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If You Love Beaches, You Can Dive at West Palm Beach Florida

When it comes to beautiful beaches to behold, West Palm Beach Florida has a lot to offer its guests. With so many things for tourists, choosing what to do can be a tricky stuff. The list below will help you choose the best activity when you visit West Palm Beach.

West Palm Beach Florida Overview

West Palm Beach Florida also known as Orchid City,  is one of the three main cities in South Florida. It is Miami Metropolitan Area’s oldest municipality. Incorporated as a city coming in two years ahead of Miami in November 1894. It is approximately situated 68 miles north of Downtown Miami.

Until the present time, West Palm Beach Florida remains in its spot as one of America’s top tourist spots. This place is go-to for those who would like to have a tropical experience. Soak themselves under the sun while the blue waves slam towards the shores in front of them. Whatever your concerns and whoever you’re traveling with, you are sure to have fun in this place. On top of that, being a few miles away from Disney Orlando, you can include a visit to West Palm Beach Florida in your Disney World planning travel destination.

The Best Time to Visit

If you’re planning to go to West Palm Beach Florida, you might want to consider the months and dates of your visit. May and October until November are the best time to go. May is a month where tourist frequent the beach. This is because Sunfest — the largest waterfront music and arts festival taking place in the said month. The lineup of performers is often what lures tourists into this place at this month. The latest performers of the most played songs on radio— they are a frequenter of this event. So if you are one music lover who also happens to be an admirer of the beauty of the beach, this month suits you best. Despite the event having a hardcore party aura, the administrators still guarantee a good vibe to its tourists. Some guests even stay here until June to feel the full-blown South Florida sun.

Come Saturday before Halloween, Moonfest is the grand celebration downtown. You’ll see a wide array of costumes once this celebration hits downtown. From slammed together costumes to the over-the-top ones. All worn by people from different ages, with different skin colors and from all walks of life.

One last thing you need to know before your visit is that it has an underwater river source of warm water. Since the location is somewhere near the Gulf of Mexico, the warm water from the underwater river source adds up to the reasons why this place is a flocked-by place all-year round (it retains its warmth in the winter season) and even people of retiring age.

West Palm Beach Beaches

West Palm Beach Florida has all the best beaches to visit, swim around and have your tan done. With its 45-mile long Atlantic shoreline, you will not run out of beaches to try. They are highly recommended for those who would want to spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city. And of course, for those who only want some time in peaceful, quiet and non-crowded places.

Listed below are the beaches you can visit to have your eyes satisfied and your heart fulfilled.

  1. Juno Beach

Located in Northern Palm Beach County, Juno Beach is one of the dog-friendliest beaches.  It is something pet-owners and pet-lovers would definitely love to go.  It has miles of seashore that is long enough even for big families to enjoy. With white sand and clear aquamarine waters, Juno beach holds beauty to calm the minds of every guest. Aside from the view, its tranquil ambiance and quiet surroundings make it a good place to relax.

This beach is also a good spot for fishing and surfing. With all the activities, the people who run the place always guarantee safety to its tourists.

This beach is a convenient place for large families and even those traveling in groups. Right off the entrance, guests already have the access to a large parking space. And also, public restrooms to run to.

  1. Palm Beach

Palm Beach has earned its reputation as a beach of beauty and richness. You are sure to have a good time here even if you are on a tight budget. The splendor of this place is phenomenal. You can enjoy the blue waters, the glitters in beams of sunlight and fine white sand.  You can also see different kinds of birds flying in the air and sometimes even landing by the seashores.

You might also want to try visiting the tranquil gardens at the Society of the Four Arts and see the exhibits. You can also try trail biking at the six-mile-long Lake Trail. Traversing the Intracoastal Ways and commences right near the gardens. And by the way, is also a pet-friendly place.  You can opt to shop and watch people come and go in this area. All you have to do is head off to the famous Worth Avenue.

  1. Coral Cove Park

With clear waters along with many rock formations lining in a few meters away from the shore is the Coral Cove. Aside from being a hotspot for its breathtaking beach and views— it is the most highly-recommended place for snorkeling enthusiast. Located in Florida beach’s northernmost part, it offers a quiet, tranquil place for its guests.

Aside from water-related activities, you can behold the creatures of the underwater world. This includes tropical fishes, stingrays, and seahorses. Its guarded waterway frontage bids 600 feet of Intracoastal Waterways which is ideal for paddle boarding.

Top 5 West Palm Beach Attractions

There are also several attractions you can do during your stay in West Palm Beach Florida. Which of course, will always involve the seas, the sand, and other things.

