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Why Disney Trip Payment Plan the Secret Ingredient?

When people think about layaway payment plans, they usually refer to mortgages, car loans, or any items that carry a huge tag price. The thing that most people don’t know is that a vacation payment options are also possible. And that includes your Disney World trip. A Disney trip payment plan is a very important factor if you want to manage your financial budget better for your upcoming trip. Lets take a look.

So here’s the scenario, you’re in the planning phases of the dream vacation at Disney you always wanted. And you’re looking at the budget and the expenses. Then you realize that an all-inclusive Disney World vacations are not going to be inexpensive. Especially if you plan on not only staying at a hotel inside the park itself but also spend more than one day in Disney. Many individuals at this stage would tend to seek out payment plan vacation packages. The secret that most people don’t realize is that a Disney trip payment plan can be the answer. You can figure out how you can pay for your planned vacation.

Getting a Disney trip payment plan depends on you and how you want to pay off your expenses. For example, if you’re someone who is living alone and having a bit of trouble managing your budget. And when you opt to have a vacation for yourself, of course, you would be looking for a Disney trip payment plan. That way, you can pay off those expenses. So you’ll find an option to pay Disney vacation installments so as not to put so much financial burden on you.

Disney has offered different choices of payment plan to their customers. as well as many different affiliated third-party services with Disney. Here, we will focus more on a selected few payment options for your trip planning opportunities.

What is a payment plan and how does it work?

Payment plans, if you’re not familiar with them, is a payment method used for large debts. It gives you equal monthly payments for a certain period of time. Different kinds of plans include loans for mortgages, vehicles, and student loans. The thing about these payment plans is that the borrower will have to pay back a certain amount of money per month. Until they have completed the payment of the debt during the due date.

There are also other different types of payment plans such as using credit cards and the like. But these require a payment plan of the flexible kind. Meaning that the amount to pay per month depends on the initial amount paid by the debtor. You can also make prepayments a part of your chosen payment plan. You can make an advance payment for certain goods before you actually receive them. Payment plans can also grant more benefits. And that would include discounts, ease of payment and more services available to them.

And so that covers the basics of what payment plans are. But now let’s move onto the Disney trip payment plan, or rather, what their different payment plans are.

Types of Disney Trip Payment Plan

Disney has offered many different payment plans and options for their guests. This will give them the opportunity to fund their vacations with convenience. It includes the following:

  • Disney Vacation Account
  • annual passes for Florida residents
  • savings account
  • bookings via websites

But we are going to focus on some of the more often-used payment plans – the Disney Vacation Account. This can be very helpful for people who want to save more money for their Disney vacation. You can avail this option by registering online through their Disney website.

Disney Vacation Account

Disney Vacation Accounts are a great way to pay off your payment plan. Aside from the fact that it’s tied to the Disney website, it is very accessible via the internet. So this is one of the more efficient methods of paying off your planned Disney trip.

For example, like any other payment plans, Disney trip payment plan is similar to layaway programs that you can find in department store chains. You deposit a small amount of money either weekly or monthly. Pay the remaining balance bit by bit over time until the due date. For stores, this would mean that you can only take the item once the amount has fully paid. But this isn’t a department store we’re talking about. Unless if you’re thinking of a particular Disney store. But when it comes to Disney trip payment plan, what you’re doing is that you’re paying in advance for a vacation. You can pay in advance for Disney Orlando or take advantage of the Disney Cruise Line Payment Plans as well.

This type of Disney trip payment plan requires no charges. So this means you can choose to pay for a full-priced ticket by paying the price on a staggered basis. This can help in your Disney World planning in the long run if you’re low on cash but wanted to buy a ticket for the trip. Being eligible for the payment plan requires the possession of a valid Florida ID. Whether it’s a driver’s license or a state-issued ID with the owner’s address being in Florida. And one must be at least 18 years of age.

This is also helpful for those who don’t have a Disney Vacation Account which many Disney fans have been very thankful for. Yet, you should still have the Disney Vacation Account handy because it can still prove to be very useful even when you’re applying for a payment plan. Like being able to use it as a sort of a “proof” to show that you’re legitimately saving for your vacation.

