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Florida Trip | How far is Universal Studios from Disney World?

The Southern United States, particularly Florida… is home to not only one, but two amazing parks to visit. Guests flock Disney World Orlando and the Universal Studios all year round. Considering how wonderful an opportunity this is, you ought to know how far is Universal Studios from Disney World. Can you do both in one day, if you really had to, yes! Should you? absolutely not!

Universal Sign Orlando
Universal Sign Orlando

How far is Universal Studios from Disney World?

Both located in Florida, Walt Disney World Orlando is approximately 9.2 miles away from Universal Studios. With just a glimpse of the map of the US… you can already answer the query of how far is Universal Studios from Disney World. Situated within the same state, the travel time is conveniently short for only 20 minutes. This 20-minute estimate includes the condition with which you will most likely travel. Given the short distance, you do not have to worry about traffic. Or any circumstances that will prolong your transfer between the two theme parks.

Many tourists eye for these two places and include them in their itineraries. In fact, this question, along with the question of how far is Daytona Beach from Disney World… is one of the top questions tourists ask. Having these queries in mind is vital for many tourists. Since this will give them an idea of how much they would have to save for a planned trip to each of these places.

How do you get from Disney World to Universal Studios and vice versa?

Considering its location and the demand from people… there are many available ways for one to transfer from Disney World Orlando to Universal Orlando Resort. Regardless of the mode of transportation you will choose… you can always have many options that best match your budget and preferences. Each of the enumerated options already provides the considerations you have to keep in mind. Aside from that, some of them will already help you with the probable budget you will need.

  1. Your Own Car

If you have the luxury of owning a car, then this trip is an easy one for you. Having your own car for trips as near as Disney Orlando to Universal Studios will offer you an advantage. It’s because you do not have to worry about the comfort and time you will have to spend waiting for a car to ride on. Also, this gives you the flexibility when it comes to routes and trip stops. Since you and your traveling companion can control where you would like to go. Your time is yours and the route is also dependent on your decision.

With this option, all you have to prepare for is money for refilling your car with gasoline. The price will vary according to the type of car you drive and the amount of gasoline and oil that it needs to work. Given the short span of travel time, it would not demand much from the driver.

  1. Taxi

If you don’t own a car or did not have the opportunity to bring yours, you can always opt to go in a taxi. Knowing how far is Universal Studios from Disney World, these will also offer you a few of the advantages if you ride a cab. You can ask the driver to find a different route for you, and even ask them to stop at certain points.

However, unlike the first option, you will need to have quite a larger sum of money. Also, given the size of taxis, this might cost a larger sum of money for those who are traveling in large groups. You can include the taxi fare in your process of saving up for Florida and know how much it would cost you. Find out here.

Hailing a taxi from either of the two points can be estimated ahead of time. With the help of some websites and mobile applications, you can already have a preview of how much you will spend on a taxi trip. One of the useful websites is the Taxi Fare Finder.

Other options for taxi services

Guests may also avail taxi services from the highly-acclaimed shuttle services provider in Orlando — Mears. A one-way ride with this company will cost you $45. You can download the MEARS-NOW app to be able to reserve a ride the fastest, most convenient way possible.

Taxis around this area operate with many brands such as the Yellow Cab Company, Checker Cab Company, and City Cab Company. Taxis offered by these groups can accommodate 4-8 passengers, depending on the type. The more the number of people to accommodate, the higher the price goes.

  1. Car rentals

Again, if you do not have the luxury of a car, you still have another option you can go for. There are car rental services that accept reservations ahead of time. While some of these can cater on-the-spot reservations. One can access this option through websites and even mobile applications.

Car rentals can come in two forms—a solo ride or a carpool ride. In the solo ride, you and your traveling companions are exclusively entitled to ride that car. It means that only your group are the ones boarding the car. For a carpool, it would mean that you and other groups are going to be in the car. The former will cost you more money than the latter. However, if you are after more comfort and exclusive time with your buddies, go for the first option.

