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The Unconventional Guide To Pompano Beach Florida

What makes certain cities memorable to many people, especially if you live in Florida? Is it because of the many different sights and attractions for tourists to gather? Or is it the landmarks that are unique to that city? For cities like Pompano Beach Florida, you’ll come to realize how memorable it can be.

What’s to love about Pompano Beach Florida?

You may not be able to say much about Pompano Beach Florida, but for others who are new to the state of Florida, there’s a lot. Centrally located between Palm Beach and Miami Beach, Pompano Beach is popularly known as “the Heart of the Gold Coast.” But there’s more to it you would see the images posted online. Seeing what you see in photos is a different experience than being actually there. You’ll be experiencing a lot in Pompano Beach Florida. Ranging from the many different activities like boating or fishing. Or even scuba diving near an offshore coral reef, and much more. Tourists from all over the country and from all over the world will be seeing some great landmarks. For example, like the 1,000-foot Pompano beach pier, the local beer, and more.

There are also many hotels and resorts that you can discover. Pompano Beach Florida hotels range from the small but affordable to the extravagant. Plan which hotel or resort you can stay depending on whether you’re traveling alone or not. It also depends on your traveling budget. After all, your hotel stay is important as the budget for your vacation activities. Not to mention the expenses when you return home. You’ll be needing a lot in order for your vacation to be successful.

8 Must Visit Pompano Beach Florida Attractions

Pompano Beach Florida has a lot of things to do for everyone. Whether they’re a local resident or a foreign visitor, there’s something for everybody. And with a growing population of around 100,000, there’s always a need for something new to see every year. You will discover some of the landmarks that make Pompano Beach Florida memorable. Not to mention great places to visit regardless of the time of year.

1.) Isle Casino Racing Pompano Park

Ever wanted to spice up your vacation stay? Then the Isle Casino Racing Pompano Park will provide those good times for your vacation. Something for your stay that it would definitely need. You can test your luck at their hundreds of slot machines. Or play at their dozens of poker tables, and while having a great meal at four different restaurants. And to top it all off, you can see the live horse races going down. With exclusive rates to the local Pompano Beach Florida hotels, you’ll know you have a great deal on your hands.

2.) Festival Marketplace

Do you like flea markets? Do you want to find great deals? Then the Festival Marketplace is right here for you. To many, it may feel like a small town that showcases the culture of Pompano Beach Florida. Customers from neighboring cities like Fort Lauderdale gather to find the best deals they would discover. Even tourists from other countries would find something to discover here. Festival Marketplace features over 500 businesses to browse through. These range from clothing shops, restaurants, jewelry stores, home furnishing, and more. You’ll be sure to find something you’ll be willing to spend your money on. The Festival Marketplace is definitely a grand shopping emporium.

3.) 26 Degree Brewing Company

Thirsty for a beer while hungry for some great food? Then their mission is simple – to provide world-class quality beer and food to customers. They would serve their signature craftsmen-inspired beers with excellent flavors. And all as you celebrate the good life. You can go on a virtual brewery tour on their website where you can see the business up close. And if you’re interested to see where or what 26 Degree does next, they also have many new and upcoming events. Said events are all posted on the events calendar on their website. You can also even subscribe to 26 Degree’s newsletter. Here, you can receive updates, offers, and more. But we warned, said content is best suited to adults. Many customers who have had their drinks and their meals here all agree on one thing. They would agree that this is among the finest places to hang out with friends.

4.) Pompano Beach Amphitheater

When it comes to living shows, concerts, and other events, this is it. The Pompano Beach Amphitheater has become Pompano Beach Florida’s center for culture and arts. This is thanks to its schedule of musicians, plays, and other events throughout the years. It’s also here that you’ll discover all Pompano Beach’s upcoming events that will be held. These are all posted online, and as of August 2017, upcoming events include:

  • MercyMe with special guests Ryan Stevenson and Unspoken
  • Sammy Hagar and The Circle with Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, and Vic Johnson
  • Tony! Toni! Tone’! with Dru Hill featuring Sisqo

5.) Hillsboro Antique Mall

When you talk about antiquity and history, a lot comes to mind. But there’s no other place to check out that the Hillsboro Antique Mall. The mall is in Pompano Beach Florida and first opened in 1997. Here, antique lovers will get the largest selection of items they’ve ever seen. With over 250 dealers and 35,000 sq feet of antiques, this place is sure to give you so many choices to pick. The Hillsboro Antique Mall is open seven days a week, and with a planned cafe to open soon to keep your belly filled as you browse through.

