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Florida Trip | How far is Disney World from Miami?

Disney World to Miami, whats the best route. How long does it take. Lets take a look and find out.

Disney World to Miami
Disney World to Miami

How far is Disney World from Miami?

The distance between Disney World and Miami Beach Florida is quite large, taking more than three hours to cover by car. Knowing how far is Disney World from Miami serves a traveler great benefits and convenience. It saves them time and effort and helps them plan their vacation thoroughly.

There are two options in which travelers can take upon going to Disney World from Miami and vice versa. Taking the shortest route, which is through Florida’s Turnpike… your travel time will span 3 hours and 25 minutes. Another route you can take is Florida’s Turnpike and I-95 N, which will take you 3 hours and 38 minutes.

These travel time estimations may change under the most favorable conditions. This means that you will only be able to achieve this travel time if there are no heavy traffic situations or weather extremities upon traveling.

How to get to Disney World from Miami and vice versa?

The key to a maximized trip to Florida does not stop in knowing how far is Disney World from Miami. It goes beyond that. You also need to figure out the methods through which you can reach both places. In with such knowledge, you will be able to know which one suits your needs and your budget, of course.

  1. Buses

This is the most common and the most efficient mode of transportation for travelers who would not drive their own or rented car. Availing this option is simple and easy, just like booking a stay at a hotel. All that the traveler and his companions have to do is to visit any bus booking website or applications. And then choose the route they’d like to take for their trip. Also, they would have to enter the date of their departure and arrival… to see a list of all the available schedules and bus trips on those days. You will also get to see the prices upon booking your trip.

Travelers have two options on which services they’d like to avail. First is a round-trip ticket, while the other is a one-way ticket. For those who already have plans cleared out, it is best to book a two-way ticket as soon as possible. But if you prefer a freeway trip, it is best to take a one-way ticket first. The caution with the second option is that you have to be mindful of the peak dates… so as not to run out of bus tickets on your way home. So far, the cheapest Miami- Disney World tickets that are available over the internet are worth $19.

  1. Taxis

Coming from one of the main drop off and pick up points in the state… Miami has a plentiful of taxis that you can take in going to Disney World. Also, if you are coming from Disney World going to Orlando, there are many taxis that can ride you to Miami.

If you know how far is Disney World from Miami but not how to get there, you’ll never have to worry about this option. You are sure to get to your destination without getting lost and through the easiest route available.

Different sizes and capacities of taxis will affect the prices. So, you’d better be mindful of the companions and bags that you need to take along with you. The more items and people with you, the bigger or more taxi you might need in the process.

  1. Car Rental Services

Car rental services are never out of the list of trips to states with many destinations. As for this type of service, early bookings are highly recommended. Especially if you are planning to stay in the state for more than a day. Payments will be cheaper upon early bookings and will prevent hassles that might come in the way.

Uber is also counted in this mode of transportation. You can book a trip on the exact date and moment planned for the excursion. Aside from that, you can also see how much you are going to pay for the said trip.

  1. Private Cars

A few travelers have this option for their trip, as many are not aware how far is Disney World from Miami. Another reason is that many find it inconvenient to bring their car with them on a long and distant trip. Miami to Disney World driving time made through a car can be quite long, as given in the earlier section. Yet, the advantage here is that you get to control where you’ll go and when you want to stop. Also, you have safety assurance of your personal belongings, given that it is your car. Also, travelers enjoy their own privacy using their own private cars.

Despite the danger of getting lost… mobile applications are there to guide driver unfamiliar with the place.

  1. Train

This mode of transportation is the most unique that these two places own. Unlike other points from Disney World, only Miami has this one. Knowledge of how far is Disney World from Miami is only another number and a lot more of excitement. Opening soon for their tourists, this option is an excellent one. Here, you can tour around without renting a car or whatever.

Brightline, the transit system owned by Disney… spans many points where a passenger can board to and alight. Brightline covers areas from Miami to Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach and Orlando Airport. These stations are strategically chosen since most of the travelers opting to come to Disney World drop themselves off at these points. This is also a good option for those who are clueless on how far id Disney World from Miami. This follows the idea that you only have one route to follow in boarding the Brightline.

Opening Soon!

