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Top 5 Florida Beaches Near Disney World Orlando

Florida — the state home to the world-famous and ever-visited Disney World Orlando—has much more to offer than just a city-huge park. This tourist destination also shelters many Florida beaches—both within and near Disney World Orlando, making your trips longer and a lot worth the effort, time and money. A day at the beach after being in the parks, great fun!

However, with the numerous Florida beaches, you can find, you might get yourself overwhelmed with the options you have—and even that the list of considerations below will aid you with.

Before scheduling a visit to Florida Beaches

You may be excited (Who does not get excited with family trips, right?) trying out any Florida beaches you can find. Despite this, consider the things below in having your final verdict on your destination.

  1. Budget

Trips are never free of charge—payments will always be around no matter what activities you do for a trip. It is important that you determine the amount of money you can produce or a lot for this trip. Consider also the number of people who will come to the trip as well. Think of the entrance fees you’d have to pay, the transportation fees, gas refills as well as food and accommodation you might need for your entire trip.

To get discounts and make the most out of your money, you can plan at least one month ahead of time as many Florida beaches offer discounts to early bookings. Also, one tip to alleviate the expenses of your Florida beach trip is to watch out for online promos which include discounts in these destinations. In line with the food you will need, there are some beaches within the state which allow visitors to come with their own food to be consumed or prepared within the resort facilities (keep in mind that there are only some and some may also not give you this privilege).

  1. Facilities and Preferences

After planning a budget for the trip, the next step is to plan where to go. One of the factors to consider is the facilities. Scan for review articles of the beach you are interested to visit then evaluate whether you really want to go to that beach for your planned trip. Check if it has the facilities you are looking for and how the customers who have been there reviewed it. Also, check the way by which the resort caters the needs and demands of the customers in terms of their quick service, the quality of materials and facilities they have and the food they serve.

On top of that, keep in mind the conditions of the other travelers you are coming along with. Consider the children coming with you, any emergency that may arise any health condition any of you might have and many others.

  1. Time

The basic rule in planning a trip to the beach is that it takes more than a day to enjoy it. In line with this, plan a trip with one extra day for rest (if you are planning on going for a trip that is followed by a working day). Also, be prepared for higher rates in Florida beaches by the time summer officially starts as well as the large crowd volumes you will have to deal with in your visit to that particular beach.

  1. Planning the trips and any prior and post trips

If you are not a resident of Florida, you might find yourself amazed with many other destinations in the state. If you have a lot of time and money for a long-term trip with multiple destinations, then go for it. This will be helpful in saving money since you would not have to travel states away from one destination to another. This will also save time since you already know where to go and how long to stay in one destination. For example, if your budget and time will allow it, visit Disney World Orlando first then stay in for the night at a nearby hotel or beach resort.

Best Florida Beaches

Now that you have things cleared out for your Florida beach trip, it is now time for you to check out the options you have. Some of these beaches are within the vicinity of Disney Orlando, while there are some that are not. However, these Florida beaches are guaranteed to be of good quality and easy to visit from Disneyworld.

  1. Disney’s Vero Beach Resort

Reaching this Florida beach after a two-hour ride from Southeast of Walt Disney World resort, a breath-taking sight will greet you and stay with you as you stay (and probably even after your stay!)

The resort’s sights will definitely take you back in the old times with its vintage ambiance made possible by the furniture and design that it bears. Aside from the vintage ambiance offered by the lodging facilities of this Florida beach, you can also have fun with the other facilities they have in store for you. You can watch loggerhead sea turtles as they hatch from their eggs and navigate their way through the ocean through their Sea Turtle Nesting Grounds.

Keeping up with their promise to preserve nature and its natural order, you are assured that every measure taken to run this nesting grounds do not compromise the natural flow of nature. Given that sea turtles use the moonlight as their guide in traveling off to the sea, Disney World ensures that minimal lights and reflectors are present within the area, so as not to misguide the baby loggerhead sea turtles.

You can also find time to relax at the Disney’s Vero Beach Resort Spa, where you are guaranteed with a relaxing and soothing massage session.

On top of these, this beach resort offers facilities and services for people of all ages (check out the resort’s supervised Children’s Activity Center) having a wide variety of interests (see the golf course and the shopping boutique for yourself).

Summing this resort up—it is a vintage-looking resort catering everyone, regardless of age, having every interest you could think of.