  1. Camping at Peanut Island

Situated close to the separation point between Signet Island and Palm Beach, the small man-made Peanut Island inside Lake Worth inlet shelters a park for a variety of activities. Peanut Island provides facilities that are perfect for snorkeling, fishing, and camping. Its 79-acre land mass was a historical place. It is where former US President John F. Kennedy founded his nuclear bunker during the Cold War. The bunker remains there and tourists can view them through an offered walking tour. You’ll also find a boaters’ paradise on Peanut Island. With many shallow areas and sandbars to set their anchors on. Parties are a usual occurrence in this place, particularly during the weekends.

  1. Sight-seeing at John MacArthur State Park

John MacArthur State Park has preserved its ancient and natural beauty.  This despite the modernization that occurred at many of the places surrounding it. This is the reason why tourists first lured into visiting here. Characterized by both upland and underwater domain, it has been featured in the nature center’s exhibits and videos. Walking a little further, tourists will get a glimpse of the place’s flora and fauna. Aside from all these, you can also indulge yourself in swimming on the beach that’s only nearby. But, keep in mind that as you go to the beach, no lifeguards are on duty. So, make sure to always keep safety precautions.

On top of that, you can also try fishing in its designated area. Where it is also recommended to have long quiet walks in a nearby water form. To sum it up, this park is great, even for the kids and is, thus, ideal for the entire family.

  1. Scuba Diving in West Palm Beach

If nature tripping underwater are your target activities, then West Palm Beach is for you. Here, you can try scuba diving. You will see the wondrous corals, fishes, and other underwater creatures. This place is well-known for providing the best sea turtle encounters. What’s good about this is that it gives you a preview of the life of sea turtles. Coming in different kinds without actually harming them in the process.

Most of the turtles they shelter are the endangered ones. Particularly the Kemp’s Ridley and the leatherback. Records reveal that there are about five to seven species of turtles found here. The diversity of the turtles educates you about their differences. As you also enjoy their company while swimming and behold their beauty. These sea turtles are under the threat of extinction.  It is in the list under the Federal Endangered Species Act

The best time to visit this place is during the months of March through October. These months are the nesting season. As for the rest of the months, you can still encounter sea turtles in their reefs and wrecks in the same location. Leatherback turtles are the first to take shelter. This happened during the beginning of sea turtle hunting season. They have the largest recorded length of 10 ft and can reach up to 2000 lbs in weight.

  1. Fishing at Jupiter Beach Park

Jupiter Beach Park spans 46 acres and 1700 feet located at the Jupiter Inlet. It is the best place to go for the fishing enthusiast. Open for everyone anytime of the day, the Jupiter Beach Park is a paradise for fishers. Regardless of his or her level of skills. If you want to set the fish you caught for snacks or dinner, there are facilities that will allow you to do so. That includes picnic and grilling facilities.

There are also other recreational activities they offer such as sand volleyball court. If you’re deep into wanting to learn history, you can try to visit the historical marker. You can find the Spanish galleons and merchant ships that sank way back in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Despite the fact that dogs are not allowed in Jupiter Beach Park premises, your pet can run around only 2 ½ miles of off-leash beach to the south located between markers 25 and 29. Do not forget to clean your dog’s poop (if ever he or she does) before leaving the vicinity.

  1. Delray Beach

Offering a wide area for everything, you might want to drop by at Delray Beach. A day’s stay at this beach will not be enough for you. You will definitely plan to come to this beach once again in your next visit in West Palm Beach Florida. In fact,  USA Today hailed this place as the Most Fun Small Town in 2012.

The long, breathtaking beaches are as incredible as the shops you can find downtown. You can see the artistic murals and public art and even the fresh finds you can find in the market. Try visiting Atlantic Avenue for the best items you can find to give as gifts or keep as souvenirs. Then head off to Pineapple Grove art district to behold the artsy murals and public artworks. If a busy spot is what you want along with the majestic view of nature, then head off to West Delray Regional Park.

With 300 acres of open land and water with bike trails, tent camping, and archery club, you will never run out of activities. You can also try other sports activities. It has runway and car track for audio-controlled planes as well as automobiles and boat lake.

In conclusion

West Palm Beach Florida is a perfect vacation destination for everyone. People of all ages, of different interests and hobbies, with different budget scopes and from all walks of life will enjoy their vacation. On top of that, the safety of every tourist, as well as the wildlife involved in their activities, comply with the guidelines and standards.

The West Palm Beach Florida is a good and convenient spot for everyone to see. Visitors can conduct all sorts of recreational activities. From shopping, fine dining, live performances, a world-renowned art museum and more. It offers a year-round excitement within easy reach of beautiful beaches and the most enticing waterways.


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