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Pre Florida Checklist

Pre Florida Checklist
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There are lots of things to think about when you are going to Florida so I wanted to give you a Pre Florida checklist so you can see what you should be thinking about once you’ve booked your holiday. This little list will be really useful.

Pre Florida checklist:

  • Airport Parking

I use Looking4Parking and have never had a problem with them. My preferred choice is the Valet parking which means you can rock up, empty your car and give the keys to someone, it also means you’re already close to the departures at the airport. Again when you’re tired after the flight home you can roll out of the airport and into your car in minimum time.

  • Paperwork

This is a big one for us. We make sure we have the paperwork for everything in order. No messing about. We have a very clear system for this, it’s boring but it makes for an easier travel experience. We always do this even if we are traveling as a three piece or as a party of seven or more. If you are traveling with Virgin and you have checked in at Disney Springs then within your Virgin Paperwork you’ll have a voucher for the check in. Most people in my experience (including us the first time) don’t have this and although it doesn’t stop you checking in it does slow the process down somewhat.

  • Holiday Insurance

Boring but absolutely vital for travel to the USA as they don’t have an NHS. If you have good insurance then you can rest easy knowing that you and your family are safe. We get a 12-month worldwide policy for the three of us for less than £150.

  • Estas

You need an Esta to travel to the USA. They do look at past convictions so be aware of that. People have been refused entry on the back of some petty crime from many years ago.

  • Car Insurance

You can get standard insurance and you can get gold insurance. Personally, I want to think that if I have an accident on the I4 and it’s completely my fault, at least I can get out of the car and explain that I am very well insured. That’s just my personal view, we do pay around £400 to insure the hire car for 2 weeks with gold insurance. However, we also get the Sat Nav and the child seat in with that price. Also, you can take the car back with no fuel in it. This is really useful and one less thing to worry about when you’re heading back to the airport full of Disney blues!

  • Fast passes, Experiences, and Dining Options

There is a lot of planning that goes into a Disney Orlando holiday so it’s important that you understand that you can book almost everything before you leave the UK. I’ll do some more detailed posts about this so look out for them. We book with Virgin and we are predominantly Disney fans (Universal is Awesome too!) so we always speak to Virgin Concierge before we go to make sure we’ve got everything we need, a BBQ for the Villa for example. And we always speak to Disney to book things like Bibbity Bobbity Boutique and Cinderella’s Royal Table.

Hope that gives you some good advice for a pre Florida checklist.

Pre Florida Checklist
Pre Florida Checklist


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