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What Makes Naples Beach Florida a Stunning Tourist Spot?

With numerous majestic beaches and its proximity to the Disney World Orlando, Naples Beach Florida has a lot to offer to its tourists. However, the fun in this place does not stop with just its beauty, but with the plenty of things you can do—regardless of your interests and the budget you have.

Naples Beach Florida Overview

Naples is a city located in Collier County, Florida and is recorded as of 2015 as one of the wealthiest cities in the United States of America. It is a principal city of the Naples-Macro Island, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area. This place is known for its fanciness, particularly because of the fact that many wealthy international families own houses located here.

Basically, this tropical paradise is just like any other town with schools, universities, residential areas and the like. What makes it special are the beautiful beaches it opens to the public and the breath-taking views partnered with the lush palm trees that add up to the summer feels and the crystal clear and blue waters.

The climate of Naples Beach Florida also adds up to the reasons why many tourists are lured into visiting this place. Typically, Florida experiences a tropical savannah climate—having hot and wet summers and warm and dry winters and is frost-free on a normal basis.

The Scenery

The Naples Beach, Florida is home to many beaches which tourists can choose from—opening up the possibility for the tourist to feel overwhelmed with the choices available. Aside from that, the beach village’s proximity to the Disney Orlando offers tourists with more options to have fun aside from the activities they can do here (you can add this up in your Disney planning tour). Not only that, as the place is also near the wonderful Miami Beach, which is also known to shelter many picture-perfect beaches in the United States.

The Beaches

Listed below are the highly-recommended beaches you can visit once you get the chance or are planning to come to this place.

  1. Naples Municipal Beach and Pier (Old Naples)

If you’re up for a breathtaking purplish-ink sunset view, then the Naples Municipal Beach and Pier is the place for you to visit in Naples Beach Florida. This beach and pier had served its community for more than a hundred years as a fishing pier and an entry point for those who arrive in Naples via boat and ships (it was their early mode of transportation back then and some even use it until now). Upon visiting this spot, you will have the opportunity to walk through six miles of flawless, white sand where aquamarine waves crash against it, giving you a more relaxing and calming vibe. Aside from the view to behold, you can also take a fishing rod with you and try fishing by the pier. If you’re not into it, you can simply watch others do it.

  1. South Marco Beach (Marco Island)

Public beach access only comes in a limited number in Marco Island and the South Marco Island which is easiest to find and to access. If you are coming from the parking lot on the other side of Collier Boulevard, brace yourself for quite a long walk. Upon getting there, you can feel soft, sugar-textured sand. Aside from beholding the beauty of this public beach, you can also enjoy other activities in this place such as playing volleyball, parasailing, paddle boarding, jet skiing and many others.

  1. Bonita Beach Park (Bonita Springs)

Sheltered in Big Hickory Island, the Bonita Beach Park is a former fishing village transformed into a swank and is the island’s southernmost end. It is the closest beach to Interstate 75, setting it in a strategic place to attract beach-goers and lure them further with water sports that are catered here. Despite gaining the reputation as a party beach, people who enjoy silent moments at the beach can still find their place here. The park also provides a playground for kids as well as picnic shelters with tables and grills. Also, the beach facilitates beach rentals and burger joints that provide you with food whether you’re dining indoors or outdoors.

  1. Vanderbilt Beach (North Naples)

Vanderbilt Beach is the frontline among the resorts in Naples Beach Florida— including the Ritz-Carlton. Bar-hoppers will also enjoy stopping by this place for its facilities to give them just their needs. Also, dining will be a good activity to do here since there are a lot of establishments offering these. However, upon coming here, make sure not to come on peak seasons as it gets too crowded at that point.

Its white sands are set and quite visible and add up to the grandeur of the place. On top of that, tourists may try seashell hunting early in the morning and watch shorebirds as well.

The experience to try

Not only are beaches the thing of Naples Beach resort that makes it a stunning tourist spot, but also the other places you can visit and other activities you can try.

  1. Clam Pass County Park (North Naples)

Basically, this place also shelters a beach. However, the twist here in this place is that you will have to go through tram rides across a three-quarter-mile boardwalk through a mangrove estuary. This “twist” in your trip gives you a peek of two natural habitats of Naples Beach, Florida. This park is just adjacent to the parking lot and in front of the Naples Grande Beach Resort.

Spanning 35 acres and coming with a tidal bay, tourists can enjoy observing the birds and osprey and other marine life. Facilities such as restrooms, showers and resort food concession as well as county-operated facilities are available in this place for the tourist’s convenience. On top of that, adding up to the enjoyment of the tourists are the offered cabana and boat rentals (which are available in the county-operated facility)

  1. Lowdermilk Park (Old Naples)

When you visit Naples Beach Florida, Lowdermilk Park is the place for you to go for complete facilities and services you need for your stay. It is highly recommendable for families and children, as it has everything to entertain each member. You can make use of the restrooms and showers and buy whatever it is that you need in a downtown area just nearby. There are two playgrounds where the kids can enjoy as well as a duck pond.

