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Top 15 Facts You Should Know About Cocoa Beach Florida

Cocoa Beach Florida is the land of pristine beaches. It is even made more majestic with white sand serving as the sea floor and so many other wonders nature. Not only is it blessed with the richness of sights to see and places to visit it is also know for its surfing and food. Here are a few facts that you might find useful upon your visit here.

Blue Sky from Sun Lounger
Blue Sky from Sun Lounger

In every place you visit, there’s always a list of fun and fascinating things. And there are also things that you might not know or expect of the place. The same applies for the majestic place of Cocoa Beach Florida. And they do not have facts that fascinate and entertain. But also the ones that educate the visitor with their rich culture and history. Aside from these facts, you’ll also get to know what it is like. To live in a place blessed with nature’s beauty and the advancement of technology and society.

Listed below are top 15 facts that you ought to know about Cocoa Beach Florida. Each grouped according to their type. The three categories below are:

  • Historical facts. This intends to inform you about a few things from its past.
  • Geographical and statistical data of the place. Aims to educate you about the town’s population and distribution as well as the physical aspects of it.
  • Facts from the locals. In this category, you can find the funniest but also very informative and humorous story. To which many locals can relate to particularly about their lifestyle in Cocoa Beach.

Historical Fast Facts

When visiting a place, it will be beneficial that a tourist knows the significant events. The list below will inform you about the place’s part and some might even tell you how it made an impact in the present.

  1. Indians and the newly-freed slaves are the early settlers of Cocoa Beach.

History of the place records that the first settlers were Indians. They were then captured by the Spaniards. After the American Civil War, freed slaves settled the place. In 1885, a hurricane hit the place and made people less interested in settling in the area. Three years after that, a group of Cocoa men bought the entire land. But the area remained untouched until the arrival of attorney Gus Edwards. He bought the land and started to develop the place.

In 1922, the construction of the first bridge to Cocoa Beach was then completed. Cocoa Beach was then incorporated as a city years later on June 29, 1957.

  1. America’s space program brought Cocoa Beach Florida to life.

When they establish NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center approximately 15 miles in the 1960’s… many of the workers and their families have settled in the nearby Cocoa Beach Florida. The reason behind is to make their work more convenient for them. Most of the families that settled here had either one or both parents working at the space center. This establishment continues to stand as one of the best Cocoa Beach attractions.

Children raised here were then called as “Cape Brats”. At this point, the town was so populated with children. The established school for them did not suffice as a facility to accommodate them all. Imagine, 45 children handled by a teacher in a single, small classroom. This is something that is not unusual with this place.

Even after a long time, many of the workers of Kennedy Space Center continue to call Cocoa Beach their home.

  1. Cocoa Beach was already featured in one popular TV show decades ago.

People who were born later than the 1960’s may not appreciate this fact. Cocoa Beach Florida was, in fact, a shooting location for the 1960’s sitcom titled “I Dream of Jeannie”. This place was the wedding location of the title lead, Jeannie. Despite the brevity of this place’s exposure in the said sitcom, many of the locals still take pride of this fact. Making every local love their hometown even more because of this event.

  1. Cocoa Beach got its name for having plenty of Cocoa production.

Like many other places in the world, Cocoa Beach Florida has had a history of its name. Back in the year 1882, years before settlers came into the picture… they call this place as the “Indian River City” on a land whose proprietor is R.A. Hardee. The US Postal authorities disapproved of this. Under the reason that the name can be too long for postmark usage.

Through the Cocoa Tribune in 1925, people have been pleading for a name for their town. Mrs. Ruby Myers credits Captain R.C. for choosing the name Cocoa in a town meeting. From this suggestion, the group finalized the naming of their town. And name it after their most popular product — cocoa. The name was then appealed to Washington, DC. From where it was then recognized and authorized.

Geographical and Statistical Facts

Of course, knowing the name of the place and its history is the beginning. As Cocoa Beach Florida has a lot more facts to share. This could help visitors with Cocoa Beach directions once they set their foot on the place. Get ready for a list that will allow you to put your geographic and statistic skills to test.

  1. Land area

Cocoa Beach, Florida, is a city in Brevard County. Located 16 miles N of Melbourne, Florida (center to center) and 115 miles east of Tampa, Florida.

  1. Geographical Location

Getting a reference about this place through a map… you will find Cocoa Beach Florida at 28.32 latitudes and -80.60 longitude.

  1. Current Population and Distribution

In 1949, there were only 46 residents. As of 2015, a total number of 11,355 people are living in the area of Cocoa Beach Florida. Wherein 47% of them are male while 53% of them are female.

