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Disney Fun Facts | How many acres is Disney World Florida?

Its common to know and say that Disney World Florida is one of the best and biggest theme parks in the entire world. For many years, Disney World has become such a well-known name in the theme park business. But there are still a lot of details that even longtime fans tend to gloss over. Like how many acres is Disney World Florida and how many people it can accommodate on a daily basis? Interested? Then read on!

But for today, let’s talk about how big Disney World Florida compared to any other Disney theme parks and cities.

Bronze Mickey Statue
Bronze Mickey Statue

How big is Disney World Florida?

Disney World in Orlando, Florida, when it first opened, was already a very large theme park even back then. But as the years pass and as the Disney brand grew in popularity… and also the amount of Disney films released to critical acclaim and new ideas added to the park… Disney World grew larger and larger. And so came the question – how many acres is Disney World Florida?

Well, of course, it’s a natural course of action for a theme park like Disney World to expand their business through the acquisition of land around the park. This would eventually lead to the formation of the other parks that make up Disney World Florida… Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and even expanded into water parks like the Typhoon Lagoon and the Blizzard Beach.

As we go into further detail on the sizes of each individual park… you’ll be able to better understand how many acres is Disney World Florida. The reason for this is that not everyone is aware of how huge the scope of it all is. Many would simply go around Disney World and leave without appreciating the park itself for how much it has grown over the years.

How many acres is Disney World Florida?

Overall, the entirety of Disney World Orlando is at a whopping 27,258 acres! Yes, that huge! That’s the equal to some of the cities in the UK like Liverpool and Bristol! And that’s about the size of the park itself, but what about the individual parks? Disney World Magic Kingdom is 142 acres large. Epcot is a massive 300 acres and Disney’s Hollywood Studios is 154 acres. But the biggest of them all go to Disney’s Animal Kingdom at a massive 500 acres!

Even Disney World’s hotels have also shown that they are pretty huge, as well. After all, with a huge theme park like Disney, of course, needs a lot of hotels to meet a large demand for rooms from guests. But like the park itself, establish more and more hotels over the years. Many with different themes that further exemplifies Disney World’s goal of offering a wide variety of options.

And as for the hotels themselves?

Every hotel can hold up to more than a thousand of guests. But there are a few hotels that boast being the biggest of them all. And if there is one hotel that stands out from the rest, it’s Disney’s Port Orleans Resort. How big is it? How about big enough to have 3,056 rooms for guests? That’s right, this hotel can hold more than thousands of guests.

Another hotel that deserves a mention is Disney’s Pop Century Hotel. With 2,880 rooms to accommodate guests, this further proves the sheer scale that Disney World Orlando is for the average visitor. Of course, large hotels such as these are a sample of how huge Disney world can be for first timers.

Big Water Parks

But that’s only the hotels. What about the water parks, too? Disney Orlando is not only famous for its themed attractions and parks. It is also famous for its water parks. Florida weather is unpredictable throughout the year. One day there is rain, while others would feature high temperatures. Hot days would usually see tens of thousands of guests visiting Disney World Florida for their famous water parks… Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach.

Typhoon Lagoon boasts having an impressive size at 2,439,360 square feet or 56 acres. To first time guests, it may sound like a pretty big number. But once you take a walk around and see the number of visitors on a daily basis, you’d believe so. Blizzard Beach also boasts an impressive park size of 66 acres. The size definitely beats out Typhoon Lagoon by 10 acres!

If anyone is ever up for a Disney theme way of holding off for the summer or spending a relaxing day by the pool… then a simple trip to Disney World would definitely fill that void.

Where did they get so much land? How much land does Disney own in Florida?

Aside from knowing how many acres is Disney World Florida, it is also important to know how it all started. Getting to this point was no easy task for Walt Disney during the planning and construction phases of the park. Dummy corporations were used in order to get the 30,500 acres of land that they needed.

During this time, it was only swamped lands. And so the owners were more than eager to sell off these unused lands. Another issue that caused some hurdles in the development of the park is the mineral rights owned by Tufts University. Disney even negotiated a deal with Tufts University to buy the mineral rights for only $15,000. In short, when Disney World was first attracted there was a lot of land surrounding it. After a lot of further planning and negotiations, the Disney World we know of today is born.

How big is Disney World Orlando compared to Disneyland Anaheim?

To better understand how many acres is Disney World Florida… it’s also best to compare it with its counterpart in the US. We have already identified how many acres is Disney World Florida, which is comparable to some cities in the UK and the US. But what are the numbers? First, let’s compare it with another Disney Park in California called Disneyland Anaheim.

