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Florida Trip | How far is Disney World from Kissimmee Florida?

How far is Disney World from Kissimmee Florida? With so many tourist destinations in Florida, Kissimmee — being located next to Disney World… also offers many sights for you to see. With Kissimmee situated just outside the park… tourists ought to know how far is Disney World from Kissimmee Florida. Don’t worry though. We’ve got you covered and lets tell you a little secret, it’s not that far!

Car at Kissimmee Old Town
Car at Kissimmee Old Town

Your aid in planning

Saving up for Florida for your Florida Holiday plans can be one tedious goal to achieve. Especially for someone who earns too little. In light of this matter, this guide aims to help you make the most out of the money you save up for your Florida trip. And finding out how far is Disney World from Kissimmee Florida is necessary to figure out how much you need to spend.

One of the most well-loved and famous destinations is Kissimmee Florida. There are plenty of hotels located in the place—offering a good deal for tourists in Florida. Wherever you are coming from or for whatever reason you’d like to stay… Kissimmee hotels can provide you shelter with convenience.

Aside from the hotels which are beneficial to travelers… Kissimmee is the area that borders a wide stretch of Disney Orlando property. This feature opens up proximity to many of Disney Parks.

For this reason, many tourists are now interested in how far is Disney World from Kissimmee Florida and how to get there.

How far is Disney World from Kissimmee Florida?

The distance from Disney World to Kissimmee Florida and vice versa varies according to the route that you will take. And of course the mode of transportation you’ll use.

Taking the US-192 W route, your trip from either point to the other will take 24 minutes. The same traveling time will also be consumed in taking the US-17 N/US-441 N/US-92 E/N Orange Blossom Trail and FL-417 Toll S route. Also, you can take the W Osceola Parkway and still have the same traveling hours as the other two routes given.

In a nutshell, the number answering the question how far is Disney World from Kissimmee Florida is somewhere around 12 miles. But, that still depends on the route which you will take. The differences between these three different routes are very minimal. It would hardly make a great deal for travelers taking these different routes.

How to get to Disney World from Kissimmee and vice versa

Figuring out how far is Disney World from Kissimmee Florida does not end on your Pre Florida checklist. It is also vital to know the different Kissimmee to Disney transportation choices.

  1. Shuttles/ Shuttle Buses

There available direct buses on US192. Particularly between Osceola Square and Celebration (Old Town). The time interval between the buses and shuttles last for 30 minutes at most… given that there are no untoward emergencies. The destination of the shuttle you will take will also vary according to the place where you will board them. Different stops have buses taking a passenger to different points from Kissimmee to Disney World and vice versa. The route will also be different for each of the buses. To figure out which buses from which points take you to where you intend to go… you can check out online traveling forums. You can ask those who have been there and traveled the different routes. The prices will vary according to the pick-up point and the drop-off location.

Taking these buses and shuttles is highly-recommended for those who know how far is Disney World from Kissimmee but do not exactly know the routes. Yet, for those who find crowds quite uncomfortable, this option might not be the optimal one. Also, one con of going for this potion is that you’d have to limit your luggage, as you will be sharing with others as well.

  1. Taxi

Taxis are almost everywhere—regardless of where you are among the two points. At Disney World, there are many taxi pick up points and there are also some that you could hail in certain areas.

In taking taxis, you are given the liberty to choose which route to take or ask for the best route for that matter. For those who know how far Disney World is from Kissimmee Florida but do not know how to get there… this option is a good one. It gives you some assurance. At least by the length of service by the taxi driver, that you will not get lost and you can save time.

  1. Car Rental Services

If you want to have your own car for at least your day’s trip, then the car rental services option is the best for you. Unlike with taxis, you do not have to hail them over and over as your need for a mode of transportation comes. You can rent a car for the entire day to have you taken to places you’d like. There are many car rental services which you can avail in Florida. All having their different terms, conditions, and rates.
Opting for the car rental services offers exclusivity. You and your traveling companions are the only ones in the car, along with your things. There will be less hassle, fewer worries on baggage mess ups that many newbie travelers fear.

Booking and Rates

The prices of car rentals will vary on the size of the car that you will rent, the number of people coming with you and the amount of luggage you’re bringing. You can check out the prices of each car rental services on each of their official websites. One can search for car rental services over the internet, and your wide pool of options will be there. You can click on each one of them to get a closer look at them and check them.

