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Everything You Need to Know | How to get extra fast passes at Disney World?

How to get extra fast passes at Disney World is good to know. Having fun in the happiest place on earth grows even better with the covete FastPasses. So you get three per day but once you’ve used them you can get another! Read on to find out more about fast passes at Disney World.

What are FastPasses?

Before knowing how to get extra Fast Passes at Disney World… it is important to understand what these things are and what they can do for you. Fast Passes are customer privileges coming in the form of a card. This enables them to book a ride to any attraction or ride within the park before the date of arrival. One can get Fast Passes through online reservations from Disney World official website. With these Fast Passes, you can gain access to park amenities. And that would include park attractions, entertainment, and character greetings. There won’t be extra charges for the Fast Passes, as it is already included in the theme park admission.

How does Disney World Fastpass work?

FastPass, serve as reservation tickets to whatever park amenities it is that you wish to try. Upon arriving at the intended park, all you have to do is to present your FastPass card. The management will then accommodate you immediately. It’s like cutting the line but in a legal and authorized way. You do not have to wait for long lines. It’s somewhat similar to how to get Magic Bands for Disney World. The only difference is that is works mainly for food and lodging and not for park attractions and the like.

To avail a fast pass, you can schedule or book your visit to the park as early as 30 days before your intended visit. Keep in mind that the dates you plan for your visit will affect the price. Consider how much is a weekend at Disney World, be always prepared for a larger amount to pay for in those days. Also, during peak seasons such as Christmas season, Spring Break, summer vacation and the like, prices are more likely to get higher. Thus, if you could help it, avoid these seasons if you want to save money for the planned visit to the park.

How to get extra Fast Passes at Disney World?

How to get extra Fast Passes at Disney World begins with deciding which park or parks you’d like to go. If you’re planning to stay for a day, you have to be very careful with your choice. This follows the idea that a day only gives you an opportunity to visit one park alone. Once you have decided your length of stay and the parks you want to visit… decide which among the attractions present in the park you would like to visit.

With each park having a wide array of options to offer, you will never run out of choices on which ones to visit. If you are traveling with other people, it is best to consult them as well. Once you have decided on when to go to Disney World, which parks to go and which attractions to try… you can now go to Disney World’s official website, specialized for Fast Passes.

Upon reaching the said website, you can filter the options shown to you. These filters go around the time available for each attraction. You can select those that are available in the morning, in the afternoon, or in the evening. You can also view from the website, the exact times of availability of each attraction. Once you see these, click the time which you prefer to come for the attraction itself. Do this according to how many Fast Passes you wish to avail throughout.

What is the procedure?

Knowing how to get Extra Fast Passes at Disney World would be hard if you do not know the basic. By basic, this means the process of getting one FastPass card for a single user. Fortunately, it is as easy—nearly similar to booking a hotel. Upon registering online and linking your account… you can view the array of park amenities you can try. From there, you can select the park amenities you want to give a try. You can select them and program them for your visit.

The prices of the payments for each FastPass will vary according to how many theme parks you want to visit. Also, more payments will apply if you wish to visit attractions from another theme park. Later on, you will get to know more about the prices

The perks of having these coveted passes

For those who want to know how to get extra Fast Passes at Disney World, you can go directly to the entrance of the amenities. You do not have to wait for long lines. On top of that, you can already estimate the budget you will have to allot for your intended trip.

Also, reserving a FastPass will help the administrators determine the number of expected guests on a particular date at Disney Orlando. So, upon reserving your slot, you can also be forewarned of the crowd that might come on that date. Also, you will be able to somehow get a hint of the most-visited parks and attractions at Disney World. The decision is yours whether you’d go to the crowded places or to those that are least-visited by crowds.

The case of Multiple-FastPasses and FastPass+

Nowadays, with travelers coming in large groups… many are after extra FastPasses or Multiple-FastPasses in a single transaction. With a few differences from the basic Disney FastPass privilege ticket… these options are a bit ahead of it. This is the improved version—the more convenient and more easily-accessible ones.

While many are a bit skeptical about this… there are many who are recommending this kind of transaction and privilege set.

To set matters straight on how to get extra Fast Passes at Disney World… be it known that the management allows this option. The Disney World management, through its official website, has answered this inquiry and approves this setup. They have even elaborated the steps to follow.

