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Florida Trip | How to get from Sanford Airport to Disney World?

Sanford is the second airport after the world famous Orlando International airport. If you’re flying into Sanford read on to find out how to get from Sanford Airport to Disney World.

Plane wing
Plane wing

Sanford Airport: What you need to know?

Located at Red Cleveland Boulevard, Central Florida… Sanford Airport offers the nearest drop off point from a different state to Disney World Orlando. Given this strategic location… many are now interested in how to get from Sanford airport to Disney World. Not only is Disney World the sought-after destination… but also other places like Universal Studios and Pompano Beach. Through this airport, you also gain access to these places. It offers a more efficient and faster way of getting there.

With this rising demand, discounted flights to and from Sanford Airport is gradually increasing. This attracts more tourists to book flights heading and leaving from the said airport. As a disadvantage of this fact. there are still many services that could not be accessed nor availed in the said airport. However, despite this fact… there are still some remedies to lessen the stress brought by it.

Sanford Airport accommodates both local and international flights tourists can use for their trip. As for their customer rate, they have earned quite a good reputation for their facilities. The services guarantee to be satisfying for customers. On top of that, it also guarantees safety and security to customers. Not only with the facilities but with the mastery and skills of the workers in the airport… from the pilots to the stewardess and other attendants whose services are needed.

How far is Sanford Airport from Disney World?

Measuring the distance between Sanford Airport and Disney World is quite far. It is about 42 miles to 47 miles away depending on your starting point. Don’t worry though its all fast roads. The distance between these two varies according to the route which you will take. The shortest route, made through the I-4 E and FL-417 Toll N route will take 50 minutes at most. Given the optimal conditions of the road and of the vehicle itself. Meanwhile, you can also take the road at I-4 E alone, and will add up a couple of minutes to the first route’s travel time. Taking the FL-528 E and FL-417 Toll N route will be the longest travel time you can have. Upon opting for this route, your trip would take about an hour, given the favorable conditions of the road.

Favorable conditions mean that the road is free from heavy traffic… and weather disturbances. This also means that your car is in its best shape, free from anything that might cause delays of the trip.

How to get from Sanford Airport to Disney World?

Knowing the distance between Sanford Airport and Disney World is not enough. It is also important to know how to get from one point to other. Not only is it helpful as you begin your vacation, it will also be helpful once your vacation is over.

There are many ways in which you can reach Disney World Orlando from Sanford airport. In the same way, there are many ways of returning to Sanford Airport from Disney World.

  1. Uber

Perhaps this is the most soght-after options upon landing to an airport. Its’ convenient and fast compared to hailing a taxi outside the airport. Uber from Sanford airport to Disney varies according to the type of vehicle that you’d go for. As well as the type of service you’d like to avail.

Uber is also effective for those who are not yet familiar with the place or the first timers. With its drivers aided by navigation mobile applications, you won’t get lost. Also, Uber operators have thee excellent options to take you to the fastest route. Also, you can always request them to take your preferred route, if you’re already familiar with the place.

In opting for Uber as your method of transportation… keep in mind the number of companions you have and the bags that you have along with you. The more you have of these things, the more likely you are going to need a bigger car. And, thus, pay a bigger amount of money.

  1. Car rental services

Car rental services are always a viable option for tourists. Whether they are familiar with the place and destination or not. How to get from Sanford Airport to Disney World is an easy process. Tourists have to contact a car rental service ahead of time to pick you up at Sanford Airport. The price will be dependent on the span of service you’d wish to have. You can have them pick you up from the airport upon arrival.

You can also have them pick you up at the airport and pick you up from Disney world later on in the day. The latter option has a larger charge compared with the former. But is quite convenient if you are not coming with your car. The minimum charge costs around $200 for a two-way pickup service. You will be paying extra charges for additional specifications. And also if lesser passengers will be accommodated.

Car rental services are a good alternative to Magical express buses. This follows the fact that these Magical Express Sanford Airport are not available as in the meantime.

  1. Taxi

Taxis, like car rental services and Uber… are also good options for the travelers unfamiliar with the place. This is the easiest that you can have in a flash. You can take a taxi from Sanford Airport to Disney World. Or hail them outside the airport and voila! You are on your way to your vacation at Disney World. No more problems on how to get from Sanford Airport to Disney World.

The same principle applies to taxis as with car rentals and Uber. The more bags and companions, the more taxis you will need and the larger the expenses will be.