Tourists can also utilize the two gazebo pavilions where everyone can gather, dine and have a small talk. If you’re the sporty and kinesthetic type of person, you can still enjoy your stay in this particular location as they cater sand volleyball games.

  1. Barefoot Beach Preserve Park (Pelican Bay)

Scenic tidal views, lush mangrove swamps, and pristine waters are the Barefoot Beach Preserve Park’s selling factors that entice many tourists into visiting this place. Aside from the visual appeal of this place, the aura itself adds up to its selling factor, as it is a very quiet and tranquil place—perfect for those who are not into crowded and loud places.

Being a 342-acre beach that is not crowded, this place is a good venue for long walks, camping, and the like. Also. Tourists who want to learn more about marine life are welcomed to the free nature walks and a butterfly garden where they can also view the most unspoiled and natural quality of the beach.

  1. Sugden Regional Park

If saltwater beaches are already tiring you, you can try out visiting this place in Naples Beach Florida. Unlike most of the water spots in the place, the Sugden Regional Park is mainly composed of a freshwater lake—Avalon, measuring 60 acres. Here in this place, you can also try out sailing events and programs as they offer facilities and cater all these sorts of water sports such as kayaking and water skiing. A rental shop for the equipment needed in these sports are available within the place. What makes this a lot more special is that they also offer instructions for tourists with special needs who want to try out these sports. Aside from being a unique place to fish and play water sports in, the Sugden Regional Park also offers itself as a venue for tourists to hold their picnics and to fish at the nearby pier.

Food to try

One’s adventure at the Naples Beach Florida will not be deemed complete without trying out the dishes served in their best cafes and restaurants to add up the factors that make your stay in the place memorable. As there are many restaurants to choose from which might eventually overwhelm you, you can try these highly-recommended restaurants and dining places listed below.

  1. Jane’s Garden Café (Old Naples)

If you’re looking for a dining place that gives you that old French vibe which serves with a mix of American and British dishes, then dine in at Jane’s Garden Café located at old Naples when you visit Naples Beach Florida. Every meal is freshly prepared in this restaurant. Some of their best sellers include the quiche du jour and roasted beet salad with goat cheese to its crab cake melt, seafood crepes, seafood tacos in five flavors (plus vegetarian), vegan selections and corn and chipotle chicken BLT salad. What makes this dining place a must-visit is its service for special dietary needs. Every customer who has specific dietary concerns and needs may still dine here and have their specifications served to them after a talk with any of their staff, who will gladly accommodate you. However, be extra patient upon availing this privilege as it is oftentimes quite slow, particularly during the winter season.

  1. Snook Inn (Marco Island)

Chickee bars are a common sight in Naples Beach Florida, and the Snook Inn is one of the best places you can be for this meal. Aside from that, you can also enjoy the outdoorsy feel of the restaurant as most of its tables are set up outside and comes with an umbrella. If you’re not into eating or dining outdoors, you can still enjoy our meals indoors as they also offer that option (particularly for lunch and dinner). Get to see the boats and boat traffic upon dining outdoors and get a taste of the salads from the salad bar and have that old-school feel of gathering the ingredients of your meal from one huge pickle barrel. They also offer sandwiches, steak, and seafood for your lunch and dinner in this dining place.

  1. The Dock at Crayton Cove (Old Naples)

Standing and serving tourists since the mid-70’s the Dock at Crayton Cove has proved itself as one of the most outstanding seafood serving dining spots in Naples Beach Florida. Not much had changed with the way they cook their served meals yet you can be assured that your taste buds will never tire of having their meals for lunch and dinner. Expect an excellent Caribbean flavor on the menu as this has been their specialty for quite a long time already. Aside from this, you can also expect seafood specials, Jamaican Red Stripe Ribs with guava BBQ sauce and paella.

One event that lures tourists into this place is the Dock’s hosting of the annual Great Dock Canoe Race. This annual grand parade of decorated paddle craft happens every second Saturday of May and continues to lure many tourists in the area.

Indeed, there is beauty in diversity, and this is just what makes Naples Beach Florida a stunning tourist spot and a place worth visiting. Everything you can think of doing on your day off at the beach can be done anywhere in Naples Beach, Florida—whether it is simply sight-seeing, beach hopping, bar-hopping, island hopping, quality time with the family, sports activities and the like. What makes this more stunning as a tourist spot is that the natural beauty of this place is preserved despite the commercial advantages it offers. It is evident through the lush palm trees that are not taken down and taken care of. It combines man-made beauty and nature’s beauty in one place.


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