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Plan Disney Cruise: Your Guide and Hacks to an Adventure of a Lifetime

Disney Cruises are one of the dreams of many people from all ages and from all walks of life. Once given the chance, you would not want to spoil the entire moment by rushing everything and failing to enjoy your vacation. So, we’ve come up with a plan Disney Cruise guide to help you make your experience a dream come true. We’ve still not done a Disney Cruise but its on the list for sure!

Child wrapped in towel at Disney
Child wrapped in towel at Disney

If you visit Florida, the first destination that comes to mind are the beautiful beaches and of course, Disney Orlando. But among other options for your point of destination that you should consider is the Miami Disney Cruise. The list below gives you the plan Disney Cruise guide and important considerations that will help you organize the best, well-planned, budget-appropriate and most memorable vacation you will ever have.

Planning Before your Cruise

If you’re a first-timer and wants to plan Disney Cruise for a vacation getaway, it is important to know the location of the cruise terminal. It is situated at the Port of Miami, Port Blvd., Miami, Florida. It is just 9 miles away from Miami International Airport, which is approximately 20 minutes by car. Shuttle Service is also available. The shuttle will pick you up at the parking garage and drop you off at the cruise terminal.

In making the best plan Disney cruise for you and your family, friends,  or loved ones, it is essential that you take note of the time—two of them, actually.

  1. Port Arrival Time

This is the time you arrive at the terminal port. You will encounter security processes and evaluation, drop off your luggage and check-in for your cruise. To get the earliest port arrival time available, you need to immediately complete your check-in process once your online check-in date has arrived. Be on the lookout as this will open opportunities for you to get the earliest slot for that particular date of your planned Disney Cruise. Keep in mind that the check-in option opens at midnight EST on your scheduled day.

  1. Boarding Time

The time you actually walk onto the ship. Upon boarding the cruise ship and arriving earlier than the rest of the groups, you will be the first ones on the ship. Also, you will be given a boarding group number upon arrival, so make sure to meet up with your group early in the cruise ship and maximize its facilities.

When you arrive at the port and complete in-person check-in, you will be assigned a boarding group number. By arriving earlier than everyone else (via your Port Arrival Time), you’ll be the first ones on the ship.

The advantage of arriving early for your scheduled cruise is that you can enjoy the sights and activities much longer and have more value for the money you have paid. As some usual visitors put it, the ship may have been said to leave at 4:00 PM from a certain point, but check-in begins at 11:00 AM and embarkation actually begins at noon.

  1. Remember the kids

One thing that many creators of any plan Disney Cruise forget are the kids’ entertainment in the duration of the cruise trip. If any kids (aged 12 below) are coming with you, consider booking them up for the Kids’ Club at online check-in.  The Kids’ Club has facilities that cater children as you go on with your trip. Then, on the date of your cruise, you can come to the Check-in Desk to see the activities that are in store for your kids on that particular day after your personal check-in in the cruise ship.

Signing up for this as you sign up for the online check-in will save you plenty of time and paper as your kids can go ahead instead of filling out papers once you’ve personally checked-in at the cruise. Once they’re within the area for the Kids’ Club, your kids will receive a Mickey Mouse headband to wear and they can have their fun day as the cruise begins.

The bottom line of having a plan Disney Cruise that will save you all the time, effort, and stress and the one that will let you have the most out of your dollars is to be early, alert and quick in online check-ins.  Get your budget ready, get your internet connection and computers at its optimum state and maximum speed and of course, ready your things to bring for the cruise itself. You can check out the different tips you might find helpful through the Disney Cruise Line Planning DVD where you can find out everything you need to know in planning a cruise.

Plan Disney Cruise: The Embarkation

The most exciting part of a Disney Cruise is the embarkation day. You will surely feel a bit nervous and yet you will be looking forward to a relaxing and enjoyable vacation.

And now that you already know the basics of having a good plan Disney Cruise, you are set picking the package deals and options you have for your cruise of a lifetime. As for your hotel stay before or after your cruise in Miami Beach Florida, there are so many options where you can book . But here are the accommodations approved by Disney Cruise Line:

The Conrad Miami
Located in the financial district of downtown Miami, the Conrad Miami invites you to revel in the contemporary design and exquisite views overlooking the picture-perfect Biscayne Bay.

Four Seasons Miami
Laze in sophistication and luxury right at the heart of downtown Miami, you can surround yourself in a diverse paradise with décor that fuses together South and Central American, Caribbean, and American influences.

The Marriott Stanton South Beach
This high-end oceanfront hotel located in Miami’s illustrious South Beach district, effortlessly blends modern sophistication with a laid-back beach vibe, creating an atmosphere of excitement and relaxation.

Things You Should Try Out in the Cruise

There are so many activities that Disney Cruises cater which many can enjoy—regardless of whatever activities they are interested in, from sports to visual entertainment and even in dining, you’ll never run out of options. When you plan Disney Cruise, take note that it includes a lot of facilities from the wide spectrum of interests, and listed below are barely some of them.


What’s a Disney cruise without encounters with famous Disney characters that are highly-popular and loved by many kids and kids-at-heart? Upon boarding in any plan Disney Cruise, you are up for surprises and nearly magically real experience and encounters with Disney characters and have the same feels and ambiance of a Disney setting. Keep in mind that not all Disney Cruises offer these dining facilities and concepts. You can check online if the dining facility you are interested with is available on a particular cruise ship.

