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Florida Trip | How far is Sheraton Vistana Villages from Disney World?

Sheraton Vistana Villages is a very popular place to stay when in Orlando. Its central location and classy decor make it an excellent choice. Here we answer, how far is Sheraton Vistana Villages from Disney World?

Sheraton Vistana Villages Overview

Sheraton Vistana Villages, located in Orlando, Florida… in itself a big name when it comes to summer destinations. The Sheraton name is as far back as 75 years, becoming a global name in the hotel and resort business. Sheraton has many hotels and resorts all over the world. And one of the more popular resorts is found in Orlando, Florida.

Sheraton Vistana Villages became more popular thanks to its location near another famous theme park – Walt Disney World. Since then dozens of thousands have stayed at the hotel for many years. Not only thanks to the distance between the resort and Disney Orlando but also thanks to the quality of the hotel that makes it even more of a resort of choice for families everywhere.

But overall, how far is Sheraton Vistana Villages from Disney World is what many would tend to ask when booking a room at this hotel.

How far is Sheraton Vistana Villages from Disney World?

You’ll be very surprised to know that the distance between Sheraton and Disney World is a surprising 5.3-mile drive via car. The travel time only lasts for about 9 minutes. That is by car alone. And by foot, it’s a 3.3-mile walk that lasts you about an hour and five minutes.

Now think about that for a second, while that may seem like it’s pretty far… how fast you can get there depends on the time of day, the weather, and the traffic conditions. While some other resorts and hotels would be even farther from the park. Now, it may sound like quite the stretch that Sheraton Vistana Villages is very near to Walt Disney World Orlando.

Close proximity to Disney World Orlando

And if you’re staying at Sheraton Vistana Villages… even other Disney World parks are pretty close. From Sheraton Vistana Resort to Magic Kingdomit would take you at least 13 minutes of driving if you take Epcot Center Drive. Of course, this is all depending on the traffic conditions. As most other routes would take you at least 17 minutes if you take another route to Disney World. And from Sheraton Vistana Resort to Animal Kingdom… it would also take you at least 12 minutes of driving time to get there.

When the driving time only takes 10 minutes… it’s all the more obvious that Sheraton Vistana Villages is the ideal place for tourists and Disney World fans to book a room there.

Meanwhile, depending on the Sheraton Lake Buena Vista Resort shuttle schedule… getting from the resort to the park can take you about around one hour to get there. Whereas other resorts would take a lot longer or have no available schedule at all.

Comparison to nearby resort

For further comparison, we can ask ourselves, how far is Daytona Beach from Disney World? For example, if you were to book a room at a hotel or a resort at Daytona Beach and you wanted to visit Disney World… it would take you about an hour and 45 minutes of traveling via car before you can get there. And because Sheraton Vistana Villages is a mere 10 minutes of driving, you’ll pretty much see the appeal of the resort. After all, would you rather drive for an hour or two just to get to Disney World? And so the next time you ask yourself how far is Sheraton Vistana Villages from Disney World… you might as well say that it’s pretty close.

What else makes it special? What does Sheraton Vistana Villages offer to guests?

Besides being very near to Disney World and some Florida Beaches, with only a few minutes apart… Sheraton Villages have a lot to make their guests feel right at home and be more than welcome.

First is the breathtaking views located throughout the resort. From the design layout of the hotel room itself to the beautiful design of the resort exterior. These locations not only provide a great view to take in but also provide excellent photo opportunities to share with your family and friends.

Another neat feature Sheraton Visana Villages have that separates itself from other resorts are its beautiful villas. After spending an entire day at Disney World, you just want to simply kick back and end the day with style. And so Sheraton Villages offer that in the form of their villas. Whether it’s a one-bedroom villa for the single traveler… a two-bedroom villa for you and your loved one… or a three bedroom villa for large families or for large groups of friends… these villas give guests a very comfortable place to rest and relax. It also offers convenience and luxuries… from kitchenettes to cook and served meals, to living areas to lounge around in.

Must-try activities

And when you’re not resting or would rather spend the day at the resort… Vistana Villages has a lot of activities for you and your party, as well. Discover resort activities from arts and crafts for you and your family to bring out your creative side. Or educational sessions that let you learn more about nature in Florida. Of course, include some fish and turtle feeding activities into the mix. Or how about some fun and games, such as pool parties, the Splish Splash Movie Bash, karaoke, game shows, and much more.

