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Epcot Advice

Epcot is different to another other theme park, it has a few rides, some cool experiences and food, lots and lots of lovely food! If you go expecting a theme park you’ll be shocked because its much more than that. Epcot stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow!

Built after Magic Kingdom, and at almost twice the size, Epcot is a strange old place indeed. It’s all really cool!

Pre Florida Checklist

“Part theme park, part all you can eat Experience, part learning. Epcot has it all”

When you walk into Epcot you’ll be forgiven for thinking that it’s ‘just another’ theme park, after all, you are initially greeted by the amazing giant ball containing the Spaceship Earth attraction but on closer inspection, you’ll notice it’s not all as it seems. For one there are no roller coasters in Epcot. The rides are predominantly slow paced and educational. Exceptions include Soarin’ which is very cool and Frozen Ever After. So have a walk around and go on a few rides but the real attraction of Epcot is the different ‘Pavilions‘ that make up the World Showcase…

World Showcase

Each one is themed to represent a different country and each pavilion has attractions, restaurants, and shops that represent each country… So, for example, you can visit England and have fish and chips, drink in an English pub and meet Mary Poppins. You can also buy a London T-Shirt.

The Pavilions are made up of the following countries…

United States
United Kingdom

The pavilions surround a lake called World Showcase Lagoon and you can walk around either way. Now it’s a big lake so this can easily be 20,000 plus steps on your pedometer kind of day. We’ve always walked around anti-clockwise but I think that’s so we can get to France faster!

Why France? Well, it is home to the most wonderful Patisserie. See exhibit A!!!

About to enjoy a chocolate tart at Epcot
Looks good!

Exhibit B…

Epcot cakes
Tastes good!

And C!!!

Enjoying a pastry at Epcot

But all the Pavilions have their own charm.

Ok on with my Top Epcot Advice.

  1. Turtle Talk with Crush is good fun but better for younger children. Same with Nemo and friends.
  2. The Coral Reef restaurant is overrated so don’t bother.
  3. Epcot is the only Disney Park that sells alcohol so you can have a drink as you meander around World Showcase.
  4. If you Fast Track IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth* then you’re best standing near Mexico for a fast exit if you’re planning on leaving the park immediately after the show. You can Fast Pass the show but all you get is a better view.

*IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth is a night-time show on World Showcase Lagoon. It has fireworks and some cool graphics. It’s at 9 pm. There is also a Sparkling Desert Party that you can book at an extra cost. This means you’ll get a VIP view, drinks, and tasty desserts.

5. You should Fast pass Soarin’ if you can because it’s by far the best ride in Epcot.

I think will have to be it for today as I’ve got a lot of work to do and this is just a hobby. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my Epcot Advice.


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