  1. Cocoa Beach

Just an hour’s drive away from the southeast of Walt Disney World, Cocoa Beach is one of the nearest, must-try Florida beaches that there is. Despite gaining popularity for the optimum and desirable weather for summer activities like swimming and surfing, the Cocoa Beach still has a lot to offer for its guests. This resort shelters the largest surf shop—Ron’s Surf Shop—perfect for those who want to partner the best climate with the best equipment to create the best and most remarkable surfing experience. They also flaunt their beach and services for the safety that guests can rely on as they stay in the resort with the skilled lifeguards that they have stationed in the different areas of the beach.

Those who live for shopping and cannot survive a beach trip without engaging in that activity, the numerous shops, and boutiques within this beach will offer them perfect solace. They have different items in store for every guest—whether they intend it to be used for their own or given to a friend or family member as a souvenir.

Sporty guests who could not enjoy the waters but would love to still have a view of the beach can try playing volleyball by the seaside. On the other hand, those who look for entertainment through performances can still find their way to enjoy the day in this beach resort through the live performances and theatrical shows their hired artists and staff present on a scheduled basis.

  1. Canaveral National Seashore

Situated just a little to the North of Cocoa beach, guests can already set foot on the Canaveral National Seashore—one of the famous and highly-reviewed Florida beaches near Walt Disney World. Having an enchanting 24-mile untouched, a lagoon to enjoy and sand dunes that will surely make an IG-worthy photo you can brag to your followers. Their facilities also enable their guests to be amazed and learn as they explore the flora and fauna present on this beach.

Also, guests can avail of the chance to have an encounter with sea turtles, dolphins and manatees through a particular area in the beach resort. Aside from these, people from all groups of ages and with different ages may also enjoy other activities such as ranger-led programs, canoeing, swimming, surfing, beachcombing, boating, fishing and backcountry camping.

Tours are also catered in this beach resort.

A guided boat tour around the island is facilitated in this resort, while there are also self-guided scenic and historic spots (which you can walk through or even drive through). These scenic and historic spots include a historic Statehouse and Seminole Rest. Seminole Rest is home to many seashells retrieved years and years ago, even those that date back to 2000BC and even some historical remnants from the 1800s.

Canaveral National Seashore is one of the most family-friendly and educational Florida beaches you will find. It caters all kinds of activities that the family can enjoy (and even groups of friends).

  1. Clearwater Beach

For those in search of a white-sand beach, the Clearwater Beach is the best Florida beach among the existing Florida beaches for you to try out. Popularized in Disney’s “Dolphin Tale” as Winter the Dolphin’s home, this beach has been an attraction to many guests for the story it got associated with and for the enchanting sight, it offers. Sand sports is the most common activity done in this area (aside from the common swimming and surfing, of course) which gives the beach a lively and light ambiance, partnered with a sunny atmosphere.

Guests can also visit the mile paved promenade for a little more socialization or visit the Clearwater Marina to behold and experience a pirate-themed cruise with the local legend named Captain Memo along with his crew. After exiting through the Pier 60 plank, guests are up for a lot more surprises and entertainment available within the Clearwater Beach. Fire performances also offer entertainment at night, along with musicians to keep you alive even after the sun had set. Souvenir shops are never a sight and site to lose in this particular beach, like most Florida beaches.

Summing the beach up, the Clearwater Beach is best for those looking for a place to socialize with others given the volume of people that often come to this place for their leisure time. Like the rest of the Florida Beaches mentioned in this list, it offers a lot more than just the seashore and the sea itself.

  1. Anna Maria Island

Those who would like to have leisure time without any technologies involved would definitely enjoy the Anna Maria Island. Having no high-tech entertainment options, guests will surely enjoy the company of nothing but the sun, the beach, the breeze and the sand. Opposite from the Clearwater beach, Anna Maria Island offers a quieter and more peaceful venue for those who are not that much interest in socializing with other and would like to have time to enjoy the island on its own and without much interruption from other (and of course, without the temptation of running to the internet for entertainment).

Setting aside swimming and surfing, kayaking excursions and eco-tours are additional activities guests can try out upon visiting this island.

Star Fish Company, a must-visit place for kids (and kids-at-heart, of course) which is a casual waterfront. They offer freshly caught specialties which can be enjoyed by everybody in outdoor picnic tables.

Aside from drawing you away from technological temptations and nearer to nature, the Anna Maria Island also draws you nearer to your pet as they allow pets within their vicinity, even at the Star Fish Company.

These are only a few of the best Florida beaches you can find. There are a lot more of them to explore and to review. However, with this list provided, you are still given a few options you can consider in planning your next trip to the Florida beaches. The process of selecting and considering venues for leisure time need not be tedious or overwhelming, all it needs is planning, reviewing and if possible, brainstorming with the other people who will be coming with you on your trip.


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