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Florida Trip | How far is Daytona Beach from Disney World?

There is more to Florida than theme parks but if you’re going further a field its good to know how long it will take. So how far is Daytona Beach from Disney World?

How far is Daytona Beach from Disney World?

Disney World in Orlando is about 80 miles away from Daytona Beach depending on which route you will take. Knowing how far is Daytona Beach from Disney World will also mean having to find out how to get there. With Daytona Beach being one of the nearest beaches to Disney World, the trip from either place to the other will only take an hour or more, given the optimal traffic conditions.

Daytona Beach and Disney World Florida both offer a convenient location and transportation methods for visitors.Buses and taxis are available near these areas. It can take on different routes to reach the destination.

Despite the availability of these modes of transportation… tourists and locals recommend that you bring your car with you. This will give you more freedom to go wherever you want. This will also save you more money upon transferring from one place to another.

How to make your travel smooth and easy?

As you plan your trip to these two locations, be sure to check out maps online. Print maps or download updated and helpful apps for these matters. This is very efficient since you already know where certain places and points are. Then you can decide which routes to take and which buses to ride. Considering how far is Daytona Beach from Disney World… a clear, detailed and strictly to-be-followed plan is a must to avoid unnecessary expenses.

This distance is also efficient and convenient for many travelers. If you have stayed for a night in Disney World… you still have an ample amount of time to warm yourself up on your way to Daytona Beach. One hour is already a reasonable amount of time for you to sleep or warm up if you have to.

Methods of transportation

If in case you can’t bring a car with you, you still have a lot of options to choose from.

  1. Taxi

This is the most basic option that you have on your list. These taxis are accessible from certain points in Daytona Beach and Disney World. In choosing this, always expect for a quite pricey trip. Also, keep in mind that if you are traveling with more than three persons with you, this option is not optimal for you. You also need to consider the seating capacity of the taxi.

  1. Buses/ Shuttles

Like taxis, there are particular areas where you can find buses and shuttles. However, unlike the taxis which are mostly parked at entrances or gates… the buses and shuttles are more dispersed, especially in Disney World. As for Daytona Beach, there are also shuttles at some points. For buses, these are commonly located in gates or the entrances of the two destinations. This mode of transportation is always recommended for those traveling in large groups. That is, around 3 or more people.

  1. Private Car Rentals

If you find it uncomfortable using public transportation modes… you can always go for private car rentals. There are a lot of options you can find using certain mobile phone applications. Prices will vary according to which application or website you use to call for a private car rental service.

Overall, considering how far is Daytona Beach from Disney World, you have many options to go from one place to another. One that will suit your demands, needs, and budget. All it takes is thorough research and planning. If you want to know how much each of these options would cost you, check out here. Enter the mode of transportation you want to visit and the will know the price you have to pay.

How to get to Disney World Orlando?

When it comes to the itinerary, the preferences of tourists on which destination to go will always vary. In finding out how far is Daytona Beach from Disney World and how to get there, tourists have plenty of options. And these options are very flexible. As you will always have a route to ply on whether you are coming from Disney World or Daytona Beach going to the other.

Routes from major Florida starting points:

  • Interstate 95 – S. Highway 1 or southbound on Florida’s Turnpike: take I-4 West to Walt Disney World Exits
  • Southbound Interstate 75 – Take Florida’s Turnpike South to Interstate 4 West to Walt Disney World Resort Exits
  • Northbound on Florida’s Turnpike – Take Osceola Parkway which connects with U.S. Highway 192 and the Walt Disney World Resort Exits
  • Daytona AreaTake I-4 West to Walt Disney World Exits
  • Tampa Area – Take I-4 East to Walt Disney World Exits
  • Miami or Ft. Lauderdale – Take Florida’s Turnpike North to Osceola Parkway West (exit 249) to Walt Disney World Exits
  • Northeast Florida – Take I-95 South to I-4 West (exit 260B, old 86) to Walt Disney World Exits
  • Northwest Florida – Take I-75 South to Florida’s Turnpike South (exit 328, old 65), to I-4 West (exit 259) to Walt Disney World Exits
  • Orlando International Airport – Take OIA South exit (FL 417S – Toll) to Osceola Parkway West (exit 3) to Walt Disney World Exits
  • Orlando-Sanford Airport – Take Lake Mary Blvd. West to FL 417 South to Osceola Parkway West to Walt Disney World Exits

Disney World in a Nutshell

After knowing how far is Daytona Beach from Disney World… it will be best to know first the two places involved, apart from each other. Florida shelters one of the two American Disney Worlds that exists—Disney Orlando. This Disney World in Orlando is home to many parks, themes, and attractions. They guarantee to provide entertainment for the entire family. From the kids up to the young adults and the adults, fun and satisfaction are guaranteed.  The young ones and even the young once will totally love to see and interact with their favorite Disney characters. With these experiences, they are also given the opportunity to dive into the wonderful world of storytelling of Disney characters.