There are two big points when paying for a payment plan using the Vacation account :

  • You can only use your debit or credit card to make payments to your Disney account. This makes sense! Because online transactions are far more secure than an IRL one. The Disney Vacation Account only accepts them through online. And this can also be a great method if you prefer to pay via online and if you have an online wallet or storage like Paypal. You only have to log in and send the payment.
  • For every $1,000 that you pay, you to get a $20 gift card you can use for any Disney store of your choice.

Advantages and Disadvantages 

The Disney Vacation Accounts allow you for a more streamlined and automatic process of paying each month. Payments can only be possible by using debit and credit cards. And while you can choose to include your vacation account once you book a ticket, you would have to pay the whole amount for the entire month so you don’t have to pay the interest charges, as well.

Another neat feature if using Disney Vacation Accounts as your Disney trip payment plan is that you get access to your payment points. Not only at any time as you want but as early as you want. This can be a huge benefit for Disney Vacation Account owners. Especially if you’re living overseas as you continue to pay the final amount and not all at once when the day comes. And when you add in the $20 gift cards, you’ll be getting for every $1000 milestone. It would mean that you’ll be getting a lot more than its worth!

However, this type of Disney trip payment plan has its own series of issues. First, it is generally a bad idea to deposit the payment money in advance. It is because you will lose the 2% interest you will earn with that money between now and the time you have to pay for your Disney trip from your savings account. So, why would you let them earn the interest by holding on to your money when you could be getting that benefit, instead?

Second, you should never contribute to it using a credit card. You will end up paying the interest on the balance. This is worse than paying for your vacation in whole because the interest charges will pile up. That would mean more expenses to add on top of your already strained expenses.

The Annual Passes

Unlike the Disney Vacation Account where you make small payments at daily, weekly or monthly intervals, Annual passes feature Disney passes monthly payments option. Here’s how it works. When you avail of an annual pass from the Disney website, you are able to pay the same amount of a regular ticket price. Once you have released the down payment, the remaining cost is then payable for 12 months. It will be automatically charged to your credit card.

You also have the option to pay a larger down payment for your annual pass. You can make the transaction over the counter at any theme park ticket window. If you purchase online, only the required amount of down payment will be accepted.

Eligibility for this type of Disney trip payment plan is just a simple matter of having a valid ID. But unfortunately, these passes only apply to Florida residents. You will need to provide a valid Florida driver’s license or a Florida issued ID with a Florida address.

There are currently a variety of passes to choose from for Florida residents to get… from the Premium Annual passes to the seasonal passes. The monthly payment program for these annual passes is only available for a selected passes only. Unfortunately, it doesn’t cover renewal. Please take note that there is an automatic renewal for passes under this program.

Other Options for Disney Trip Payment Plan

Other websites that Disney has partnered with have offered their own Disney trip payment plan for you. Take Mickey’s Travel, an online booking service. For example, you can book a trip and you can pay the amount as you go along until the required due date. They can help you create a payment plan within your budget without any service charge or financial fee. The site also encourages the use of Disney gift cards, which can let you save over $100 by using them.

Certain resorts will also let you make a downpayment when you make a reservation. You can make a deposit equal to a single night’s stay. After that, you can then make the payments as often as you want, and as much as you want.

In conclusion

No matter what payment plan you choose for your Disney planning, they have the same end result. That is to enable customers gradually pay off the trip expenses over time. No matter how long it is, whether it be from days, weeks, or months. After the full payment, you’re now free to enjoy your trip as you please. In fact, you can do more than just use the payment plan to pay off the tickets. You can even pay off hotel and restaurant reservations. Yes, your Disney quick service dining plan can greatly benefit from these payment plans, as well. For restaurants and hotels, the payment plans have the same methods as when you pay off the tickets. Depending on the package plan and the establishment, you can send the payments either weekly or monthly.

In the end, whether you are a single traveler wanting to visit Disney or a family wanting to spend the vacation together at a Disney Resort, these payment plans are of great help. Especially with how many visitors the park gets on a daily basis. Disney trip payment plan will definitely help you out in a pinch. It will not only let you get more room to plan your trip further but also help ease financial burdens. Yet, these are only considered as a last resort if your budget is nearing its limit. And you have little money to cover it further. Most especially if this is your first time doing a payment plan and you don’t know exactly how it works. But when done right, you’ll be more than happy that you have decided to avail a Disney trip payment plan.


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