You can also opt for the other car rental service, which is mobile vehicle booking. Examples of this include the mobile application Uber. With this application, you can set the location where they can pick you up and drop off. It is somewhat similar to taking the taxi, but to some extent more flexible. Like the earlier-given options… car rental services are also good for those who have no idea how to get to either of the two points involved.

One disadvantage that this option will offer you is that it can be too expensive. Especially if you are traveling with a large group. You might have to rent bigger or more cars, which in return, would be more expensive.

  1. Private Car

This option is the most optimal yet quite rare option available. If you own a car that’s spacious enough to accommodate you and your travel buddies, then you’re good to go. You have the liberty to choose the routes you want to take and the stops you want to make. Aside from that, privacy is a part of the package in choosing to drive for yourself or to have someone drive your car for you.

Gasoline would not be much of a problem in choosing this option. Considering that the distance is only a few minutes’ drive away, given the best conditions.

But in choosing to drive for yourself, always be alert. If you do not know how to get to Kissimmee from Disney World or the other way around… then it’s best to have a navigation mobile application handy at all costs. With the time required to reach the other point, an alternate driver would not be necessary. However, should you be in your not-so-optimal state… it is best to have one of your traveling companions stay on guard.

With so many options to choose from and most of them already guiding you to some extent… you are sure to find your trip convenient. Aside from that, the answer on how far is Disney World from Kissimmee Florida is not that much of a problem for travelers. If you want to visit one place then go to another, there is no much trouble for you and your companions.

What to expect in Kissimmee?

Kissimmee, being proximate to Disney World and in fact owning a large stretch of it… has hotels to provide for their guests. These hotels are not just any common hotels but could be at par with Disney hotels when it comes to its facilities and services.

Whether you want to tuck in for the night before leaving the next morning or want to stay there for quite a long time… these Kissimmee hotels welcome you. Regardless of your preferred theme and the budget you have… you are sure to find a hotel that will fit both standards you might have.

Like any other hotels, you can book an event in Kissimmee hotels and stay in it at the same time. The twist that makes their events holding centers different is the theme. Almost every hotel you can find a stick to a theme like vintage and a lot of others.

Other Tourist Spots

If after figuring out how far is Disney World from Kissimmee Florida you want to make the most out of your Florida trip… then you have a lot of options. Some of the places flocked by tourists are Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Gatorland Orlando, Holy Land experience and of course, Legoland. You can search these tourist destinations over the internet. You can get to know more about what they have in store for you, the fees and charges and other vital data you need to know.

These places are easily accessible, though some may be too distant from where you are coming from. However, these can be arranged with the modes of transportation you’d like to avail for your trip.

Indeed, Kissimmee is an excellent option for your destinations in your trips. Given the different options you have… you should also get a try of these hotels and tourist attractions in Kissimmee.

Other Florida destinations worth visiting

Florida is gifted with many wonders that are worth beholding. From majestic natural views and places to majestically-crafted man-made tourist spots… you are sure to find it in Florida.

Though Disney World Orlando is the main tourist attraction in Florida, there’s so much more to explore. Florida is not only limited to this fairytale-like place. There are a lot of wonders of nature that are yet to be as well-known as Disney World.

Universal Studios

If you intend to visit this place… you might find yourself wondering how far is Universal studios from Disney World. Luckily, the distance between the two can be covered within a span of 10-20 minutes. This distance makes it an easier and more convenient way for travelers to go to these places in a single day’s visit. The distance between these two places is even closer compared to how far is Disney World from Kissimmee Florida.

If you’re the type who is in for movie-like atmospheres, then Universal Studios is the perfect destination to be partnered with your Disney World trip. Like Disney World, this park will take you to places which you only knew in movies. You will also get a chance to visit worlds that… though quite different from the one you see in movies… are very much inspired by its world and its characters. On top of that, you’ll also get a glimpse of how these movies are made through studios located therein.


Another tourist destination in Florida that deserves much attention as the Disney World is Davenport. Davenport holds is a beauty but in a different light compared to Disney World. The answer to how far is Davenport FL from Disney World is a bit larger compared to how far is Disney World from Kissimmee Florida. However, the distance is not that much huge, it’s only a 10-minute difference between the two. The majestic view offered by nature in this tropical place is worthy to visit. And anyone can truly appreciate its beauty.

True indeed, Florida has a lot of views to offer to its visitors. These views are sceneries that tap the interest of many tourists with different tastes and standards. On top of that, visitors have a lot of flexible, efficient and suitable methods of reaching the place itself and the different destinations. With thorough planning and wise budgeting… your Florida trip will indeed be a memorable one.


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