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Florida Trip | How far is Davenport FL from Disney World?

Davenport is a popular villa location in Florida. Pretty close to the parks and a safe spot to be. Here we find out more about how far Davenport is from Disney World.

With Davenport being at a good distance from Disney World, many find it useful knowing how far is Davenport FL from Disney World.

How far is Davenport FL from Disney World?

Davenport is one of the destinations considered by many Disney Orlando visitors. This primarily follows how far is Davenport FL from Disney World, which is only a few minutes’ drive away. Travel time from one point to the other will only take you an average of 25 minutes at most. This estimate already considers the other circumstances that might prolong the trip. It all depends on the condition such as heavy crowds and unfavorable weather. Consideration about boarding a private car — owned or rented is also considered in this estimate.

This travel time offers convenience to the travelers. This gives them more time to explore and enjoy the two tourist spots. Whether you’re in for a trip that will send you all the way back to your childhood or for a trip that will make you one with nature… Florida is the perfect tourist destination for you.

Things to know about Davenport

Things to know about Davenport

Considering how far is Davenport FL from Disney World and the convenience it offers with its proximity… it is beneficial to know the place through a brief overview. This will help you plan out your trip effectively and will help you in some considerations to make.

Davenport sits in the North Eastern Section of Polk Country, Central Florida. Its location is quite close to Lake Tohopekaliga and Lake Marion. The city is considerably small and has a relatively small volume of the population. Coming off with only 2,000 estimated residents. The smallness and simplicity of the place offer a good deal for those who prefer less crowded and more nature-oriented places.

As for its climate, there is nothing much to worry about. Situating itself in the central subtropical Florida zone… the climate here is warm and humid with scattered thundershowers almost every day. So, be prepared with your umbrellas as well as rain gears once you decide to set foot in Davenport FL. It would also be helpful if you’d have a weather forecasting app handy in places like this. It will provide you with an estimate of the temperature beforehand.

Business establishments

As of the current time, Davenport shelters many small enterprises and businesses. It has seen tremendous growth in the past years. With regards to services offered to tourists… you will never fail to find one—and an excellent one at that. From hotels to motels to fine-dining restaurants… Davenport enterprises and businesses can offer you something. You can visit the official website of the operating hotels in Davenport. Here, check out their room availability along with the room rates and capacity. Your travel time and the answer on how far is Davenport FL from Disney World guarantees to be worth it in your visit to Davenport.

Distance from the airport

Distance from the airport

The knowledge on how far is Davenport FL from Disney World is not the lone fact to be dealt with in visiting the former. It is also important to note how far is Davenport FL from Orlando airport. Awareness on this matter offers an advantage in a sense that it offers convenience once your trip is over and you are homeward bound.

The distance between the two places is nothing much to worry about. Especially if the road is having favorable conditions. Offering an average traveling time of 41 minutes… Orlando airport is a short drive away from Davenport FL. That is if you take the FL-417 Toll S route. Other options in reaching the airport are through the FL-FL-528 W/FL-528 Toll W and I-4 W route. And also through FL-417 Toll S and I-4 W route. This two other option will take about the same time as well. So, depending on your knowledge of the rod and traffic conditions… any of these will be a good option nonetheless. The given traveling time is considered under the most favorable circumstances. This means that these estimations can be prolonged under unfavorable circumstances… such as heavy traffic, undesirable weather conditions and the like.

Other places near Disney World that are worth visiting

As we all know, Disney World is not the only place one can go to in Florida. There are more tourist places in Florida that tourists can visit. In the same manner, it is also a fact that Davenport is not the only nearby tourist spot one can visit in the state. With these two places conveniently situated near each other… your Florida trip will be very convenient. It will be helpful to know not just how far is Davenport FL from Disney World… but also other nearby places worth visiting.

How far is Sheraton Vistana Villages from Disney World?

Sheraton Vistana Villages 1
Sheraton Vistana Villages 1

Sheraton Vistana Villages is one of the most famous and well-loved tourist destinations in Florida approximate to Disney World. This four-star hotel offers excellent facilities for their guests. Whether you are stopping by after a long trip… or getting there as the main destination for your trip… you are sure to have the best services through Sheraton Vistana Villages.

Booking a night’s stay or a vacation there is quite easy, all thank their website. Potential guests have to enter the dates that they’d like to stay in the hotel. They also need to include the number of visitors expected and other vital data. Tourists can also check third-party websites or applications with the same process.

