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Florida Trip | How far is Key West from Disney World?

The wonders of Florida are overflowing with exquisite beauty. Not only for the famous Disney World Orlando, but also for the beaches that surround it. In planning a trip to Florida involving these two… knowing how far is Key West from Disney World is one crucial step for an optimally enjoyed trip to Florida. So how far is Key West from Disney World?

Key West to Disney World
Key West to Disney World

Florida in a Nutshell

Strategically located in the southeastern most part of the continental United States of America, Florida displays a wonderfully long and majestic line of beaches that tourists flock to. There are a lot of beaches tourists can visit… Clearwater Beach, Sanibel Island, Captiva Island, Palm Beach, Siesta Key and many others too long to name. Aside from their differences in name, location and available facilities… they also share a unique and excellent quality of services and sights to see. And one of the destinations that stands out from the rest is none other than Key West.

Aside from these beaches (particularly Key West), there is also one location that many tourists (local and foreign) visit. And that is Disney World Orlando. Evidently, tourists frequent this place for its magical aura that suits people of all ages. It offers the world-class and family-friendly entertainment that people will definitely enjoy and will take them back to their childhood.

Florida’s Two Main Point Attractions

What’s good about these two locations is that they are conveniently located near each other. This opens doors to tourists on maximizing their Florida trip. Also, for this reason planning first trip to Disney World and involving Key West will be as easy as ever.
Once you are already certain that you want to visit the Key West and Disney World on your Florida trip… there are a lot of matters you need to think through, and first is how far is Key West from Disney World. This is vital since it will determine how long you would have to stay. And of course how much you might have to spend for your entire vacation.

How far is Key West from Disney World?

As mentioned, the information that you should focus on in finding out is how far is Key West from Disney World. Knowing this will help you plan better and estimate your budget more effectively to help you prepare for it.

If you are planning to stay in Florida for two days or more… then a trip from Disney World Orlando to Key West is definitely recommended. Wherever you choose to go first for your trip, you are always up for different options on how to get to the other point.

Answering the question: How far is Key West from Disney World? It’s approximately 388 miles. This means it will take you about six hours and a half to reach one point to the other… given the optimal traffic conditions.

This distance and time for traveling can be quite long and dreadful for some. However, upon arriving at the destinations… you are sure to relieve tiredness with the views and activities you can see and try. Also, suggestions from tourists who have tried it suggest that you take the traveling time as your opportunity to rest. So you can save up energy for the next activities to do.

How do you get to Key West from Disney World and/or Vice Versa?

Now that you know how far is Key West from Disney World, the next thing you need to know is the modes of transportation. Considering how long from Orlando to Florida keys driving time will take… it is very important to choose the mode of transportation wisely. Failure to do so might cause you to experience extreme discomfort for you to suffer for a long time. Listed below are some of the options you can go for in transferring… from Disney World Orlando to Key West or vice versa. Take note that the price of each mode of transportation varies according to circumstances. For example, peak seasons and rush hour, etc., and the company offering these services.

  1. Private Car

If you have the luxury of owning a car, then this option will be the best for you. Aside from the fact that you can control your own time and stops… it also offers you comfort knowing that you only have to pay for gas and do not have to do any transfers. Also, if you are fortunate enough, you can have one of your traveling companions who can drive to trade places with you at some point of the trip.

  1. Taxis

Taxis are available almost in every part of any of these locations. These are the easiest to find and easiest to transact with. Yet, considering how far is Key West from Disney World… keep in mind that the price for traveling could be a lot expensive. And might even demand a few more payments. Also, if you are traveling with more than three companions, you might want to think again. Because opting for a taxi will mean you’ll have to hail more taxis and therefore pay a larger amount. This follows the idea that taxis have a limited seating capacity.

  1. Buses

There are also buses which you can opt for in transferring from Disney World to Key West. This is ideal for those traveling in large groups. These buses are available at certain various points of the two locations. The trouble with buses, however, is that it will take you a lot of cut trips. This means you will have to transfer more often until you reach your destination. This can be all the more tiring.

  1. Planes

If your budget allows you, then go for a plane ride from one point to the other. Unlike modes of transportation, this will be the fastest and most efficient for travelers. Keeping in mind how far is Key West from Disney World, this will offer you the shortest travel time. Turning your six hours of travel time to one hour and thirty minutes at most. In going for this option, you have a lot of options to choose from. Varying depending on which route you’d like to take and the airline company that will offer the trip.