Disneyland Anaheim is 157 acres. This includes two parks like the main Disneyland Park (85 acres ) and the Disney California Adventure (72 acres). Now, if you’ve visited the place many times before, Disneyland Anaheim is already a pretty big place. Heck, you can spend all day going on the different rides and traveling to the different parks. And you would still have time to do more the next few days.

However, knowing how many acres is Disney World Florida is a different matter. Because it has four major parks, two water parks, and a few major attractions, compared to Disneyland’s two parks. These are the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, Disney’s Blizzard Beach, Disney Springs, Disney’s Wedding Pavilion, and the ESPN Wide World of Sports. These would make up to a total of 27,258 acres!

Other interesting facts

Another important factor that further show how immense Disney World is over Disney Anaheim is its number of hotels and transport systems. Currently, Disneyland Anaheim has three hotels. While Disney World has whopping numbers of over two dozens. That’s right, they have a total of 27 hotels!

Transport to these parks is vastly different. For Disneyland, thanks to its smaller size, guests can walk between parks and to the Downtown Disney District. This is all depending on the hotel you’re staying at, of course. But on some occasions, transport is available to cut traveling time short, such as the monorail.

Disney World’s transport system not only caters to the tens of thousands but also because of the immense size of the park itself. Going from park to park on foot will only leave you with sore feet. Getting from place to place is not only done on foot, but also through buses, trains, ferries. Some would even have to switch transports twice to get to their destination! Of course, not all would mind the extra transportation to get to where they wanted.

What about Disney theme parks in other countries?

Let’s also compare to other Disney theme parks in other countries.

When you see Disney World’s behemoth 27,258 acres, all other Disneyland mentioned above are tiny in comparison. But just because the rest are small doesn’t mean that they’ll stay small. For example, Disneyland Paris has the largest Magic Kingdom style park ever at a resort.

The other smaller parks have also gotten attention in recent years. Both to meet a growing demand as well as expectations compared to Disney World. Such as when Disney California received a billion-dollar overhaul. Hong Kong Disneyland adding three new parks. And Walt Disney Studios in Paris having a new Ratatouille-themed ride.

What about other parks throughout America?

Asking how many acres is Disney World Florida as compared to other famous theme parks in America makes a huge difference. Again, Disney World Florida is a whopping 27,258 acres, while the rest of the theme parks are as follows:

Now compare these to Disney World Orlando. It’s obvious that they all barely hold a candle to the immense size of Disney World Florida. You’d have to multiply a single park’s size by a dozen and you’ll be about at least meet the total size of Disney World. Knowing how many acres is Disney World Florida is definitely amazing that such a theme park like Disney Word to be one of the biggest in the business.

Comparing how many acres is Disney World Florida to other US and UK cities?

To many longtime fans and travelers, walking through Disney World is like walking through a city. Heck, it might as well be a city on its own. Take San Francisco, which has a total size of 30,000 acres. While a little bit larger in size… it’s still amazing to know how many acres is Disney World Florida is as big as the city of San Francisco itself! Now, if you’re a resident of San Fran, it’s pretty obvious to you that San Francisco is a pretty big place. Complete with winding roads, areas that you can get lost in especially if you’re new to the place. Now apply that to Disney World Orlando, and you can see and feel the grandeur.

Need further proof that will blow your mind? How about the fact that Disney World is big enough to hold two Manhattan Islands together? That’s right, TWO Manhattan Islands. That’s two whole islands in one theme park.

And as stated above, it’s big enough to be the same size as UK cities like Edinburgh, Manchester, Newcastle, Bristol, Leeds, and Liverpool. Besides, Disney World is big to take up half the size of Birmingham. And it’s big enough to be the same size as Oxford, Cambridge, and York combined.

Of course, with Disney constantly planning on expanding, who knows, it will even be big enough to be larger than San Francisco or hold another Manhattan Island?

In summary

To summarize it all, Walt Disney World in Florida is HUGE. Very huge, as in huge enough to be its own major city like San Francisco. And big enough to hold other smaller cities. It’s also big enough so that guests will need a ton of transportation services to get from Point A to Point B. Another factor that makes Disney World a large team park is the sheer amount of hotels and attractions it has. You can pretty much tell that it’s a pretty big theme park when it has over two dozen hotels to accommodate the guests.

It is indeed amazing how much Disney World has grown ever since its founding on October 1, 1971. And within a span of 40 years, Walt Disney World has become the largest Disney theme park Disney has ever had in recent years. While guests and tourists come and go, many are unaware how many acres is Disney World Florida and how massive Disney as a name has grown.


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