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The Top 7 Rides at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure

Here we go – Top Rides at Universal Orlando – If you’re just staying for 1-2 days, be sure to include these rides.

Universal Studios – Despicable Me Minion Mayhem

Height Restrictions 40′′ (about 102cm) – This is a three-dimensional ride also known as a simulator! It is one of our top rides at Universal Orlando. While you wait for the next showing, you are escorted to a room where the characters brief you on what is about to occur. It’s great fun for all the family. You must assist in delivering a presentation, and in doing so, you must become a minion. Once on the ride you get your row of seats, and the action is none stop so anticipate a few unique effects. The three-dimensional journey twists and turns, and at moments makes you feel as if you’re actually on a roller coaster. This was a lot of fun. The shop at the ride’s conclusion is an excellent location to encounter a Minion character too.

The Adventures of E.T. – Universal Studios

34′′ (about 87cm) –Everyone has a soft spot in my heart for the E.T., and you would be ecstatic about the E.T. ride. Yes, it is a touch quaint and old, but its still one of my top rides at Universal Orlando. You mount a customized bike equipped with an E.T. basket and then fly oversights from the film and E.T.’s home planet. The first movie I saw at the Cinema was E.T so maybe I just have a soft spot for it but I love this ride. Definitely have it in the nostalgia column rather than thrill seeking though!

The Hippogriff’s Flight – Universal’s Island of Adventure

36′′ (about 92cm) – Due to the early opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Hogsmeade for hotel guests, you could ride this rollercoaster ride several times with no queueing. It resembles a speeding train and is rapid. It’s an excellent transition ride for smaller children who aren’t quite ready for larger roller coasters. It’s great fun and lasts around one minute so before you realise what is going on you’re off anyway. It does go quite high and you get some good views of Hogsmeade.

Gringotts Bank — Universal Studios

42′′ (about 107cm) – This ride is intended for children ages 5-6 and older. Despite the fact it is for kid it can be quite frightening at times. Even the queue may frighten some children. It’s worth queuing for this ride alone to spend time in wonder at Gringotts bank. You can do child swap on this ride too. The lift down to the vaults is really great theming and meaning the Goblin Bankers is very cool.

This ride is quite fantastic, and it’s a must-do if you enjoy fast-paced rides. There is a rather steep drop at one point that is almost completely obscured by darkness; you have no idea it is coming! You move quickly between scenes, and the vehicles keep up with the action.

Jurassic Park River Adventure – Islands of Adventure by Universal

42′′ (about 107cm) – You will become wet, possibly very wet, but on a hot day it won’t take long to dry! You ride aboard a huge boat that seats a large number of people in a row. If there are a large number of you aboard the boat, you will become significantly wetter than if there are only a few of you. This ride is massive and a lot of fun, with many dinosaurs and a pretty large drop!

Universal’s Islands of Adventure – Skull Island: Reign of Kong

Height restriction 36′′ (about 92cm) – The queue for this ride is the most frightening aspect of Reign of Kong. It’s dark and twisting, and there may be someone in there who delivers you a very large surprise. It would terrify your kids to the point where they would be on the verge of tears by the time they get on the ride! Not quite but it is dark and scary so be careful!

This is a four-dimensional ride in which guests don 3D glasses and board a safari van to ride across Skull Island searching for King Kong. You’re whisked from screen to screen, and it’s truly engaging and feels so real.

This is one of my favourite rides at Universal, and I strongly advise you not to miss it. We went on this immediately following the Jurassic Park river ride and the Harry Potter rope drop and walked on both times.

Universal’s Islands of Adventure – VelociCoaster

Height Restriction (51″) Now we couldn’t not mention the Queen of rides could we. The ride is amazing. Once of the best ‘coasters in the world. You think it can’t get any faster and then bang, it does. Now I took my 8 year old daughter on it and I think it was one of the biggest regrets in both our lives! It was far too fast and she was really scared. Considering you go upside down multiple times, you only have a lap bar to hold you in! This give you an amazing feeling of weightlessness but does also get in your head. Some parts of this ride are best left unspoken, lets just say you will have fun! Highly recommended if you are a thrill seeker.


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