preparations… which would leave a lot of room for error and even more hasty planning decisions.

In the same vein, make sure to buy everything you need in advance, too!

So you’ve prepared all the tickets, booked all the rooms that you can afford… and even plotted out some cost-effective activities. But then you realize later on during the trip that you lack some of the basic necessities…. like toiletries, sunscreen, an extra film for the camera, and many others. Avoiding this situation is easy because like booking everything in advance above… it also pays to take a trip to the supermarket to get all the basic items that you need for your trip. Because there’s nothing more annoying than having to buy them at Disney World at inflated prices… which can harm your wallet even more.

If you have kids coming along with you, make sure to get them some items to distract them with… like the Disney bracelets and necklaces. Because not only are they more expensive at the park, finding them from a vendor is also as difficult. Not to mention that your kids would have more time enjoying the park than to waste time finding these things.

Annual passes are your best friend

When it comes to having a lot of the benefits at a great price… packages aren’t the only thing that gets you a lot with a one-time payment. Annual Passes may be a bit pricey at first, but the price tag is the least of your concerns especially when you understand the long-term benefits it would give you. There are three different passes that you can get.

And while you can get one for each and everyone in your party… it’s best and way more cost-effective if at least one member of the party is an Annual Pass holder. By only having one Annual Pass holder would grant the same benefits to the rest of the party. The rest of the party will save a lot on a deluxe room. But if you’re buying the pass yourself, you can do so at a good price. All you have to do is wait for the rate to drop down to a level that you can afford, then buy it immediately. Annual passes can get you up to 20% off at some restaurants.

Bounce back!

Had a fun trip but you want to come back again without having to go through all the hassle of paying a lot? Then you can choose the “Bounce Back Offer.” If you’re the kind of vacationer who enjoys visiting Disney World more than once in a year… this offer is perfect for you. The Bounce Back Offer is a discount that only applies while you’re still at Disney World. From your room, you can make the reservation of your next trip at 40% off on your next stay! If you’re planning on an affordable trip now, you’ll have an even more affordable trip the next time around! And the next time you think about how to go to Disney World cheap… the Bounce Back Offer can help lighten the load even more.

Airline mileage can get you a long way

If you’re living outside of the United States and you travel a lot… a card that accumulates airline mileage can help you pay off. It’s especially useful if it’s a credit card, which can also double the amount of what you can pay your bills while you can make purchases off of it. As you accumulate mileage, you can buy extra items and benefits depending on your card and what flight you’re boarding.

Don’t bother renting a car

There’s a reason why Disney World has its own shuttle services. You can book a car shuttle in advance and when you arrive at the airport… they’ll be there waiting for you to drive you to and from Disney World. While car rentals are available, it’s not only more cost-effective to hire a Disney shuttle. But their drivers are usually far more knowledgeable about the park, the area, and the resort you’re staying.


Being cheap isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, being cheap can help you immensely in the long run. Especially after you return from the trip and you plan on visiting again. Even despite the high price that you would have to pay for a trip to Disney World… with the right packages, tickets, and even some help from friends and family in your party… you won’t even have to spend too much to enjoy a lot out of Disney World.

And here’s a fun tip, if you’re wondering how to go to Disney World for free… travelling with someone with an Annual Pass who has also bought a vacation package that covers a lot of the room bookings, park expenses, and dining… then you’re all set to kick back and relax for the trip of a lifetime!

Disney on a budget in 2023 can be a pretty daunting thing for first timers. But once you have made that first step… going cheap will be easier the next time you go on a vacation. Hopefully this helps you with how to go to Disney World cheap.


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