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Kennedy Space Centre Review

Kennedy Space Centre is a great place to spend a day learning all things about NASA and Space related. This Kennedy Space Centre review should help you decide if it’s right for you to visit on your holiday. It is a full day out with the travelling from Orlando.

Kennedy Space Centre Review
Kennedy Space Centre!

“Kennedy space centre is a place to learn and sit back in wonder”

First thing to say is that as amazing as Kennedy Space Centre is, it’s not really massively appropriate for smaller children. They have tried to address this by adding a play area and a slide but I would still maintain that children under the age of ten are not going to really understand it. Maybe they could head to Magic Kingdom and leave you to enjoy the rockets?

As for us adults, I guess it comes down to how much you enjoy learning about Space and Space travel. My wife, not so much! My 4-year-old daughter not so much, so it didn’t leave much freedom for me to have a good look around. From what I did see it’s a really interesting place with lots to see and do. Appreciating what these guys did in the name of science is really incredible. Seeing the claustrophobic places that they had to live in for the entire duration of their travels is very eye opening.

Kennedy Space Centre Review
Genesis rocket

Journey time from Orlando is around 1 hour and 30 minutes. So that needs to be factored in if you’re traveling with younger children (bring the iPad!). If you were keen on learning about this stuff then you could easily spend the whole day there. The talks they do on the different space programs whilst looking up at the rockets is so good. Finding out about how they progressed from the Genesis program and on to Appollo is awe inspiring.

We have been lucky to see 4 rocket launches when we have been in Florida. We have seen one from KSC which was the most interesting. We had a viewing area and also a fee into the communications from the various team members as they prepared for the launch. To make it really interesting there was a retired astronaut talking us through the launch preparations which was fasinating.

The other three times we were were around the Space Centre but not in it. So once we watched from Titusville, another great place is Playa Linda Beach. Bear in mind that on Launch days the whole area is full of people so it can sometimes feel like leaving a festival when you try and head home. Factor that in to any dining reservations back in Orlando because we missed ours. Worth it for the experience though.

All in all its a great place.

I hope you enjoyed this short article I’ll try and add to it if I get time at work! And aim to make it the nets best Kennedy Space Centre review.


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