  1. Private Cars

This is the most basic yet quite rare among the options. If a tourist resides outside the state, then there’s a huge chance that they’re traveling without their own car. Yet, there are still a few brave ones who make use of their private cars despite the distance. As for this option, the problem will be present if the driver does not know how to get from Sanford Airport to Disney World. But, this can be aided and prevented with the use of navigation applications on mobile phones.

Also, travelers can enjoy the privacy and exclusivity given upon using private cars. They also have control over where they would like to go… which route they would like to take and take stops whenever they feel like it. Given the distance between the two points involved… gasoline would not eat up too much of the expenses.

Indeed, your options on how to get from Sanford Airport to Disney World are plenty. The good thing about it is that…. there’s always an option that matches your preferences in traveling and your budget as well. Despite the seemingly insufficient popularity that Sanford Airport has in the meantime… you can still drive your way to Disney World and not get lost.

Destinations you can reach from Sanford Airport

The planning here does not end in answering how to get from Sanford Airport to Disney World. To make the most out of your Florida trip, you also ought to know a few other destinations worth visiting.

As Florida shelters many majestic sights to see… man-made or natural… there are many unexplored and rarely highlighted gems in the place. It’s not only Disney World Orlando that deserves the spotlight when it comes to breath-taking beauty.

Two of the best places to go under both categories are Universal Studios and Pompano Beach. They offer a unique kind of pleasure to the eyes and to the mind as well. Though having quite a large distance from one point to the other… the experience you will have upon visiting these places are worth it.

Universal Studios

This is among the best destination to include on your list along with Disney World. There are many similarities between the two. At the same time, there are a lot of qualities that the two have that make them unique from the other.

Like Disney Orlando, Universal Studios takes tourists to the fictional worlds of movies produced under their name. From the rides to the spots, and the other factors that make the park up… guests will have the feel of the universe of the movies. Also, Universal Studios has a tourist attraction aimed at giving guests a peek at how they create movies. Starting from the characters to the universe and how they are managed on screen.

Also, lodging and accommodation facilities are within reach in Universal Studios. There are some that are in the vicinity, while there are some located outside. Despite the other hotels being located outside… they are still close enough so as not to cause too much trouble in transferring. With numbers of hotels around it… you are sure to find one that matches your budget, preferences, and demands.

In choosing this as a tourist destination, it is best to know how far is Universal Studios from Disney World. Fairly enough, the distance is roughly a 10-20 minutes’ drive from one point to the other. You can also opt to go to Universal Studios first then to Disney World, after arriving at Sanford Airport.

Pompano Beach Florida

How to get from Sanford Airport to Disney World is not only the end of the plans, as mentioned earlier. There is also another place worth visiting, all geared up with the beauty of nature in its pristine state. If you want to set the balance between entertainment in a man-made paradise and a natural view… this place is the one for you.

Pompano Beach Florida is a city located at the north of Fort Laurendale. It is home to many pristine beaches sheltering diverse marine ecosystem and creatures. It allows you to explore the wonders of nature while enjoying the views that it displays for everyone to see. The sceneries are soothing to the mind and soul. It is a perfect destination for those escaping the city’s hustle and bustle. The city is quite well-known and frequented. It made its way to the list of top real estate markets by CNN and Business Journals among others. They have gained their place on the list due to the huge number of guests flocking to their place and utilizing their hotels.

Redevelopment of Pompano Beach

As of the meantime, Pompano Beach is undergoing a redevelopment process. This process aims to revitalize the beach front and the historic downtown.

The trip from Pompano Beach to Walt Disney Word can be quite tedious. If we are to consider the distance between the two points. The minimum traveling time from these two points spans 3 hours while the maximum spans 3 hours and 20 minutes. Again, these approximations given are accurate if the road is in it’s best condition. No traffic, weather disturbance, crowds and the like.

Also, you can stay in and lodge in any of their nearby hotels. There are different hotels ranging from different prices and services. In the midst of this uniqueness… the commonality of excellent services and facilities remain among these hotels.

Explore Florida

Truly, Florida has a lot to offer when it comes to things that please the eye. Whether you are in for a trip to meet your inner child or to tame the stress of your inner adult, Florida has it for you. On top of that, they offer it with the off-the-charts quality of services and facilities.

Sanford Airport is just the beginning point of your exploration. Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, and Pompano Beach are just a few points in the wide, wide paradise that awaits you in Florida. So, as you plan


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