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How much does it cost to go to Disney World? | Disney Orlando and Beyond

With many people wanting to but getting anxious about going to Disney World… the need to answer the question: “How much does it cost to go to Disney World?” comes up. Fortunately, we’ve got your back. There are many of us who have been there and can share our experiences for you to learn from.

Child at Disney Castle Magic Kingdom Fireworks
Child at Disney Castle Magic Kingdom Fireworks

Visiting the happiest place on earth—admit it or not—is quite pricey. And in visiting the place, the importance of planning ahead to avoid unnecessary expenses is needed now more than ever. And with Disney Orlando being a continent away, Disney World Planning plays a vital role to avoid a waste of money and effort. Planning will also save you from unwanted financial surprises once you get there.

Aside from Disney World Orlando, you can also try out other tourist attractions that are only a few minutes’ drive away from Disney World.

If you are serious about your plan to visit Disney World and even Florida in general… here comes a list of things you and your traveling companions should think about thoroughly.

How much does it cost to go to Disney World: The Factors to Consider

The amount of money you will spend on your visit to Walt Disney World will depend on many factors, as listed below.

  1. The number of people coming

This is the first and most important step that will determine the budget that you should save up for. If traveling with friends, keep in mind that you will have minimal opportunities and access to discounts. It is because most of the discount offers are usually for kids only. If you are traveling with the entire family and there are kids below three years, then you can save up more. The logic here is simple: the more people coming along with you, the bigger budget you have to prepare.

There are many packages that are available online for guests coming in groups. From flight tickets to park tickets, there will always be a package to suit you.

  1. Season of visiting

In planning to visit Disney World Orlando, an attraction situated in a different country… it would be best to consider their holidays and peak seasons. This is not only for safety and convenience but for saving up money as well. If possible, avoid peak seasons in the USA, as there will be many crowds flocking in Disney World. These “peak seasons” include spring break, summer vacation and of course, Christmas season.

Avoiding the peak season will be helpful since it will save you the inconvenience of meddling with crowds as you try to appreciate and enjoy the views, attractions, and parks that are there. This is one instance that will be very helpful if avoided, especially if you are traveling with kids.

  1. Planned days of stay

Once the number of people traveling and the date is finally settled… the next important factor to consider is the number of days you intend to stay. Keep in mind that the longer you plan to stay… the bigger budget you must prepare for the accommodations, transfers, and meals that you will consume.

There are many applications and websites that could be of use for you in searching for hotels for you to stay. The prices are already indicated according to your budget, number of traveling companions, and your taste.

  1. Attractions to visit

Visiting a city-huge park such as the Disney World Orlando can be overwhelming. With the number of parks and attractions to see, finding ones you would want to visit can be a time-consuming job. Plan ahead of time and scroll through the parks and activities you want to visit and try. Consider your budget also in planning where to go in the park.

How much does it cost to go to Disney World: Walt Disney Trips and Packages

Now that you know what are the important things to consider in planning your trip to Disney World Orlando… it is time for you to learn about the different Disney World Florida packages for the different needs you will have to meet during your stay.

The main principle here is that the answer to how much does it cost to go to Disney World for one day will depend on the packages you choose. And of course the number of people benefiting from those packages. You can still opt to go for individual fees for park rides and attractions. However, before visiting these attractions, it is important to first check out how much does Disney World cost per person for these rides.

  1. Package tickets for park rides and attractions

It is important to note that different parks and attractions in Disney World Orlando have their own different prices. It varies according to the area they occupy, the facilities they use and the people needed to make it work.

If you are coming to Disney World through a tourist package, then you have a fixed tour schedule and spots to visit. In going for this option, it is very important to be wise in choosing your package. As for budget-friendly ticket packages, there are many options for tourists to choose from. All guaranteed to offer you the best of Disney’s magic. Take note that these packages also count in your intended days of staying. These packages cover a family of four—two adults and two children above the age of three.


This package is ideal for those who are planning to stay in for three days. This excludes the Park Hopper option on the list. The two days included in this package are the attractions such as Downtown Disney and visiting the boardwalk. This package will cost you approximately $1,127.80.