On top of the attractions that you must not miss, you are also provided with the best services for your needs during your stay in the park. From dining to shopping and other recreational activities, you are indeed up for many surprises.They offer you a lot of options where to eat and where to stay and lodge.

A Glimpse of the Daytona Beach

Florida is gifted with many breath-taking tropical paradise spots that visitors continue to flock all-year round. Among these beaches include the West Palm Beach, and Caribbean Beach Resort. These beach destinations are only a few minutes’ trip away considering its distance to Cocoa Beach. These are among the nicest beach near Orlando which you can visit and consider for one of your trips to Florida.

Daytona Beach is located 51 miles northeast of Orlando and 86 miles southeast of Jacksonville. With this location, it boasts of a tropical paradise that stretches 67.63 sq mi. In this area, you are sure to have fun and experience the best services and accommodation with its hotels and urban areas. Due to its evidently breath-taking beauty that many tourists come over to see… Daytona Beach had already earned the title as “The World’s Most Famous Beach” and “The Spring Break Capital of the World”.

Tranquility at its best

Daytona Beach is also one of the quietest, most tranquil beaches you can ever find in Florida.

This beach has a lot of things to offer to its visitors. From crystal clear waters, palm trees that sway with the breeze and improve the tropical aura… they sure have these. On top of that, there are also a wide variety of places to visit. From Daytona Beach Broadwalk to the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse & Museum, Marine Science Center and the Angell & Phelps Chocolate Factory… and even sporty locations where everyone can play beach volleyball and other sports. Indoor and outdoor activities are welcome in each of these areas on the beach. So as long as you follow the local rules and regulations.

As for lodging accommodations, there are many hotels for you to choose from. These hotels offer their services and accommodation at different prices. They also serve different meals and displays different themes.

Despite their variations… you can have the guarantee that these hotels only offer the best quality of services that you will definitely enjoy.

Why visit these two?

Figuring out how far is Daytona Beach from Disney World Orlando will also mean finding out what is so good about these two and why choose them, anyway. If the descriptions have not yet enticed you to visit these two… then you should check out the pictures of these places over the internet. Daytona Beach and Disney World Orlando are two of the most-visited places in Florida. This is due to the beauty that each one of them beholds and the convenience offered by their locations.

Having these two for your destinations will entitle you to have a taste of a place made and run by men. And a place that has its God-given beauty for people to enjoy.

In fact, many of the visitors in Daytona Beach go to Disney World as well (or vice versa) after their visit to one of these places. Visiting these two places will provide tourists with many different activities to try… without having to spend too much and without that much trouble of transferring from one place to another.

How much does it cost to Visit Disney World?

Visiting Disney World as what many perceive—is indeed expensive. From meals to sites and activities, you will have to prepare your budget very well. A few of the factors affecting the price of your trip to Disney World include the season or time of your visit, the ages of the children you are coming with, number of people traveling, length of stay, and level of hotel amenities.

For a family composed of four members (two adults and two children aged below 10), a 7-day 6-night vacation to Disney World will cost an average of $3,485. This amount of money will cover passes to Disney World for the hotel, park passes, and food as well. Dividing this amount to four, the rate per person will be $871 per person.

How much does it cost to visit Daytona Beach?

Knowing how far is Daytona Beach from Disney World… it also helps if you know how much you will spend in your stay in Daytona Beach. The optimal budget for an individual traveling to the said place is $195. This amount of money will cover expenses from lodging to meals and activities to try out on the beach for an entire day. An average meal in Daytona beach will cost you around $44, while the rate for a room for couples will start at $110. This room rate will increase for a family rate since there will be more people to accommodate. The rest of this given budget is and can be allotted to other things you might want to buy such as souvenirs or other necessities you might need. The excess is also allotted as an emergency fund in case something goes wrong during the trip.


Summing it up, these two tourist hot spots are quite pricey. Especially if many others will be tagging along with you. However, with the activities you can do, the food you can try, and the fun you can have… your money will be worth the price you have paid for.

How far is Daytona beach from Disney World Orlando? An hour’s trip away. Considering how many beaches there are near Disney World… the Daytona Beach already stands a good distance away from it. This only proves that Florida is a home of many, majestic and breath-taking tourist spots… aside from the famous Disney World Orlando. To find out more about the other and more specific spots to visit and activities to try… you can go online, join forums and read more on these two places. You can also find more tips on how to save up money for visiting these two.


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