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Florida Trip | How far is Clearwater Beach from Disney World?

Clearwater Beach, one of the most beauitful beaches in the world. Stunning blue water, dolphins swimming towards the horizon and white, clean sand. Clearwater, a name that is familiar whether they are a traveler to Florida or a local. Aside from the beauitul beach, its hotels, and Hulk Hogans own shop, what else is there and more importantly, how far is Clearwater Beach from Disney World?

When someone asks how far is Clearwater Beach from Disney World, they would usually look at it by math and the numbers.

Overview – What is Clearwater Beach and why choose it?

Before you can get to the answer of how far is Clearwater Beach from Disney World… one has to understand the location first. Located in Clearwater, Florida, Clearwater Beach is a stretch of beach that is famous for its various hotels, restaurants, and entertainment. Its main characteristic is its white sandy beaches that stretch on for 4 km along the Gulf. It’s an area with a population of around 8,000. Tourists both local and international come here for a variety of reasons. And with so much to offer in terms of tourism, entertainment, cuisine, and even culture… there’s always something to do with Clearwater Beach.

Whenever you’re thinking of spending a Florida Holiday… Clearwater Beach is among the best choices you can make as your starting point. And one of them being the distance in which you can travel to Disney Orlando. When someone asks how far is Clearwater Beach from Disney World… they would usually look at it by math and the numbers. But is there really more to it than the distance between Clearwater Beach and Disney World?

How far is Clearwater Beach from Disney World?

If you were to Google the question “how far is Clearwater Beach from Disney World” you would get one single answer – 92.1 miles. That’s apprixomately and hour and thirty three minutes. Of course, you’d be pretty surprised by how big of a number is from Clearwater to Walt Disney World Orlando. But those with a good sense of distance would be pretty unaware the scale of it all. Let’s compare it with another well-known theme park in Florida, Universal Studios. The distance from Clearwater Beach to Universal Studios is 100.6 miles. Further away than Disney, but still a pretty good distance especially if you’re going by car.

But what about the distance between the two theme parks? How far is Universal Studios from Disney World? Then prepare for a surprise because they’re only 9.5 miles apart. Looking at the numbers won’t mean anything. But traveling between the two parts is a lot easier than it sounds. But despite the distance, one can still enjoy the sights and sounds of what Orlando has to offer.

What’s there to do in Clearwater Beach?


You don’t have to fret about how long it takes for you to get from point A to point B… when there are other things to explore along the way. Clearwater Florida is home to a lot of activities that has attracted many visitors for many years. For example, you can go on a Clearwater Dinner and Dance Cruise. Here, you can dance the night away and have an enjoyable meal, all while having a nice boat trip at sea. The same experience when you go for the Calypso Queen Tropical Party Buffet Cruise. Dolphin lovers would also be excited to know that Clearwater Beach has the Clearwater Dolphin Watching Tour. And at the end of the day, after a day of activities, you can seal the day with a nice Sunset Cruise to enjoy the sunset.

So even if you ask yourself how far is Clearwater Beach from Disney World… you’ll worry less about the travel time. You can focus instead on the many different things you’ll discover along the way. And don’t forget, this is all just for Clearwater alone. So how much more for other areas near Clearwater?

What else is near?

As mentioned earlier, besides Disney World… there is also another famous theme park located in the same city – Universal Studios Florida. Aside from asking yourself how far is Clearwater Beach from Disney World… you’ll also be asking how far Universal Studios is from Disney World. Well, both parks are less than 10 miles away from each other. This would also mean that if you were to travel between parks via car… it will only take you less than 30 minutes depending on the traffic conditions. Or 15 minutes being the least amount of time one can get there.

Other famous venus located in and around Clearwater Beach are the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, the Chapel By-the-Sea Community Church, the Sand Key Park, and so much more. Orlando is a world-famous city with many different ways that visitors and tourists can experience the city… with Disney World among the top destinations.

What are the methods of travel?

Travelling to and from Disney World to your hotel in Clearwater can be a bit of a challenge due to the traffic. Weather can also play a factor in the traffic conditions. And because of Florida’s unpredictable weather, traffic can get unpredictable, too. When plotting your travel route by vehicle… you must not forget about the question of how far is Clearwater Beach from Disney World. It’s because the fare can also add up to your vacation budget. And when it comes to your vacation budgets… there’s nothing more annoying than going over budget on taxi and bus fare.