If upon knowing how far is Davenport FL from Disney World you found yourself in need of a place to stay… then this one is a good option. The distance between the two locations will only take about 10- 15 minutes of your time. That is if you are coming from Walt Disney World Orlando. Again, this estimate is under the most favorable conditions for driving and traveling.

How to get to Davenport from Disney World

Leaving Walt Disney World for Davenport and knowing how far is Davenport FL is from Disney World is one thing. To know how to get from one point to the other is a different thing. As there are many ways to do a thing… there are also several ways on how to get to Davenport from Disney World to Davenport and vice versa.

  1. Private Cars

This is the most basic and most sought-after mode of transportation for most tourists. If you have the luxury of owning a car, you can go for this option. One of the advantages of going for this option is that you have control over the routes you want to take. Plus, of course, the number of stops you want to have. Using your own car is also a good option since it gives you more security and comfort. Given that you own the car and you can do whatever you want.

However, upon choosing this option, you must observe one precaution. If you are not aware how far is Davenport FL from Disney World, you’d better take extra care, so as not to get lost. Take with you your downloaded navigation applications as you choose to drive on your own if you have no idea where you are going.

  1. Car Rentals

This option is as good as the earlier-given one. It gives you the privilege of having control over where to stop and to choose routes. Car rental services are also the best option for those who are completely or to some extent are not aware of how far is Davenport from Disney World. Since the car rental services are already aware of the routes and have apps to aid them… you are sure to get to your location wherever it may be.

However, as much as you can pick a route there is a limited control that you have on which road to take… upon availing this services for your trip to Orlando. As compared to having your own car.

Where to get car rental service?

You can avail a car rental service over the internet or through a mobile application like Uber. These sites will already provide you with the estimated payment charges upon the completion of the trip. According to which option you choose, you can book your trip ahead of time or on the exact date of your trip. The price will vary according to the number of passengers you intend to travel with. And also the hour in which you’d like to have your trip.

You can visit car rental services sites such as Kayak, Enterprise, and Orlando International Airport. In these sites, you will see options on where you’d like to go and see the pool of options you have… which services you can avail. It mechanizes almost similar to hotel booking sites. This method is quite easy and convenient. The lowest price you can avail online is $11 for an entire day.

The suggested websites are only a few of the wide pool of choices you can have from the one available on the internet.

  1. Shuttles/ Shuttle Buses

The local government of Florida provides shuttle services for its locals and tourists alike. With their drivers knowing how far is Davenport from Disney World… you are sure to get to your destination.

You can go for this option by accessing their online portal. Upon visiting the website, you will have access to links on what kind of shuttle you would like to avail. You have the Economic option, which is the cheapest among the options… and the Flexible and Private category. Going for the first option will entitle you to a trip shared with a few other travelers who will be booking at the same time and date with you. Meanwhile, the more expensive one has an extra feature of privacy. This means you will be traveling alone or with your traveling buddies.

Limitations and exclusivity

Given the limit and exclusivity of the shuttle services… you also have the flexibility on stopovers and preferred routes you’d like to take. Also, upon visiting the website, you can check their table of fares and book your own trip ahead of time.

If you go for this option and for the economic class, in particular, one con you’d have to deal with is the crowds. You’re going to be traveling with a bunch of other travelers, not so pleasurable for those who hate crowds. Yet, you are certain that despite the crowds that will come by, the quality of your trip will not be compromised.

The given website is one of the many choices that you have in opting for a shuttle or a shuttle bus. You can search throughout the internet to check out some more of them which will fit your preferences.

  1. Taxi

Taxis are available at certain points in Disney World and even in Davenport. So, wherever you are coming from or going to, you are sure to have this taxi option at hand. Also, this option is a recommendable one for those who do not know how far is Davenport FL from Disney World.

You can search for the taxi pick-up points in Disney World and you can find taxis there. It is best recommended to do this procedure ahead of time, along with the planning so that you can save time.

Getting around the two destination

With a wide array of choices on how to get to Davenport FL from Disney World and vice versa… you are sure to find one that is most effective and efficient for you. Also, each of these options enables you to choose one that fits your budget and the demands you have for your trip. On top of that, your unfamiliarity will never be a problem with the options given above. This follows the idea that the nature of most of the options in the given list is helpful for those who are unfamiliar with the route but want to get to those destinations.

Having such wondrous tourist destinations and flexible ways on how to get from one point to another… Davenport and Disney World are indeed excellent tourist spots in the majestic state of Florida. Your dream vacation and excursion are only plans away and a few savings shy of turning into a reality.


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