As you can see, there are always different ways for you to get from Disney World to Key West or vice versa. To know more about the specific prices of these options… you can check out sites online that offer advanced bookings to these places.

Disney World in a Glimpse

Now that you know how far is Key West from Disney World and the different ways on how to transfer from one point to the other… it will also be good if you get a glimpse of the two points involved. For a maximized and fully-enjoyed trip, figuring out how to plan a day at Disney World plays a vital role.

Planning your first trip to Disney World can be a tedious and overwhelming job. But, there are a lot of websites online to aid you in planning. And most of them will also suggest that you visit any of the beaches located within the state as well… including Key West.

Theme Parks and Attractions for Everyone

First off, there are a few things you need to know in Florida. It shelters one of the two American Disney Worlds that exists — Disney Orlando. This Disney World in Orlando is home to many parks, themes, and attractions. All guarantees to provide entertainment for the entire family. From the kids up to the young adults and the adults.

There’s always something for each to enjoy. Kids and kids-at-heart will definitely have fun seeing their favorite Disney characters… from Disney movies that come to life. They can also immerse themselves in a wonderful storytelling experience. That is by immersing themselves in the universe that gave life to these loved characters.
Aside from the sites to see, there are also many other services which tourists will find useful… located within the vicinity of Disney World. They offer you a lot of options where to eat and where to stay and lodge. For those planning to stay in Florida for more than two days, the hotels here are a must-try.

Key West: An Overview of Paradise

Despite the long distance defining how far is Key West from Disney World… there are a lot of things you will enjoy during the entire trip. Key West hailed as the “Key to the Caribbean” for its tropical paradise… gives off and even matches that of the Caribbean Islands. In Key West, you can find many beaches in which you can try out several activities—both indoor and outdoor.

First that you ought to know what are the beaches you can find right within in Key West. Yes, you read that right—beaches, meaning there is more than one beach for you to soak and bath on have fun. There are eight beaches in Key West that are open to the public. These beaches go by the names of Dog Beach, Higgs Beach, Rest Beach, South Beach, Smathers Beach, Simonton Street Beach, Key West Bight Beach and the Ferry terminal. Each of these beaches has their own unique and exquisite beauty to display to its visitors. Locals and even tourists from other places recommend visiting these eight beaches… to get a taste of the summer vibe that many people had come to love.

Historical Landmarks and Other Facilities

Aside from the beaches, there are also other sites for you to see and visits such as historical landmarks. On top of the sights to will see are the awesome learning and insights you will gain from them. They tell you the story of the place and make you appreciate it even more.

As for your parking and lodging matters, there are numbers of hotels which you can stay for a couple of nights. Each of them has different rates, meals served and services offered. Despite these variations, the local government of Key West assures its visitors that they offer only with the excellent services to meet their needs. Parking fees apply to the parking lots of this city. Prices vary according to the location of the parking lot you plan to let your car stay. The number of hours you plan to stay in Key West will also determine the price you are going to have to pay… as the charge for your stay increases every hour.

This parking lot accept debit cards and cash as payment for a visitor’s stay in the parking lots. Which means you have flexible options on how to pay. This payment feature also offers you ease and convenience. There are also free overnight charges in a few parking lots in Key West. To find out which ones they are, you can check out their official website and click on the City Parking Lot tab.

Always Remember the Rules

A few things to keep in mind as you stay in Key West is that you should be mindful of the rules and regulations implemented in the area. This to avoid any sort of trouble during your stay. Should there be any queries that you have… you can visit the official website of Key West Florida to get to know the place and a few of their legal matters and demands that might concern you.


With the views and the wonders brought by Florida… it is no wonder that many tourists flock by this state for their vacation and stay for quite a long time. What’s also good about the state is that it offers you a wide array of choices to have you entertained. From man-made parks to nature’s gift and beauty—you are sure to find one that will give you the best vacation of your life. Now that the mystery of how far is Key West from Disney World had been resolved… the best thing to do now is to visit these places and save up money for it. In case you need any help, the internet is always there to aid you in decision-making for such trips as one involving Key West and Disney World.



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