6.) Indian Mound Park

Speaking of history and antiquity, check this out. The Indian Mound Park is famous for its history in Pompano Beach Florida. It’s also known as the Pompano Beach Mound, which is a Tequesta Burial Mound. Tequesta is a Native American tribe that dates back as far as the first European contact. Besides its history, the park also serves as a great place to sit down and relax. It has plenty of shade and benches to take in the view. If you want a simple place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then this park is one of those places. Finally, the fact that it’s added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2014 makes it even better.

7.) Pompano Beach Aquatics Center

Florida is a state with changing the weather. And most of the time you’ll be experiencing the heat that is often associated with Florida. Or even beach cities like Pompano Beach Florida. And to cool off, many would either choose the beach or the pool. And in this case, the Pompano Beach Aquatics Center serves as one of these venues. Here, you’ll be able to cool off during the hottest times of the year in Florida. This large public facility sees hundreds of visitors a day. It also serves as the training ground of Pompano Beach Florida’s Pompano Beach Piranhas. Pompano Beach Piranhas are the city’s swim team, so you’ll be able to see them train for their next event.

8.) Banging Banjo’s Brewing Company

Thirsty for a cold one to share with friends? Pompano Beach Florida’s very own Banging Banjo’s Brewing Company and its staff will be more than happy to provide. You and your friends will definitely enjoy their very own home-brewed beer. The company was founded by Adam Feingold and Matthew Giani. These two lifelong friends share a love for beer. They have used their knowledge and passion of beermaking to provide Pompano Beach Florida with some of the finest beers. And if you ever wanted a good time with an original local beer, then head on down to Banging Banjo’s Brewing Company.

It’s not just about visiting Pompano Beach attractions

Do you think that’s all that Pompano Beach Florida has to offer? Do you think it all stops at these attractions? Then you thought wrong because there are some other great activities that you can do here! There are always things you can do that piques your interest.

Room escape games

There are physical activities like volleyball and swimming. But sometimes you want to relax and let your mind do the working. Room escape games are part of a growing phenomenon of puzzle games in recent years. These games see either one or groups of people trapped in a room for a set amount of time. And during that time, they must solve puzzles in the room to escape. Pompano Beach Florida features two venues where you can put your mental and perceptive abilities to the test. These two would be Quest Escape Games and Escape The Quest. These are the two most popular names when it comes to room escape games om Pompano Beach Florida.

Scuba and snorkeling

Like St. Pete Beach Florida, ocean activities are also popular. And in Pompano Beach, scuba diving and snorkeling are a great way to spend time at a beach in Florida. As of 2017, there are about six places that providing scuba diving and snorkeling. Examples include the likes of the Pompano Dive Center or the Scubatyme Dive Charters. There’s definitely no shortage of scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities. And in Pompano Beach Florida, snorkeling and scuba is a great opportunity.


Tired of going around spending time in various places? In Pompano Beach Florida, your body can become rather tired fast. It’s especially true if you have a lot more things to do. And the last thing you want is for your body’s muscles to ache between activities. So what better way to relax your weary body by spending a day at the local spa? Pompano Beach Florida has seven spas in total currently, so you’ll have a lot of opportunities to head to the nearest spa. Especially if you want to relax after a day of walking around the streets.


Sometimes, having a swim in the ocean isn’t enough for a lot of people, and they want to do more, a lot more. And many would go for something more exhilarating like water sports, jet skis, surfing, and kayaking. So why not upgrading your day to include these water sports?


Ah, another favorite activity for many Floridians. After all, given the location, many would see Pompano Beach Florida as one of the many great fishing cities in Florida. And where the opportunities for fishing are ripe all year around. Also, there are many designated Pompano beach pier where you can pick up a fishing rod and begin fishing.

Regardless of what activity you have in mind, Pompano has something for you. Whether you go there as a tourist or after spending the weekend at Disney World Orlando, Pompano Beach Florida is a great destination. For planning out some fun time with family and friends, there’s always something for you.

Pompano Beach sounds like a great place to hang out. How do I get there?

Now, there are many ways to reach Pompano Beach Florida. If you’re traveling (Ie. As a resident of the United States) then it’s a matter of finding out where it is on Google maps. Another great way to reach the city is through the Tri-Rail transit system. From the Miami Airport Station, you can hop on a train and ride it all the way to Pompano Beach Station and back again. It’s an easier way of reaching the city than traveling by car. And while trains can be can be a bit of a hassle due to a lot of people that use the train on a daily basis, they can make the journey a bit easier.

At the end of the day, Pompano Beach Florida will always be the go-to destination for tourists from everywhere. As you experience this tropical paradise and learn more things about the place, the more you want to go back and spend your vacation getaway. Each year, the city continues to grow and evolve as more businesses come and go. But there is always something new and exciting to discover in this beautiful place. Pack your bags, because great adventures awaits you in the city of Pompano Beach!


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