What are the guidelines?

How to get extra fast passes at Disney World can be attained and answered through daily access to the official website. According to the guidelines posted by the management… guest can reserve multiple-FastPasses each day. Guests can also avail up to three multiple experience FastPass coming from the same theme park. Yet, one must keep in mind that the availability of each park will vary according to the seasons. And of course the number of guests who have already made reservations to in the said park or attraction.

Once the guest redeemed the initial set of FastPass+ selections… he or she can go for another set of FastPass+ selections for the same day.

Other options for park hoppers

If you wish to visit other or all theme parks and go park hopping… there are also options offered by the Disney World management. One can avail this feature through an in-park kiosk or through a mobile device. The process of choosing a new set of FastPass+ selection must be done inside the premises of the second theme park. After either redeeming or consuming your second FastPass… you can already select more options about where you wish to go. For those who want spontaneous park hopping… you can access the attractions and character greetings that give you standby entrances. With the help of these entrances, how to get extra Fast Passes are easier, even on-the-spot. You can decide on the places you want to visit right on the spot. But, the trouble here will arise once there have been to many guests visiting that park or attraction.

The management recommends that guest make their FastPass submissions early. This will reduce chances of the earlier-given scenario from happening. Which would cause inconvenience later on.

Be reminded that valid theme park admission is also required. On top of that, keep in mind that the number of options you can go for and available at arrival windows are quite limited. One can avail the specific MyMagic+ features only through online registration.

FastPass with a park hopper

Extra Fast Passes and Park Hopping options are two inseparable concepts. One makes up or in another way relates to the other.

As mentioned earlier, FastPasses vary according to dates and the desired days of stay. As for those wishing to have the park hopper option, they may visit the official website of Disney World. They will then need to head off to the link that concerns entrance payments and park-hopping options.

For one day passes, the price is not specified as it will vary under different factors. It is also indicated that certain tickets will only be valid to one specific theme park which you will choose upon reserving a slot. The management also highlights the Disney FastPass rule on one-day FastPassses that you can only use up those passes in one theme park. However, you can still go to other parks upon availing a fourth FastPass.

The park hopping options available spans up to 10 days only. The least prices for each day are posted on the website. For a two-day park hopping activity, the minimum price would be $99.50. As the days get longer, you get more and more parks and save up to $20 per day.

With these park hopping options, you are already guaranteed with a multiple-experiences FastPass and have the opportunity to explore more parts of the park.

Tips from those who knew how to get extra FastPasses

Fortunately, for those who are not satisfied with only three selections… there are a lot of people online, willing to help.

According to most of these people, the key in the selection of parks and attractions is to realize that money is a vital element of the reservations. Another key factor on how to get extra Fast Passes at Disney World is the truth about the limits. The limits do not function as three FastPasses per person. It is rather three FastPass+ per active ticket. For instance, you can buy two tickets for each person, enter the park twice, consume each ticket once. Then you can book six FastPass+ per person.

Another tip from tourists who have tried it there said that it’s good to go for the multi-day FastPass package if you are staying in the park for more than a day. They say that this will save you more money compared with paying for FastPasses per day.

Fast Pass with other privileges

How to get extra Fast Passes at Disney World is oftentimes not the only question raised upon planning a trip. Sometimes it comes along with the other packages that are available… which also offers the holder a lot of perks and privileges. Along with this comes the question of how to get MagicBands at Disney World. These packages and perks include the MagicBand. As a result, many also wonder how to use these two cards spontaneously in a single visit to Disney World.

Many interested first-time visitors are already having questions about how they can use both of these cards and if it is possible to have both. According to Disney World’s official website, it is. On top of that, it is also very easy to do so. All that the guests have to do is to proceed to the FastPass queue entrance upon arriving at the park or hotel premises and punch in the MagicBands as well. One simply needs to look for one of those sensors—the touch point.

A reminder from the management has it that each of the guests… regardless of the age as long as they have their own tickets or MagicBands, have to punch in theirs upon arrival.


How to get extra Fast Passes at Disney World is not that much of a complicated task. All it takes is extra budget, a little bit of understanding of the mechanics and a little exploration of the options available. Also, one must be aware that in preparing for a Disney World trip, preparations play a vital role in the process.


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