There are also some activities for the adults. Consider glass etching, wine tasting, or take some time off and have fun at the Key West Recreation Center. On the other hand, if you’re having kids with you, Sheraton Vistana Villages has you covered. They have a variety of activities for kids to enjoy. The resort’s FUN team will also give your kids something to do while you’re away from the resort.

Sports activities

And if you’re more of the fitness-loving type, the resort has exercise facilities that you can use to workout in. There are tennis lessons, yoga, aerobics, and some dancing. Other things guests enjoy include swimming-related activities for both you and your family. One can try the Mermaids & Sharks swimming activity. Or even take scuba diving lessons with the Scuba Academy.

And to top it all off, Sheraton Vistana has spas for pure relaxation and pampering.

Oh, and another surprising thing to note is that not only Sheraton Vistana Village is near Disney World Orlando but also Universal Studios Orlando. And for the fun-seeking traveler… you’ll have a lot to do when you’re staying at Sheraton Vistana Villages!

You’ve heard all that Sheraton has to offer, what’s next?

That’s not all, for Sheraton Vistana Villages has some neat amenities that would definitely make your stay all the more memorable. Disney World Orlando is not only the best theme parks that the country has ever seen… but after a day of walking around and great rides… sometimes a little something to return to after a busy day would sweeten the day even further.

If you think activities are all that the resort offers, then you haven’t seen their multipurpose courts for basketball, shuffleboard, and other sports. Or simply relax at one of the many poolside cabanas. Travel down the resorts “nature walk” for exercise and leisure. Or how about spending time with friends and family by sitting around a campfire? Sheraton Vistana Villages will always have something for guests and something fun and exciting even after a day at Disney World.

Sounds good. Any good transportation options?

Sheraton Lake Resort is conveniently located 16 miles (or 18 miles depending on the route and traffic conditions) away from the Orlando International Airport. It can take you about 30 minutes to reach the resort if you go by car. Sheraton offers guests different options for them to make their way to their destination and back.

To the resort from the airport:

If you’re going to and from the Orlando International Airport (MCO), the travel distance is approximately 28.97 km or 18 miles. The options include:

Via taxi – The fee costs around 60 USD.

Fleetwood Transportation – this is available 24/7, and the travel time is around 30 minutes. Guests would arrive at the resort with ease via the private car service. You can request cars, minivans, and shuttles when available. A hotel representative is also available at the resort to assist guests with their return trip to the airport or private transportation around the city of Orlando.

Via bus – guests will arrive and leave at the Greyhound Bus Station. The travel distance is approximately 24.14 km or 15 miles.

Options for getting to and from the hotel include a taxi, and the fee is around 60 USD.

Via railway – travel distance to and from the Amtrak Train Station is approximately 32.19 km or 20 miles. Options for getting to and from the hotel include the Fleetwood Transportation. The fee costs about 55 USD and is available 24 hours. Cars, minivans, and shuttles are available upon request for easy transport to and from the Amtrak station.

Getting around:

By Rental Car – Sixt Car Rental with a fee that varies, based on the vehicle. Sixt Car Rental is located in the lobby and available to assist with rentals for various cars.

By Foot – you can travel to Disney World by foot. And you can do so by passing through the waterfront at Downtown Disney. It is located less than a mile from the resort. This is perfect because of its abundance of supermarkets, popular shops, and over 50 dining venues. This Orlando Shopping area is accessible within 5 to 15 minutes on foot.

By Hotel Shuttle – theme park shuttle fees are complimentary. You can skip the lines and arrive at Disney World earlier with shuttle transportation to and from four Walt Disney World theme parks — Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. It is all part of the resort fee. Shuttle schedules vary based on each park’s individual hours of operation. Guests can reserve and buy tickets from the Concierge Desk.

Do note that the Estimated charges, fees, and schedules are not guaranteed by hotel. Driving distance may be affected by local conditions and traffic.

In conclusion

Sheraton Vistana Villages, with all its features and amenities, and with all its close proximity to Disney World and other notable theme parks, makes it one of the most, if not ideal, vacation destinations for individual travelers or for the whole family. When one thinks of any great hotels or resorts near Disney World, there’s a lot to consider.

But as for Sheraton Vistana Villages, not only does it make it easier to travel to and from Disney World… but also have a lot of things to offer that make the return trip worth the booking price. And even if you’re not up to going anywhere, there’s still more than enough to do to please your every need. And when one would think of how far is Sheraton Vistana Villages from Disney World, you’ll be more than happy to reply with “close enough.”


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