Life in Cocoa Beach Florida According to its locals

Enough with the nerdy talk and let’s get to know some fun facts that most locals of Cocoa Beach Florida can relate to… based on their personal experience living in their homes for more than a decade. You can even ask tourists about this and most of them will tell you how true. And to what extent these proved over the course of their lives residing in Cocoa Beach.

  1. Rocket launches and noises are common—every day.

Given that the classic Kennedy Space Center is just nearby, it is already usual to hear rocket launches… and other space-center-related noise on a daily basis. While the sounds of this place fascinate many tourists, locals have already grown used to it.

  1. Most of the people’s childhood memory includes a hurricane evacuation.

In the 1800’s, history narrates that hurricanes already discouraged settlement in the area. It is also a not-so-unusual fact that hurricanes occur in Cocoa Beach Florida many times. In line with this calamity happening over the course of time, people have learned to adapt to it. That is for them to survive and still stay in their place. With the number of incidents that have already passed… it is a certainty that one citizen’s childhood will at least include a couple of evacuation memories.

  1. The beach is a stone’s throw or a few walks away.

As the name of the place itself implies, the town shelters a beach. This location is very accessible for everyone who wants to enjoy the sun and the sea. For this reason, many of the locals are flocking to the beach even on regular days.

  1. Orlando is just an hour drive away!

Leaving in a town wherein a beach and a space center are within reach even by foot… you could still find yourself bored with the town. For moments as these, everybody has Orlando from a short distance. Which means it is also a nearby place to visit. And as popular as it seems, shelters the Disney World Orlando, where you can find the other pieces. People and most especially, animals of your childhood. From Cocoa Beach to Orlando, it would not be hassle trip to anybody of any sorts. You can always go to and from, these two beautiful tourist destinations.

  1. You have this feeling of knowing everybody in town.

Having a small land area, which is made smaller in measurement by a sea of water bordering your area… it is already a given that everyone knows everyone in the area. If a citizen does not know the person by name or face… there is always going to be something remarkable about the person. From which others can see and recognize him or her for. Also, given the population of the town, which is smaller than the population of colleges and universities… you are sure to have many people on your memory that if you met him or her outside your hometown… you’d still recognize him as one of those people who live in the same place as you.

  1. You feel famous every time you visit that particular location in town.

As mentioned in fact #3, the place is well-known for being the wedding location of the 1960’s sitcom “I Dream of Jeannie”. Taking pride in this famous scene and the exposure that the place got from the sitcom even after nearly five decades… locals of Cocoa Beach Florida still love taking pictures in this place. Having a memory of the sitcom and how their hometown appears with it.

  1. You find it annoying when people confuse Cocoa with Cocoa Beach Florida.

As any other person finds it annoying or offensive when others call them with other people’s names… the locals of Cocoa Beach Florida find it offensive. In a case when people confuse their hometown with another place that also bears the name Cocoa.

To avoid getting a local pissed off with this confusion, keep in mind that Cocoa is another place in Brevard. Which is very distant from the Cocoa Beach. As locals claim it, there is no single similarity between the two in so many aspects. So, you’d better do more research and educate yourself.

  1. Summer Boat Races, as well as Christmas Boat Parades, are your favorite sights of the city.

Living in a city that is next to a beach means there will be a lot of seafood to eat… especially during the holidays (and even on a regular day). And these holidays are often celebrated in the city with the help of boats. During the summer season where Cocoa Beach Florida weather is good… summer boat races are everybody’s favorite event. And everybody loves the thrill of it. On Cocoa Beach upcoming events in December, you can have your eyes feast on the colorful Christmas boat parade. These boats will float and sail for the city’s Christmas celebration.

Tourists are also flocking by to witness these events. And more often than not, they end up having satisfaction and enjoyment for what they have seen.

There are a lot more facts about the ever-famous Cocoa Beach that you ought to know. While these are some of the facts, these are the basics you should know. All these coming from different perspectives and authorities and from different observations. If not any of these, then most of these facts will help you appreciate the place even more. And who knows, you might even find yourself talking to a local and have these things proven true in their lives?

Be sure to visit Cocoa Beach when you plan a trip to Florida. Tourists will enjoy a kayak adventure or ride a wave to conquering the halfpipe at a skate park. Guests can also do some deep sea fishing or eco-tour adventure… sightseeing at the museums or visiting historic sites. All these allow tourist to experience endless ways to experience leisure and recreation. Whether it is a family beach vacation, a business trip or a weekend getaway… you can find everything you need in Cocoa Beach. It’s only an hour drive east of Orlando on Florida’s Space Coast.

Aside from Cocoa Beach, there are also other nearby locations worthy of your time, energy and effort… from West Palm Beach Florida, Miami Beach Florida, Naples Beach Florida and more.


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