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Experience a Magical Walt Disney World Florida Package Tour Without Having to Spend a Fortune

Visiting the happiest place on earth is tantamount to spending a huge amount of your savings for the whole family. Many people have either dreamed of going to the Walt Disney World in Florida but are not able to due to financial constraints. Others may have visited this theme park but were left with only a little money to spend on other matters. However, this does not have to be your case all the time. You can afford a Walt Disney World Florida package without having to spend all (if not most) of your hard-earned money using the right strategy. Read on to find out more.

Walt Disney World Florida Package

As money is given high value nowadays, so are people’s filters and considerations as to where they ought to spend it. Planning a dream vacation with your family and friends to the Walt Disney World Florida is never cheap by any means. With the increasing prices on Walt Disney World Florida package that may include tickets, transportation, hotels, food, and other expenses (VIP tours, souvenirs, etc.), it can possibly sink your budget!

Fortunately, we have gathered smart tips for people who want to stretch every dollar for their planned trip to the Disney World Orlando while getting the most out of their magical experience. Find out below how you can save more money without having to sacrifice the fun and enjoyment you deserve.

Planning a tour during off-season

Keep in mind the basic law of supply and demand—as the demand for a service or item increases, price increases also follow. Hence, Walt Disney World Florida package is expected to rise during peak seasons. It is important to remember this when booking or planning for a tour in the Disney World. As more tourists come (mostly due to a holiday), the prices on tour packages are higher. Avoid planning or booking a Walt Disney World Florida Package on holidays like Christmas season, summer vacation, spring break, Thanksgiving and other holidays which often give people lots of time to schedule a trip. Look for a Disney World tickets discounts as well. This can be a bit tough, since matching your schedules with whoever you’re planning to go on a trip with is also a tough task and might even require adjustments.

Aside from saving money, this will save you from the stress you can get from traveling with crowds and crowds of people. During off-seasons, you can actually enjoy your strolls in the park without having to worry about children getting lost (or even you getting lost) in the big crowd. Also, look for a Disney World Orlando nearby hotels to save money for your accommodation since some of the Walt Disney World Florida Package does not include hotel bookings.

Set a budget for food and souvenirs—and limit it to what you can actually afford

Don’t just save up for the tour packages, set aside some money as well for the food and merchandise you might find yourself interested with. You will have a lot of options in the park as there will be stalls and even mobiles which can offer you many considerably affordable souvenirs you can buy for yourself or as a gift.

Buy meals outside the park

As much as buying food inside the park would be fun, Instagram-worthy or more Disney-vibe- giving, if your budget will not permit you to do so, you can always opt to buy meals outside. Though it does not exactly give the same Disney feel as the meals inside, meals from outside Disney Park are still guaranteed to have the same delicious taste as the ones inside. It will be a lot cheaper and will also save you the hassle of going through crowds and waiting in long lines for that meal inside Disney World.

Carry water bottles with you

Long treks and walks inside the Disney World can be quite tiring and one quick way to recharge yourself of all the nutrients you’ve lost by just drinking water. And one way to save yourself from the constant need to buy water every now and then, it would be very beneficial for you to take your own bottle of water. Also, it will save you time. Instead of having to wait in lines inside the park for you to buy your drink, you can walk leisurely around the park and still have something to drink within reach whenever you get exhausted.

Try other affordable souvenir options

A visit to the Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida will not be complete without wearing those two wide, round, black ear-headbands or any shirt bearing the same logo. These items are readily available within the park. However, if you find these items a bit too far from your allotted budget, you can always try decorating old shirts or even creating your own craft work to compensate for the ear-headbands and other souvenirs you could not purchase with your money. You can also try purchasing these items (Mickey Mouse ears and t-shirts) at shops outside Disney World, as these have lower prices on their tags yet would still bear the same common symbol of the Disney fandom.

Also, if you’re having problems thinking what souvenirs to buy for your friends and family, you can try having a card as a gift, instead of buying much merchandise which will cost you too much. You also have the option to buy a few items from Disney World which you can customize or improve into something that would make it look more expensive.

Have fun with the free things you can find

Not everything in the happiest place on earth comes with a price tag. There are some activities and items you can still enjoy without spending even a single cent from your wallet. You can try face painting, which could probably compensate for that Instagram-worthy post you’re aiming for with the shirts and ear-headbands. You can also try making your own accessories, as there are stalls in the park which offer bracelet making using beads that they have provided for the visitors who want to try it. You can also opt for a free coloring session, where coloring sheets, as well as coloring materials, are readily-provided by the stall managers. As you stroll along the theme park, you’ll get to see more of options like these to suit whatever interest you have.

Finding Walt Disney World Florida Package does not have to drain your wallet. The list above provides you with simple hacks to save up money without sacrificing the fun in your trip. As made evident by the list, saving money for a trip to Disney World simply requires resourcefulness, early planning, and creativity. A visit to the happiest place on earth is just a few techniques and considerations away, and to miss having that chance can be just frustrating. So try these tips for your next (or maybe first-ever) Disney World trip and feel the magic not only through the Disney vibes but also through the wonders your resourcefulness and creativity can do.

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