By taxi

So whether on taxi or bus, there are different modes of travel that you can take to get from your hotel to Disney World. One of the more popular methods of transport are taxis, but they can be tricky to get. Fortunately, there are some specialized services that can help you with situations like these. Most tourists nowadays take Uber and Lyft. These two ride-sharing apps can be downloaded to your phone, and you can use it to call a taxi at any time. And while these are a bit more expensive, taxis are always guaranteed to arrive whenever you need it.

By shuttle

You can also take advantage of Clearwater to Disney shuttle. They are readily available as they can be booked online or at the front desk of select hotels. While they are not as easily accessible as Uber or Lyft, shuttles tend to be larger. Which is very useful for larger groups.

By private vehicle

Travel by vehicle makes it so much easier for traveling to Clearwater Beach Florida to Disney World. As traffic can get pretty heavy especially during the peak seasons when tourism is at its peak. One can ask themselves how far is away how far away is Clearwater from Disney World when plotting out the route. It’s not only because of the many different paths you’ll take but also because you might want to end up stopping along the way.

Though in the event that you’re traveling by yourself and you would rather drive to Disney World on your own… it can be extremely difficult especially if it’s either you’re traveling alone for the first time or you rarely travel. Either way, it pays to know ask yourself, “Do I know any directions to Disney World from my location?” Asking for directions is the best way to gather information about the route you have to take as you make your way to your destination. Though the many different turns and roads in Orlando would make anyone ask themselves… “How far is Clearwater Beach from Disney World?

Any tips for enjoying both Clearwater Beach and Disney World?

To better enjoy Clearwater Beach, Disney World, and everything in between without tiring yourself out physically or putting too much strain on your wallet… here are some few tips to help you out. Sometimes, asking how far is Clearwater Beach from Disney World is no longer relevant. Especially if you want to see and explore Clearwater Beach.

1.) Try to spend more time in fewer places.

Now, this may sound very surprising, especially if your goal is to head to Disney World as soon as possible. While Orlando is a very big place with a lot of things to do… it doesn’t mean that you have to do everything at once or do as many as you can in a single day. While you’ll get the same explanation of it as a once-in-a-lifetime experience… you’ll appreciate it even more by spending more time with it. Whether it’s being at Disney World, exploring Clearwater, or just relaxing at the hotel… maximize the enjoyment of your vacation by doing what you enjoy, not how many times you do it.

2.) Talk to the locals.

It’s one thing to experience different places. It’s another to interact with the people who call Clearwater their home. Chatting with them can help bring up certain topics that may be of interest, such as what they know about the area. Locals tend to offer the best advice that many other travel guides overlook. Insider help on what to do in Orlando helps. And it’s something that can be brought up during a casual conversation. Even asking a local a question like how far is Clearwater Beach from Disney World can get you some neat information.

3.) Do all the free things.

If you’re the kind of traveler who likes to save during the trip, or if your budget is a little bit tight… then the best way to have fun without having to spend a lot of money is by doing a lot of free activities. Clearwater Beach and Disney Orlando have many activities that you can do without having to pay for anything. And these include:

  • Taking a walk or riding a bike
  • Swimming at the beach or pool
  • Explore and take photographs
  • Attend museums or tourist sites on free days or when they are discounted
  • Visiting the park
  • Browsing the market
  • Enjoy a street fair or cultural event

4.) Be flexible.

A very important factor in ensuring your trip demands and ends on a good note. What flexible means is that you have to be able to do a lot of things without straining yourself. A good example is to not pre-book everything that you can. Besides leaving you with more time to enjoy the vacation… you may end up discovering more than you didn’t book before. This can also apply to your flights, tours, and rooms. Don’t pre-book all of them all at once, many months prior because it can be very costly to change later.

Is Clearwater the ideal destination?

Despite the distance from Clearwater to Disney… don’t be so intimidated by the distance between the two destinations. Sometimes, the journey can be only as enjoyable as the end goal. After all, there are different stops you can go along the way. From stores, malls, restaurants, and other tourist attractions… going to and back from Disney World won’t leave you feeling very dreary from the driving. And even if you’re not up to going to Disney World, there’s still more than enough for you to do. And if that’s still not enough, even staying at one of the Clearwater Beach’s hotels can provide you with enough activities for a while.

At the end of the day, the distance may sound pretty intimidating when you look at the numbers. But when you undergo the journey itself the distance is definitely more than worth your time. Because the next time you ask yourself how far is Clearwater Beach from Disney World, you won’t have to worry about the distance anymore. As they say, sometimes the journey is better than the destination.


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