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Hollywood Studios Advice

Hollywood Studios opened to a fanfare in 1989. The park is dedicated to a “Hollywood that never was, but always will be” – basically it’s about movies, movies and more movies!

“Hollywood studios is small and smart and no, it’s not a half day park!”

Tower of Terror

Now let’s start by saying that since I first went in 2015 the park is significantly smaller than it was. Entire areas of the park are closed while they build Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land but that being said, there is still plenty to do to keep you amused for an entire day.

2022 Update – It’s not small anymore! Toy Story Land and Star Wars Land are fully operational now!

Tower of Terror

This iconic ride that you can see on your way to the park is such good fun, slightly scary too. The queues do get busy so get there early and head here second. So where do you go first?

Rock and Roller Coaster

This is the fastest rollercoaster in the whole of Walt Disney World. It gets busy so get to the park early and ride it first. Otherwise, in high season expect to queue for at least an hour.

Once you’ve smashed these two rides, head over to the near perfection that is…

Toy Story Mania

This ride is great fun for all ages, sit down, get your 3D glasses on and take aim!

Once you’ve done this you’ve still got some many more things to do. The Disney Junior area is perfect for younger children and is close to Toy Story Mania. You could also head to the Frozen singalong and then up to the Star Wars area (not Star Wars Land but a close second).

You’ve also got the Beauty and the Beast live show, this is a real treat but get there early to make sure you get a good seat. I’ve sat at the very front and it was amazing (and cool) and I’ve sat right at the very back and it wasn’t anywhere near as good. The cast members on the show are awesome and considering they do the same show day in and day out give it everything.

2022 Update.

So now when the park opens most people head straight to either Toy Story Land or Star Wars, it makes sense because Slinky Dog Dash and Rise of the Resistance are the two best rides at Hollywood Studios.

Hollywood Studios Advice

  1. Get there early. This is so important. On your park days get up and get to them by 8 am you’ll be able to ride everything you want without queuing. Everyone is different but the way I look at it, you need to be making the most of the parks if that’s what you’ve wanted for. On your none park days there are plenty of relaxing things to do and I’ve written blogs about some of them so check them out.
  2. Best place for food is opposite the live Beauty and the Beast show.
  3. There is a single rider line for Rock and Roller Coaster
  4. There is a Star Wars shop
  5. The Indiana Jones show is good fun and again a chance to get out of the sun for a while.
  6. Muppets 3D Vision is very good too.

Since writing this article Star Wars land has opened too so there is even more to enjoy. We’ll bring you up to speed with that in another article.

That’s it for this article I’ve hope you’ve enjoyed reading my Hollywood Studios advice.

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