Once the transits system opens, the three-hour trip will be cut down to 30 minutes… running at the speed of 125 miles per hour. Aside from the fast trip, luxury is also entitled to anyone who would try this mode of transportation. This was made indeed luxurious with the help of the fast-speed WiFi which passengers can avail upon boarding. The transit system will also feature leather coaches for luxury features.

For groups of families and friends… this train will also offer accommodations through extra rooms in smart coaches.

The trains will be named according to their colors… Bright Pink, Bright Blue, Bright Orange, Bright Green, and Bright Red.

With these transportation modes, you will never run out of options. On top of that, you will never have to worry about getting lost, though you are unfamiliar with the place. Also, these options guarantee to match whatever considerations you have for your trips. Like the number of companions, convenience, and budget.

If times are running fast for you.

If you’re too pressed for time to come up with a plan or transportation mode… there’s another option for you—travel packages. Miami Disney World Packages are rampant in almost every travel agency nationwide. This option is also a good one for those who have no idea how to deal with how far is Disney World from Miami.

Many traveling agencies offer trip packages from Disney Orlando to Miami and vice versa. Upon going for this option, a bus will pick you up from either of the two points and then take you to the other. Also, in this package, you will choose the specific places where you would like to travel.

The prices of the package will depend on the number of places which you will visit. Plus the number of people coming with you on the trip. The more people coming, the higher the price. However, you can also avail group travel discounts in travel agencies. It takes some determination to find such promos… not to mention good quality one, partnered with a bit of luck. Keep in mind that the season in which you intend to travel will affect the price. If you book your trip package in a peak season, the prices will rise as well.

Why Disney World?

When in Florida, one of the most recommendable places to visit would always be Disney World. Being the largest and one of the oldest Disney Park that exists worldwide… you will indeed find yourself in majestic wonder inside it. Popularity aside, the place is worth visiting if you want to unleash the inner child that you have. From sights to see and rides to board on, you are sure to get the Disney vibe that you loved as a child.

How far is Disney World from Miami is not only the end of your inquiries for a maximized and fully-enjoyed trip?

Other destinations worth visiting

Florida, having a lot of beauty to show off has a lot of… has a lot of tourist destinations to offers guests—both local and foreign. Florida beaches are a part of the beauties that the state has to offer. Being one of the few states in America that has a tropical climate and near beaches for a tropical feel… it is no wonder why it is flocked by tourists. Also, there are places in Florida that at

A few of these tourist havens in Florida are Kissimmee and Sheraton Vistana. One of the commonalities between these two is that they are home to many hotels that give you the tropical feel. Aside from that, these hotels are guaranteeing the best quality of services and facilities that will please the customers.

Kissimmee Florida

Kissimmee owns jurisdiction to quite a long stretch of Disney World’s properties. Given this condition, many have taken the opportunity to offer lodging and accommodation services in the area. Customers have always loved and hailed the hotels within the area for their services and facilities. In fact, many of them had already their own trusted and preferred hotels… that they go back to every time they head off to Florida for a vacation.

Many of the hotels that you can find here are only a stone’s throw away from some of the major spots in Disney World. This makes it a strategic place to lodge in for those who would like to go to the park for more than a day. On top of that, there are also varied features and prices that each hotel bears. The rate is quite lower than hotels within Disney property without compromising the quality.

How far is Disney World from Kissimmee Florida is an easy question to topple with From Disney World. It will only take you around 10-20 minutes to get to Kissimmee… depending on road circumstances and weather conditions.

Sheraton Vistana Villages

Aside from Kissimmee Florida, many are gaining interest in knowing how far is Sheraton Vistana Villages from Disney World. Like Kissimmee Florida, Sheraton Vistana Villages are less than half an hour’s drive away from Walt Disney World Orlando. Majority of the hotels that you will find in Sheraton are four-star hotels. All accommodating short-term and long-term lodging guests. This means, whether you are staying in for a night to leave the next morning or staying there for a week… you are very much welcome.

You can book your stay in any of their hotels through their official websites if they have one. If not, there are mobile applications that will allow you to do so. All you have to do is to input the intended dates of stay—check-in and check-out… and you’ll also get to see the prices you’ll have to pay.

Exploring the wonders of Florida does not end by answering how far is Disney World from Miami. There’s more to Florida than these two destinations. Though they are indeed fantastic destinations. You dream Florida trip that you will enjoy is just a few clicks and searches away from turning into a reality.


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