Like the plan Disney Cruise itself, you will have to reserve online for a slot to enjoy meals and encounters in these dining facilities.

  • Eye Scream Treats

Inspired by the movie “Monsters Inc.”, this dining bar offers sweet frozen treats which offer you meal deals where you can choose your toppings. You have a wide array of options not only on the toppings but also on the soft-served ice cream.

  • Frozone Treats

Remember Frozone? That guy from “The Incredibles” known for his line, “HONEEEEY? WHERE. IS. MY. SUPER SUIT?” Yup. That’s him—the inspiration for this pool-side dining stand which offers guests with meals where ice is an ingredient such as refreshing fruit-frozen smoothies which everyone in the family can enjoy.

  • Royal Court Royal Tea

When the word “royal” is mentioned, Disney makes sure that your princesses and other royal household members are present—this is exactly what the Royal Court Royal Tea gives its guests.  Kids will surely enjoy their tea party (of course, with many other dishes to choose from, all plated delicately, like the ones served in palaces for royalties) with Disney princesses like Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora among others. These popular Disney Characters will welcome and accommodate the kids during their stay. By the time they finish eating, each of the kids who were guests will receive a distinguished assortment gifts which they can keep as a memorabilia of their dining experience with the Disney princesses.

  • Vanellope’s Sweets and Treats

With the character, impression, and identity that Vanellope Von Schweetz had left in viewer’s hearts, fans of this sweet (literally) little girl from Wreck-it Ralph will surely enjoy this snack bar. As the name implies, this snack bar offers sweet treats and desserts to its guest, all giving that right amount of sweetness you will definitely enjoy and not get tired of easily.

  • Tiana’s Place

Yes, you read that right. It was that restaurant that Frog Prince’s Tiana’s restaurant that she had always dreamed of establishing—now coming to life and serving plan Disney Cruise guests. Aside from the scrumptious and fancy dishes they serve, your experience in this fancy restaurant will not end with just that—as you will have a personal encounter with the owner of the restaurant herself, Princess Tiana.

Sports and Recreation

For those who are in for more athletic, mind-challenging or simply more kinesthetic activities, Disney Cruise also has a lot of surprises in store for you.

  • Midship Detective Agency

Let your mind be put to the test through solving the mystery that Mickey has in store for you. Open to people aged 9 years old and above, this self-guided attraction will lead you to different clues that will help you solve the mystery that has been boggling the mind of everybody’s favorite mouse.

  • Wide World of Sports

As its name implies, this facility is open to sports enthusiasts. You can try out pickup games and even ping-pong while being surrounded by enchanting ocean views from the deck itself.

  • Goofy’s Sports Deck

Visitors of Goofy’s sports deck can enjoy the open air while playing virtual sports simulators, a miniature golf course, and the ever-loved basketball. Those who are up for sports but are not yet adept of the equipment may try these facilities to start things off.

Live Shows and Entertainment

Live Shows often vary depending on the scheduled shows just as actors may also vary in playing one role to another. You can check out which Disney Cruise ship plays the following performances or hold plays and presentation in the following venues.

  • Walt Disney Theatre

Here in the Walt Disney theatre is where you will witness live (and sometimes musical) theatrical performances of different Disney movies. As mentioned, performances vary according to schedule, but some of the performances which you might have the opportunity to witness are Frozen the Musical, Tangled: The Musical, Marvel: A Day on the Sea and many others. You can check out online what performances will be staged on your planned day of visit (and which Disney Cruise will stage them)

  • Character Greetings

Your plan Disney cruise will never be complete without any photo opportunity with Disney character like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, Doc McStuffins, Jake Chip n Dale and Cinderella. Visitors may also have a photo op with Frozen’s Princess Anna and Queen Elsa, but with tickets required.

  • D Lounge

For those who just cannot decide what to do but want to enjoy a lot of activities at once, the D Lounge is the place you should stay in. While there are hanging television sets to set the mood and ambiance of the place, you can also try playing card games while sitting in a relaxed manner in one of their comfy couches. Singing (through karaoke) and dancing are also activities you can enjoy in this lounge, which you and your family of friends will surely enjoy. On top of that, you can also enjoy their lounge drinks which are sure to quench your thirst and satisfy your taste buds all at the same time.

Basically, this lounge is a bar that can accommodate people from all ages with activities that they will surely enjoy.


Of course, cruise ships are never complete without pools for every guest to behold and experience during their stay. Listed below are some of the few pools you can find in cruise ships (again, see details online to find out which Disney cruise ship shelters the ships you are interested in). Some of them are pools for you to soak yourself in while some are attractions that are either near pools or within pools coming in with special add-ons.

  • Aquaduck

If you are looking for a slide in a pool to enjoy (even while riding on or wearing your floaters), this Aquaduck is for you. The slide you will see here is not just an ordinary slide, since it is very long and large enough for the guests to enjoy, even with their floaters as they slide down. Also, the slide is so huge and high off the ground that upon sliding down, you will get to behold a view of the deck.

  • Quiet Cove

For those who would rather enjoy the quiet ambiance of a place, the Quiet Cove is the place to stay. Aside from the quiet surroundings, you can also enjoy the relaxing blue lights dominant in the place. The catch here is that one must be 18 years old and above to enter.

So, there you go! The best plan Disney Cruise is just clicks, evaluations and preparations away. You will never have to worry about the places or the activities as there will always be some (and not just some, but the best) for all interests and activities you might have in mind.


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