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Now we are talking. The brilliant Orlando Lake Tour last around 75 minutes and is an absolute pleasure. Combining wildlife, beautiful scenery and some fabulous homes it’s a must see in my opinion.

The Orlando Lake Tours focus on the Butler Chain of lakes, so close to Orlando that you can see the Orlando Eye Ferris Wheel when you’re on the boat but far enough away to feel like you are someone totally different to Orlando.

Lake Bulter on Orlando Lake Tours
Lake Butler

“A beautiful backdrop an interesting ride and a break from the madness of the parks”

The Orlando Lake Tours operate daily from a luxury pontoon on the stunning Butler Chain of lakes. The pontoon is at the end of a dock and although it’s in beautiful scenery it is easily missed. Parking can also be difficult so you might end up with a good 10-minute walk from where you park to getting on the boat. The tour doesn’t have an office so don’t expect anything more than a moored boat but don’t let that put you off for a second, the team behind the Orlando Lake Tours are friendly and helpful.

The boat is beautiful and doesn’t go very fast, this tour is all about creature comforts so you don’t need to worry about speed. It’s slow and steady and the fun is based on what you will see. We have done the tour with our then 3 years old and she had a great time and then had a snooze, the boat is covered so you don’t get too warm too.

So, what kind of things can you expect to see on the tour?

Nature wise we saw lots of wildlife including lots of Ospreys, we saw them nesting and hunting. It was amazing to see these huge birds. You can also see Eagles, these guys are so big they can even take an Osprey off a nest! Unfortunately, on the day we did the tour we didn’t see any Eagles. We also saw alligators and turtles too. We also saw Blue Heron, A Snowy Egret, and some nesting Pelicans, awesome stuff that let’s be honest you don’t see in the UK.

The Rich and Famous

Isleworth (the town next to the lakes) is home to some very famous people. It’s where lots of golfers live and on the tour, you can see the house where Tiger Woods was living when he upset his wife and crashed his car, good luck to Tiger as he fights his demons.  Lake Butler is home to “Versailles”, which is said to be the largest private residence in America. The house is called “Versailles” and was recently the subject of a 2-hour documentary called The Queen Versailles. We also saw homes that whilst not belonging to famous people are quite frankly staggering in their size and opulence.

Please note, ALL SEATS must be PRE BOOKED online or by phone. Check the daily schedule for availability.

Too hot for little girls!
Too hot for little girls!

Now of course for some of us, the weather in Orlando can get too much…

All in all, it’s a break away from the parks and a beautiful way to spend a couple of hours in the company of some local people who only want to impress you with their knowledge and love for these amazing lakes.

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Well, that’s it for now. I’ll be back soon with more to help you have a fantastic time in Disney, Orlando and Beyond. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article on Orlando Lake Tours.


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