Mobile applications such as Uber are very helpful for this kind of transactions involving these types of services. You can reserve a ride on the spot and find out how much it will cost right then and there. If a mobile app does not seem to be your thing, you can do it through websites such as Auto Rentals, Orbitz and Rental Cars. Each of these websites offers different services at different prices. You can check out these websites and give each of them a try.

  1. Shuttles

Getting to Universal Studios from Disney Resort is also possible through the shuttles based on different parts of Disney Resort. Mears Transportation group offers shuttle services. Most families visiting Disney World and transferring to Universal Studios trust this company.

The prices of their services are quite affordable and reasonable for those looking for ways to transfer. Considering how far is Universal Studios from Disney World, these will definitely come in handy. An entire round trip will cost $21 per person aged 12 years and above and $16 per child aged 3-11 years. The ride for visitors below the age of three years is free.


What’s good about shuttle services is that you can already reserve shuttles in advance. This is possible through a direct call to Mears at 855-4-MEARS-NOW. Mears picks up other families who asked to be picked up at the same time. Considering how far is Universal Studios from Disney World… be ready for quite a long trip with lots of other families. Once you have decided to go for this option, make sure to come on time to your reserved schedule of pick-up or you will be left by the shuttles.

Mears Transportation offers flexible options in availing their services. Any interested traveler can access and contact them through phone, mobile applications and even through websites. Regardless of the medium used for the transaction… the prices remain the same for a particular service demanded by the customer. You can choose from their variety of shuttle services upon contacting them and know the price therein. More specifications and exclusivity of the shuttle will cost you extra charges to accommodate your demands.

  1. Trip Packages

One of the most common ways by which families transfer from the two points in focus is through availing a trip package. This option covers everything they need from arrival to departure. There are many packages online which guests can avail directly at any of the two destinations. They may also avail this through authorized traveling agencies. Yet, one disadvantage to watch out for in choosing this option is its inflexibility. Like the earlier-given options, there are certain schedules and itineraries to follow.

With the knowledge of how far is Universal Studios from Disney World, you might find yourself wanting to settle for a package trip. In opting for this, you have three choices on your source or the company that will manage your trip for you.

  1. Direct Transaction at Disney World Orlando and Universal Studios

Upon visiting the respective websites of Disney World and Universal Studios… you will see the prices of the packages that you can avail. Aside from that, you can also see the prices of each individual destination and the accommodation services that they offer to their guests. You will also get to see a glimpse of the location itself. One disadvantage though that you have to consider is that it will be a segment trip for you. Though you have an access to both places, you will have to have your own ways of availing a shuttle that will take you from your source point to the other.

2. Authorized Travelling Agencies

If you prefer going to these two places through a different but legitimately connected mediator, then go for travel agencies. First off, you should check out their licenses and the validity of their direct connection with Disney World Orlando and Universal Studios. Once assured, go choose a package that suits the number of traveling companions you have, your desired time of stay and your preferred dates. Travel Package for a person to last for three days, on an average will cost around $310.

You can also check out flight comparison sites that will offer you different options for transferring either by land or by air. Going for this option will save you up to a maximum of $603… a great deal of money for traveling considering how far is Universal Studios from Disney World.

Other package inclusions

These traveling agencies offer a variety of options in going to and from Disney World Orlando and Universal Studios and vice versa. These packages often include a trip to either of the destinations and accommodations for the guests. The transfer from one point to the other is also included in the packages if you indicate so.

One disadvantage to think about thoroughly before picking this option is its inflexibility. Since the destinations and times are all set, you and your traveling companions will have to follow every schedule. Disney and Universal Studio vacation packages availed through traveling agencies will also be a bit more expensive… As compared to those availed directly by the Universal Studios management and the Disney World Orlando management. There will be little charges for their efforts as mediators between the customer and the management involved in the transaction.


Now that the query on how far is Universal Studios from Disney World had been answered along with other vital details to know… you are already in for a memorable and fun experience visiting the two places. All you have to do is a thorough plan for the trip and be keen on the details of your plan. Keep in mind also some necessary considerations that must be made upon the trip. Once everything is settled, you will experience the most fun Florida trip you can have.


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