With this package, the family can enjoy five days of stay. They can also visit many attractions (they have more options) in the park. This only costs $1,245.80


In this $1,485.80-worth package, you can use the Park Hopper tickets for 5 days. You can also level up with the parks you will visit—from Magic Kingdom to Animal Kingdom.


For those who have the luxury of a bigger budget, say—about $1,597.80 or more—then this package is for you. The family can enjoy the 5-day Park Hopper ticket, along with Water Park Fun and a lot more. This package would be optimally utilized if chosen for a 7-10 days’ stay at Disney World. The number of days will assure you that there will be enough time for you to spend on each of the attractions you paid for.

2. Disney meal package deals

Another contributor answering the question how much does it cost to go to Disney World is the meal package. Whether you are planning to stay for one day or for a week… the need for meals for energy replenishing will always be there. And according to people who already paid a visit to Disney World, the meals are also quite pricey. Yet, there are a few hacks, packages and offers for you to avail and save up with.

First, there’s the Disney Vacation Club offering you the Disney Dining Plan. This Disney Dining Plan has a lot of package deals to offer. From the cheapest ones that cover a few meals to the luxurious ones that will definitely fill your tummy. With the Disney Dining Plan… you can plan your meals ahead of time and have them served on your day of arrival at any Disney Hotel. The minimum rate for Disney Dining plan costs $48.19 for adults and $20.88 for children. The maximum rate is at $106.68 for adults and $38.75 for children.

If you prefer having separate planned meals… you can always go to those restaurants, snack bars, and dining locations within the resort. No matter which of these you go for, the magic of Disney guarantees to still be alive as you dine.

  1. Hotel Rates

Another contributor to the question how much does it cost to go to Disney World is the hotel rates. If you intend to stay in any of the hotels within Disney World… then this should be a factor that you and your traveling companions should consider. You have a wide array of options when it comes to which hotel you can stay. Regardless of the hotel you choose… you will always find the magic of Disney even in your rooms and the excellent services.

Total budget and breakdown suggestions

How much does it cost to go to Disney World cannot be answered definitely, as it all depends on the factors mentioned above. With different combinations of participants… budget and desired length of stay, there will also be different price tags for each trip.

To further aid you in seeing how much you will have to spend on your trip to Disney Orlando… listed below are some plans which you can do or pattern your trip upon. This list attempts to enlighten you how much does it cost to go to Disney World for a family of four.

One week Disney World budget for a family of four

Take note that there are estimates in this list. Meaning that these can still change depending on circumstances. Also, considering that you are coming from a different country and bringing your car with you could be much of a trouble… you might want to allot a bigger budget for the airfare and car rentals and gas.

Other tourist hotspots in Florida to try

Aside from Disney World Orlando, Florida is also known for their majestic beaches that many tourists adore. Pompano Beach, Delray Beach, and Cocoa Beach, to name a few. Strategically located near a coastline, Florida has a wide stretch of beaches. Not only do these beaches have the best sights to see… but also excellent accommodation and services that you can enjoy. What’s more exciting about these beaches is that many of them are accessible from Disney World. Thus opening doors to more tourist attractions to explore.

Different places in the different beaches offer different facilities for any sort of activities, which you will definitely enjoy. From outdoor activities like beach volleyball, surfing, waterskiing, and many others to indoor activities like billiards, movie screening, and others— the management is sure to have something in store for you and your traveling companions.

To check out more of Florida beaches located near Disney World, you can search for them online. Upon engaging in such search, you will also come across hotel suggestions which are definitely perfect for any budget and hotel preferences. You can also search for tourist blogs of those who have been to any of the beaches in Florida. It will give you a glimpse of the things you can do and the place you are about to visit.

Final Word

You will definitely find sites that are helpful for those who are saving up for Florida. From simple to practical tips in saving up for this trip… you are sure to find ones that will simply suit your circumstances.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to do when you come to Florida—particularly in Disney World Orlando. With this, it is very important to plan thoroughly and estimate how much does it cost to go to Disney World. However, despite its popularity and variety of activities offered, this is not just the lone attraction to visit in the state. There’s much more beauty that lies in the state which is made evident with the beaches that open itself to the public.


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